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Genre (French genre, Latin genus - genus, species) - a group of film works, highlighted on the basis of similar features of their construction. The genre system of the cinema is not completed, has no strict boundaries. Below are described the main, largest genres of modern cinema. The definition of a work for a particular genre is conditional and ambiguous. This is confirmed by my examples of films of different genres, some of which have been used more than once.

The 19th century gave mankind an amazing and beautiful cinema, which radically changed and continues to change a person, his consciousness and perception. It was dumb cinema that became a worthy start of film addiction. The movie genres are diverse, but each of them is able to find its grateful audience. For every taste, the film industry has created real masterpieces, which can’t be abandoned.

The most popular movie genres include: Biography, Action, Gothic novel, Western, Kids' movie, Detective, Documentary, Drama, Historical film, War film, Comedy, Crime, Romance, Mysticism, Soap Opera, Adventure genre, Cartoons, Russian movies, Sport movies, Thriller, Tragicomedy, Post-apocalyptic, Fantasmagoria, Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Erotic movie.

Biography is a genre characterized by a greater focus on the personality and its inner world.

Action movie (engl. Action movie, literally. Action movie) is a genre of cinema art, in which the main attention is paid to fights, battles, pursuits, etc. Most action movies illustrate the well-known thesis "good must be with the fists." Action movies often have a high budget, replete with stunt tricks and special effects. Films of this genre often do not have a complex plot. The main character usually encounters evil in its most obvious manifestation: corruption, terrorism, murder. Finding no other way out, the protagonist decides to resort to violence. As a result, dozens, and sometimes hundreds of villains, are destroyed. Happy End - an indispensable attribute of the action movie, evil must be punished.
I recommend: Russian - "First After God", "Shadow Fight", "Antikiller", "Brother", "Sisters". Foreign - “Fight Club”, “Matrix”, “Die Hard”, Bourne Trilogy, “Terminator”, “Robocop”, “Without a Face”, “Sin City”, “Mission Impossible”, “Resident Evil”.


Gothic novel (Gothic) (Eng. The Gothic novel) - romantic "black novel" in prose with elements of supernatural "horrors", mysterious adventures, science fiction and mysticism (family curses and ghosts). Developed mainly in English literature. The name comes from the Gothic architectural style (the action of novels often takes place in old Gothic castles).

Western (English western) - a genre of literature and cinema, which arose and is developing in the United States since the end of the 19th century. The action of Westerns takes place, as the name suggests, in the Wild West (English west - west) at the end of the XIX century. The plots of westerns can be very different, but they are united by one thing - the so-called “quick shot”. Everyone, probably, at the mention of this word can recall the following picture: a dusty street, heat, sweat flowing from his forehead ... two people go out into the street with sparkling pistols on their hips ... Good fights evil.
I recommend: Russian - "The Man From the Capuchin Boulevard". Foreign - “McKenna's Gold”, “Once Upon a Time in the Wild West”, “Red Sun”, “Fast And Dead”, “Dancing With Wolves”.


Children's cinema - this cinema was created for children, the main characters of such films are also children or the heroes of different fairy tales, which create a completely bright and clean atmosphere. Often in such films resort to the performance of dances or songs.

Detective (eng. Detective , from lat. Detego - open, expose) is a predominantly literary and cinematic genre, the works of which invariably contain illustrations of criminal acts, the investigation following them and the identification of the culprits. The conflict is built on the clash of justice with lawlessness, ending with the victory of justice.
I recommend: “Silence of the Lambs”, “From Hell”, “9 Gates”, “Saw”, “Fight Club”, “Bodyguard”, “Vanilla Sky”, “Mind Games”, “23”.


Documentary film (or non-fiction film) is a genre of cinema. A documentary is a film based on the shooting of genuine events and faces. Reconstructions of genuine events are not documentaries. The first documentary filming was made even at the birth of cinema. The theme for documentaries is most often interesting events, cultural phenomena, scientific facts and hypotheses, as well as famous people and communities. Masters of this type of filmmaking often rose to serious philosophical generalizations in their works. Currently, documentary cinema has firmly entered the cinema art of the whole world.

Drama is a literary and cinematic genre. The specifics of the genre are plot, conflict action, an abundance of dialogues and monologues. Dramas depict mainly the private life of a person and his acute conflict with society. Moreover, the emphasis is often placed on universal contradictions embodied in the behavior and actions of specific characters. Tragedy is a subgenre of drama. Its basis is also the clash of personality with the world, society, fate, the struggle of strong characters and passions. But, unlike drama, tragedy usually ends with the death of the protagonist.
I recommend: Russian - "Scarecrow", "Intergirl", "Siberian Barber", "Driver For Faith", "72 Meters", "Morphine". Foreign - “Diary of Memory”, “Green Mile”, “Mind Games”, “City of Angels”, “Ghost”, “Sid And Nancy”, “Babylon”, “PS I Love You”, “Eternal Radiance of Pure Reason”, Autumn in New York, Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Split, Memoirs of a Geisha, Gone with the Wind.

Historical film - films of this genre of cinema art reconstruct historical events that actually happened. Historical films are usually high-budget, with beautiful costumes and scenery, often with impressive extras.
I recommend: Russian - "9 Companies", "Star", "Turkish Gambit", "Admiral", "Taras Bulba". Foreign - "Troy", "Gladiator", "Another of the Boleyn Family", "Jeanne De Ark", "Save Private Ryan", "13th Warrior", "300 Spartans", "Turkish Gambit".

Исторический фильмИсторический фильмИсторический фильм

A war film is a historical film, which talks about the events of the past battle, war, military preparations and recalls the fear of a war.

Comedy is a film genre aimed at creating ridiculous and stupid situations, thereby encouraging viewers to laugh. This genre was created along with the main movie genres, back in the period of black and white cinema.
I recommend: Russian - "Girls", "Operation" Y "And Other Adventures of Shurik," Caucasian Captive "," Office Romance "," Irony of Fate "," The Most Charming And Attractive "," Radio Day, "Election Day" . Foreign - "Always Say YES", "Wasabi", "Pretty Woman", "Blonde In Law", "Bruce Almighty", "Duplex", "Mask", "Rush Hour", "Tutsi", "Dad".


Crime - movies in this genre have a very pronounced meaning, most often in such films the internecine war of criminal groups, the suffering of the population from their activities and the suffering of people are shown. The plot provides for a large number of rules that are built in order to protect groups and the main character from the influence of the outside world.

Melodrama is a genre of fiction, theatrical art and cinema, the works of which reveal the spiritual and sensual world of heroes in especially vivid emotional situations based on contrasts: good and evil, love and hate, etc.
I recommend: Russian - "Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears", "Guys", "Carnival", "Princess On Beans", "American Daughter". Foreign ones - "Hurry to Love", "If Only", "Lake House", "Legends of Autumn", "Paris", "The Smell of a Woman", "Groundhog Day", "Bodyguard", "Dirty Dancing".


Mysticism is a genre of cinema in which there are images of supernatural phenomena and spiritual practice aimed at communicating with the other world and supernatural forces.

Soap opera is one of the genres of television series. It features a huge number of episodes and is often broadcast for years.

Adventure genre - is a film in which a very twisted plot that forces the protagonist to try to find a way out of various situations, showing his ingenuity. According to the plot of the adventure film, the hero needs to move from country to country, from city to city to solve the puzzle.
I recommend: Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Fifth Element, Beach, Charlie's Angels, People In Black, Spider-Man.

Приключенческий жанрПриключенческий жанрПриключенческий жанр

Cartoons are a children's illustrated movie. Unprecedented worlds and heroes are created in them. In a fairy tale, of course, a happy ending happens, with good and evil heroes and a teaching plot.

Russian cinema - this cinema is created by Russian actors and directors. Russian films describe our history and culture, present and past, especially our people and nations, their learning and mores. Today, Russian cinema is highly developed and produces films that are not inferior to Hollywood films.

Sports cinema - in this film there are elements of sports, the plot tells about the life and rivalry of athletes, all the details of personal life and preparations, disappointments and achievement of the goal. And also removed historical paintings about the legendary athletes of the last century.

Thriller (from the English. Thrill - awe) - the so-called films that seek to create the viewer a sense of intense emotion, excitement. The genre has no clear boundaries. Often detective-adventure films are referred to thrillers, the emphasis of which is shifted to preparing for some unique crime. Thrillers also often include horror films. The recognized master of thrillers is considered to be director Alfred Hitchcock.
I recommend: “What Hides Lies”, “Perfumer”, “Beach”, “Saw”, “From Hell”, “Without a Face”, Bourne Trilogy, “Kill Bill”, “Desperate”, “Wolf”, “Resident Evil” .


Tragicomedy is a type of drama combining the signs of tragedy and comedy.

Post - apocalyptic is a genre of science fiction in which the action develops in a world that has survived a global catastrophe. Post-apocalyptic is also called a creative style that carries the mood of desert, loneliness and horror in the images of aged and abandoned equipment or buildings. The plot can be built around the adventures of heroes in the world, in particular, a fairly common motive - a hero’s journey in search of a certain “Holy Grail” - a place or object that will provide him with a long and comfortable life, will make it possible to save his own community, which is on the verge of death, or can help revive the whole civilization. Sometimes the means and technologies that led to the catastrophe are considered forbidden in society, and the peace of such a pastoral society is undermined by young rebels who intend to revive the forbidden technology (already in Stephen Vincent Bene’s short story “On the Babylonian Rivers” there is a hint of such development, classic examples are “Long tomorrow. "Lee Brackett and Deviation from John Wyndham). Often in one piece the apocalyptic is combined with post-apocalyptic, the image of the disaster as such - with the image of its immediate consequences and its impact on the lives of survivors. Sometimes the narrative considers a section of modern reality through the prism of perception of distant generations. In the literature, this genre closely adjoins and sometimes mixes with cyberpunk. You can also call post-apocalyptic images of abandoned territories, stopped enterprises, “ghost towns” that were built in the past and lived an active life, but for various reasons abandoned by the population — with dilapidated buildings, overgrown with grass, and rusty skeletons of equipment lying around here and there. and mechanisms. To this branch of the post-apocalyptic belong the image of “uninhabited spaces” by Krapivin and the “Picnic on the sidelines” of the Strugatsky brothers.

Phantasmagoria - a fantastic performance, an obsession. Fantasmago? Riya in the cinema - a subgenre of fiction. Phantasmagoria in the cinema is a film about something completely unreal, depicting bizarre visions, delusional fantasies. This genre has something in common with abstract art in painting.

Fantasy is very similar to a fairy tale in which historical and mythical sources are involved. Like, for example, Twilight. Saga. Dawn Part 2. This genre is very similar to science fiction, but it has one clear difference. Fantasy also has a separate world, but it exists in parallel with the real world.

Horror - (colloquially horror; English horror film, horror movie) is a very clear genre of the film in its manifestation, this film was created to cause fear or anxiety in its viewer. While watching such a movie, the viewer is in suspense and expects that something can happen at any moment. Horror film is a feature film genre. Horror films include films that are designed to frighten the viewer, instill a sense of anxiety and fear, create a tense atmosphere of horror or painful expectation of something terrible - the so-called effect "suspense" (from the English. suspense - uncertainty).
I recommend: "A Nightmare On Elm Street", "Call", "Scream", "Shelter", "The Haunting House On The Hill", "Red Rose", "Amityville Horror", "House Of Wax Figures", "Silent Hill", " 6 Demons by Emily Rose, Clown.

Fiction (from the Greek. Phantastike - the art of imagination) - a kind of fiction; its initial ideological and aesthetic attitude is the dictate of imagination over reality, which generates a picture of a “wonderful world”, contrasted with ordinary reality and habitual, everyday ideas of plausibility.
I recommend: science fiction - “Fountain”, “Cube”, “Fifth Element”, “Planet of the Apes”, “Wolf”, “Frankenstein”. Mysticism - "9 Gates", "Butterfly Effect", "Destination", "What Hides Lies", "Interview With The Vampire", "Raven", "Omen".
Fantasy - The Chronicles of Narnia, The Endless Story, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Blade, The Other World, Van Helsing, Twilight.


Erotic cinema - such a film is allowed to be watched only by adults, children under 18 years of age are strictly forbidden to watch it. The main essence of such a film is the stimulation of imagination and sexual desire in the viewer. In such films you can see the beauty of naked bodies. Erotica is the art of transmitting sexual emotions. Erotica is most often expressed through visual arts, literature, and songs. The behavior of the characters depicted in an erotic work can be associated with both a sincere, almost divine sense of love, and with ordinary sexual lust. Unlike pornography, erotica does not emphasize the graphic details of the genitals and sexual intercourse. In erotica, there is often an element of understatement, incompleteness of the plot - the end of the depicted love foreplay, its detail is left to the imagination of the viewer, reader or listener. Nevertheless, erotica sometimes excites the imagination more than pornography (see hypocrisy). Like pornography, erotica is often censored.