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Films and Cartoons

Each film has its own genre signs - this is an absolute truth. Today you can find dozens of so-called “pure” genres of fiction film - this is drama, comedy, thriller, horror, etc. They are distinguished on the basis of the characteristics of the following parameters: scenes, themes, scenery, images, sound design, drama, special effects, etc.



Postapokaliptika is a science fiction genre in which action develops in a world that has survived a global catastrophe. The main characteristic feature of postapocalyptics is the development of the plot in the world (or its limited part) with a specific history. In the past of this world, civilization reached a high level of social and technical development, but then the world experienced a kind of global catastrophe, as a result of which civilization and most of the wealth created by it were destroyed. As a catastrophe that destroyed the world, the most commonly used are the Third World War with the use of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical or biological), alien invasion, machine uprising led by artificial intelligence (robots), a pandemic, the fall of an asteroid, the appearance of prehistoric monsters, the climate or other disasters. A typical post-apocalyptic plot begins to develop, as a rule, a considerable time after the catastrophe, when its “striking factors” themselves have ceased to act.

The horrors


Any classic horror film is intended to frighten the viewer, to awaken in him secret or obvious irrational fears. There is even a whole “technology of fear” - these are such tricks, or so-called “tricks”. They are resorted to by screenwriters, directors, cameramen, film editors at various stages of creating a horror movie. The creators of such pictures are not bad experts in the psychology of perception. They know how to make the viewer really scary. Although the secret of horror films is quite simple - you just need to choose the appropriate plot and create the appropriate atmosphere.

Horror movies


Where else, if not in the cinema, can you create a truly terrifying atmosphere? Tickle your nerves, create tension, cause acute experiences and excitement - that’s the task of any horror movie. This can be achieved in different ways. One of them - sound design: this is music, and background noise, and voices of characters. Another favorite technique is a “game” with the environment surrounding the hero. No one will be indifferent to the episode in which the victim goes through the dark corridors, approaching the maniac killer. We also include short horror films with shouts and special effects. Earthly life is sometimes mysterious and mysterious, and sometimes such inexplicable miracles happen, that the most convinced skeptic begins to fiercely believe and assert that otherworldly forces, supernatural phenomena are not a joke, it really exists. Prophetic dreams, poltergeist, beautiful girls with fish tails - mermaids, as from an old children's fairy tale, kikimora, meeting with the house. For people at all times and epochs this caused an indestructible interest.



Comedy makes the viewer laugh, improves his mood, makes him temporarily distract from his own troubles. Comedy appeared at the very dawn of cinema and to date has come a long way of development. Today, a large number of subspecies of this genre are distinguished: parodies, romantic comedies, slates, tragicomedy, crime and musical comedies, horror comedies, etc. However, all these subspecies have a number of common features that make it possible to unconditionally attribute a film to a comedy genre : comic story and characters, funny situations and ridiculous circumstances, music and, of course, witty dialogues.



Animation, animation, animated film, animated film is a type of cinema, whose works are created by the method of frame-by-frame shooting of successive phases of motion of drawing (graphic or drawing animation) or volumetric (volume or puppet animation) objects. [1] The art of multiplication involved in animators (animators). Cartoons (the final product of the animation) are created by either frame-by-frame shooting by hand moving stationary objects, or by drawing (on celluloid, paper or computer) the phases of the movements of objects, with their further combination into a single video series.



This category includes movies in which the New Year holiday plays an important role in the plot.



All existing films of any genre and from any directors participate in the rating; there is no division into either cartoons or historical films. You will spend an unforgettable time, because we offer you only the best films that have received many awards and excellent reviews. Watch, enjoy a great storyline and a wonderful sound, be surprised by video effects and remember: our movie rating will always surprise you with novelties and changes in the arrangement of pictures in places. Choose only the best, why waste your time on low-quality paintings that will make you bored? Only the best paintings at your service.



The list of the best feature films in the world, which is formed on the basis of the ratings given to paintings by registered visitors of the IMDb site. In addition to the basic universal list, IMDb compiles individual ratings by genre, by decade, and by age and sex. There is also a rating of "100 worst films version of IMDb."