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Collection of films about dances. All the famous films (list)

This article will describe all the famous movies about dances. if you know other films, write in the comments. We will add. Starting to collect this topic, I thought that there were only about 50 of them. But not here it was. until I found 170 films in which the dance theme appears. the theme will evolve with time. You can find the movie on the Internet by typing the name of the film and the year of release. A year is a key parameter, as there are many films with the same names. successful viewing.
Коллекция фильмов о танцах

Dancing Movies - List

Name in Russian original name Year
Mad Hot Ballroom Mad Hot Ballroom 2005
Tango Bayle nuestro Tango Bayle nuestro 1988
Tantsyy, Cybapy! Dance Subaru 2009
Proscenium CENTER STAGE 2000
Advance Scene 2 Center Stage: Turn It Up 2008
Aurora Aurora 2006
Australian Tango Strictly Ballroom 2006
Ball Le Bal 1983
The Ugly Coyote Bar Coyote Ugly 2000
Without ensemble Dance Flick 2009
White Nights White Nights 1985
Bighorn B-Girl 2009
Billy Elliot Billy Elliot 2000
Blash Blush 2005
Brotherhood of Dance Stomp the Yard 2007
Brotherhood of Dance: Return home Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming 2010
Briolin Grease 1978
Briolin 2 Grease 2 1982
Burlesque Burlesque 2010
In the rhythm of the heart Sur le rythme 2011
In the rhythm of dance Fast Forward 2009
West Side Story West side story 1961
All this jazz All That Jazz 1979
The Lord of the Dance Lord of the Dance in 3D 2011
Swing time Swing Time 1936
Time to dance A Time for Dancing 2002
Going to the stage Stepping Out 1991
Dirty Dancing Dirty dancing 1987
Dirty Dancing -2 or Hawaiian Nights Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 2004
Dirty Dancing 3: The Nights of Capoeira Dirty Dancing 3: Capoeira Nights 2010
let's Dance Shall We Dance? / Dansu wo shimasho ka? 1996
let's Dance Shall We Dance 2005
let's Dance Shall We Dance 1937
let's Dance Let's dance 1950
Danser The Dancer 2000
Keep the rhythm Take the Lead 2006
Detvinga Swing Kids 1993
Become successful Bring it on 2000
Bring It On 3: All or Nothing Bring It On: All or Nothing 2006
Bring it on again! Bring It on Again 2004
Bring it on: Fight to the end! Bring It On: Fight to the Finis 2009
Bring forth success: All for victory Bring It On: In It To Win It 2007
Another story about Cinderella Another Cinderella Story 2008
Giselle 3D Giselle in 3D 2011
Behind me is the last dance Save The Last Dance 2001
Follow me last dance 2 Save the Last Dance 2 2006
Funny face Funny Face 1957
Hunted horses are being shot, are not they? They Shoot Horses, Do not They? 1969
Light the world Beat the World 2011
Winter evening in Gagra Winter evening in Gagra 1985
Iberia (Carlos Saura) Iberia (Carlos Saura) 2005
Cabaret Cabaret 1972
Heels Bootmen 2000
Carmen Carmen 1983
Carnival Carnival 1981
Carnival Night Carnival Night 1956
Great musical High School Musical 2006
Classical Musical 3: Graduation High School Musical 3: Senior Year 2008
Great Musical 4 High School Musical 4: College Years 2015
Great Musical: Holidays High School Musical 2 2007
Great Musical: China Ge wu qing chun 2010
Great Musical: Fight High School Musical: O Desafio 2010
Sorcery Love El amor brujo 1986
Sorcery Love El amor brujo 1967
Corps de ballet A Chorus Line 1985
Cosmotango Cosmotango 2010
Cats Cats 1998
Crazy Horses Crazy Horse 2009
Crazy Horses Crazy Horse 2011
Bloody wedding Bodas de sangre 1981
Kumparsita Kumparsita 1993
Hair spray Hairspray 2007
Lambada Lambada 1990
Honey Honey 2003
Bunting 2: The City of Dance Honey 2 2011
Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night Fever 1977
Love and dance Kochaj i tancz 2009
Love and aerobics Heavenly Bodies 1984
Love and Dancing Love and Dancing 2009
Michael Jackson. That's all That is It 2009
Macarena Macarena 1998
My Dad is Baryshnikov My Dad is Baryshnikov 2011
Male striptease The Full Monty 1997
Moulin rouge Moulin Rouge 1952
Moulin rouge Moulin Rouge 1940
Moulin rouge Moulin Rouge 1928
Moulin rouge Moulin Rouge 1934
Moulin rouge Moulin Rouge 2001
Innocent Steps Innocent Steps 2005
Stay alive Staying Alive 1983
First love First love 2009
Pina: Dance of passion in 3D Pina 2011
Crybaby Cry Baby 1990
Climb Rize 2005
Full forward Fast Forward 1985
The Last Dance One Last Dance 2003
The Last Dance Vaanaprastham 1999
The Last Dance Sista dansen 1993
The Last Dance Last Dance 2002
The last dancer Mao Mao's Last Dancer 2009
Feel the rhythm Feel the Noise 2007
Singing under the Rain Singin 'in the Rain 1952
Princess Aurora Aurore 2006
Let it be me Let it be me 1995
Salome (Carlos Saura) Salome (Carlos Saura) 2002
Salsa Salsa 2000
Salsa Salsa 1988
Free Footloose 2011
Make a step Make it Happen 2008
Heart Tango Heartango 2007
Glory Fame 1980
Glory Fame 2009
Slava (TV series 1982-1987) Fame 1982-1987
Striptease Strip-tease 1996
Strippers Show girls 1995
Step by Step Stap Step bay step 2011
Tango Tango 1998
Tango Bar Tango Bar 1988
Tango Valentine Valentina's Tango 2007
Tango, Gardel in Exile El exilio de Gardel: Tangos 1985
Dance with the wind Baramui jeonseol 2004
Dance flash Flash-dance 1983
Dance Academy (TV series) Dance Academy 2010
Dance Machine Dancing Machine 1990
Dancer The Dancer 2000
Dancer Whirlygirl 2006
Dancer Dancer 1991
Disco dancer Disco Dancer 1982
Dance till I drop Kickin It Old Skool 2007
Dance for the chance Chance Pe Dance 2010
dance with Me Dance with me 1998
dance with Me Dance with Me 2010
dance with Me Out of the Cold 2000
dance with Me Dance me Outside 1994
Dancing in the Dark Dancer in the Dark 2000
The Dancing Queen Dancing Queen 2012
Dancing Upstairs The Dancer Upstairs 2002
Dancing "Russian" ghetto - Half-Russian story Dancing "Russian" ghetto - Half-Russian story 2006
Dancing Ghosts Dancing Ghosts 1992
Dances without rules Strictly Ballroom 1992
Dancing in the Blue Iguana Dancing at the Blue Iguana 2000
DANCES OF THE STREET You Got Served 2004
Dancing Streets You Got Served 2004
Dance Theater Vadim Elizarov. Fuete Dance Theater Vadim Elizarov. Fuete 2005
Todes: 15 years Todes: 15 years 2003
Only in the ballroom Strictly in the ballroom 1992
Troupe The Company 2003
You've never been
more delightful
You were Never Lovelier 1942
You will never be richer You'll Never Get Rich 1941
Street Dancing 2 StreetDance 2 2012
Street Dancing 3D Street Dance 3D 2010
Lessons of Tango The Tango Lesson 1997
Flamenco Flamenco (de Carlos Saura) 1995
Flamenco, flamenco Flamenco, Flamenco 2010
Fuete Fuete 1987
Choir Gee 2009
Hallo, Dolly Hello, Dolly! 1964
Black Swan Black Swan 2010
Chicago Chicago 2002
Step forward Step Up 2006
STEP FORWARD 2: STREETS Step Up 2: The Streets 2008
Step Up 3D Step Up 3D 2010
Step forward 4 Step Up Revolution 2012
School of Dance and Seduction by Marilyn Hotchkiss Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School 2005
The Stomp Show Out loud 1997
Evita Evita 1996
This is dance That's Dancing 1984
This couple was created by God Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 2008