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  • Fourth type
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  • Martyrs
  • 7 days
  • The girl next door
  • The hills have eyes
  • Irreversibility
  • Hostel
  • Fear train
  • Five bottles of vodka
  • unborn
  • fourth kind
  • Green elephant

Пятница 13-ое / Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday the 13th / Friday the 13th (1980)

Director: Sean S. Cunningham Cast: Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Jeannine Taylor

We can say that the Friday 13th series is one of the most successful and long-lived film series. In addition, this series had a huge impact on the slasher genre, and Jason's hockey mask became a real symbol. Needless to say, in the entire series, the acting game tends to zeros (as in many slashers in general), but this does not spoil the films, because it’s not the game that matters. The first eight parts were made by Paramount, and then sold all rights to New Line Cinema, which is now making its second contribution to the series.
Released two years after the triumphant show of "Halloween", this film, being the most real ideological continuation of the brainchild of John Carpenter. And on a par with him and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" has become the progenitor of a truly cult series.
The working title of the film was “Long Night at Camp Blood”, which more accurately describes what is happening in the film. Needless to say, this one and a half hour film will not seem special to the modern viewer. Unless it is made better, than the huge mass of slasher-imitators. After all, the fact of the matter is what exactly the imitators are! And although looking closer, it is clear that the plots of “Friday” and the masses of subsequent films are almost the same, there is one significant difference - all the followers did not manage to copy the atmosphere that they created in “Friday”.
This film created a peculiar tone that made the audience feel as if they themselves wanted to be slaughtered by a maniac. But back to the story that screenwriter Victor Miller created. The film opens the scene in which the mysterious killer kills a couple retired in the attic. Then the film is transferred 11 years ahead - in our days. True, to call these days ours is somehow a bit unfair - it would be more correct to say at the end of the 70s. Opened summer camp at Crystal Lake. And a group of guys come there in advance to prepare it for the opening and take the resting children. Annie (Robbi Morgan) also gathered there. After a ride, she got to the town nearest to the camp and met him as a strange old man on a bicycle - Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney), who warned her in his sinister, hoarse voice that they would all die! By the way, Ralph and his warnings are pretty nicely made - this is one of the most memorable scenes in the film. And, as it turned out, his words were prophetic. Annie didn't even get to camp.
And in the camp near the lake, boys and girls began to gather. And the usual camp life brewed - chopping, cooking and fun. Only here all this is watched by someone not very friendly (if you can christen a maniac at all, eager to cut your throat). During the first half of the film, the atmosphere is gradually intensified, gradually increasing the frequency and proximity of this unkind observation. And then the slaughter begins - an unknown maniac begins one (sometimes two) to dunk without any pity of all who arrived at the camp. And for each of them, he chooses the most appropriate moment and ingenious way. The special effects made by Tom Savini, who would later become a very significant person in horror films, look simply phenomenal at the time. Even now, looking at them you do not feel any discomfort (as sometimes happens when viewing old special effects). Everything looks quite nice.
In total, the film will kill 10 people. And what is most interesting is that it doesn’t matter who the killer is. The filmmakers found a unique intermediate killer form. For all the slashers, two types of killer are characteristic - an immortal monster and “this is one of us,” which turns the genre either into a ruby ​​or a ruby ​​with a riddle. Here there is an intermediate version - at first it seems that there is a riddle - it is not known who the killer is, this is a man, but his face is not shown. But it turns out to be a man from the side, and more specifically Mrs. Veuris. From the moment of her first appearance on the screen and until the moment when it is revealed that all the murders of her hands takes place just a minute or two. So the identity of the killer is not a matter of principle. I saw only one more film with a similar assassin choice - The Last Exam.
It turns out that Mrs. Wourice (played by Betsy Palmer / Betsy Palmer) is taking revenge - eleven years ago, her son Jason was resting by this lake and drowned because of the negligence of those watching. And the roof slid away from her, so she kills all the inhabitants of the ill-fated camp. And the only remaining girl Alice (Adrienne King) begins to frantically run away from the maniac, from time to time sending her a knockdown and constantly not finishing. And Mrs. Vource is aggressively hunting for her last victim, and in the end, as expected, the battle loses. After that, Alice climbs into the boat, swims into the middle of the lake and falls into oblivion. When she wakes up in the morning and sees the police on the shore, she is suddenly drowned in the water by this very Jason. My father still says “Jason is coming out of the boy,” while watching the horrors, and usually he is right - his notorious “boy Jason” has become a common noun for all sorts of maniacs and other creatures that suddenly pop up from around the corner. And even though I seem to have opened the plot of the film to the very end, but I do not think that this could ruin the view for those who have not yet seen it. After all, the buzz of the film is not intrigue, which actually does not exist, but in tension, in the atmosphere, in the murders, in the sounds of "chsh-shh-sh-ha-ha-ha", which became the brand name of the entire series.
Still worth saying about the financial side of things. The film's budget amounted to 700 thousand dollars (this is certainly not the current seven hundred thousand, but also not too much). And in film distribution the film earned 37 and a half million dollars. Such success simply obliged to create a sequel, especially as the plot of the film allowed it. A short dialogue at the end of the film Alice: “Is the boy dead too?”, Policeman: “What boy?”, Alice “Boy ... Jason”. Such a dialogue did not just hint, he just screamed that there would be a sequel, the main character of which would be Jason. And the waiters were not mistaken. True, I don’t think they could have imagined that the tenth episode of the film would be created twenty years later and Jason would never die. In the video rental film also collected more than 17 million dollars.
What is the conclusion of the whole series? This is a real classic slasher. The first 8 parts of the series fully follow the canons of the genre. They are quite monotonous, so it’s worth watching them only for fans - it will only annoy everyone else.

Техасская резня бензопилой / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Director: Tobe Hooper Cast: Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain

A group of teenagers in a van goes to rest in an old country house. This house belongs to the father of the main character - Sally (Marilyn Burns). In addition to her boyfriend Jerry (Allen Danziger) and another friend of the couple, Brother A. Pauline, who is confined in a wheelchair, is also traveling with them. Practically, the very beginning of the trip turns out to be some kind of strange. At the gas station, the old man advises them not to go there, and then they pick up the voting guy (Edwin Neal). The guy with the retarded face is not just a nerd, but also very dangerous. In the beginning, he tried to sell them his left photo, which he made with his camera, and then, having borrowed his knife from Franklin, he cuts his palm, and at the same time he laughs madly. Then he becomes even more aggressive and begins to attack those who give him a lift. After he is finally thrown out of the van, the psychopath smears the door with his blood.
The old house, in which young hippies have decided to rest, also does not inspire much confidence - it is so old that it seems that it will collapse right now under their weight. It is located near where, in the depths of the rural road, so that no neighbors can be seen, and an aspen hive settled under the ceiling. But this is not very frustrating for young people, and Kirk (William Vail), along with Pam (Teri McMinn) decide to go for a swim. Franklin recalls that if you walk along the path, you will definitely come out to the little river. But Franklin himself was not in the house of his grandfather for a long time - the small river has long dried up. After a little more walk, the couple stumbles upon a certain house, where they decide to borrow some gasoline. A strange little house, since a canopy was built near it, under which there are old, obviously abandoned cars. Yes, and inside the house looks no less strange. Then they stumble upon Kozhemordogo psychopath (in the first part, Gunnar Hansen played it), who quickly finished with them. Actually, this happens so unexpectedly that when they killed Kirk I didn’t even understand what had happened. It seems to me that this is the most unexpected murder in a movie that I have ever seen. There was no preparation, forcing, nothing!
Then one by one, all adolescents fall into the clutches of Kozhemordy and his psychopathic family. The whole picture of their madness appears before us - one of the furnishings of their house is worth something. In general, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is a very strange film, it is completely different from ordinary films. From it blows some realistic. At one time it was a phenomenon similar to the Blair Witch - it was stated that it was based on real events (it was really inspired by the acts of Ed Heine, but this maniac became the basis for many films, and the Texas massacre doesn’t even look like retelling of the life of Heine). And this very feeling of reality gave this legend conviction.
The film is very uneven, its action is not clearly extinct to the minute, as in modern paintings, but short-lived. The beginning seems drawn out, then pieces of inaction are replaced by rapid events, and this pace, which confuses the viewer, reinforces the sense of realism. And at the same time from the film a mile away is madness. And this is not only the insanity of the cannibalistic little family, it is the insanity of everything that is happening, of the whole film. When you look at it, you begin to doubt the mental balance of its creator. The perverse morality of cannibals, their schizoid behavior gives the action a special connotation. The script, written by Tob Hooper and Kim Henkel (Kim Henkel), probably would not have become so terrible and impressive, if not a completely schizoid direction by Tob Hooper himself.
Separately, it should be said about the environment. Everything happens in the Texas outback - scorched, dusty ground, the grass is often of the same gray-yellow color, rare trees and clinging shrubs with rare leaves. Wooden houses, whose boards while walking constantly creak. Well, the cannibal house is a kind of masterpiece! It is filled with bones and pieces of skin, hair, and scraps of clothing. All this is just plentifully dumped on the floor, bones are carpeted with cabinets, hanging from the ceiling on threads, it is everywhere. I really liked the bench made from human bones. And of course, the screech of the chainsaw! He becomes a symbol of the atmosphere of the film.
At some point, the main character begins to scream, and no longer shut up - she screams constantly, heart-rending and even selflessly. At some point, these screams began to unnerve me. And the scene where a weak grandfather, with the help of caring grandchildren, is trying to break her skull with a hammer, caused the girl to laugh. I can say that the film has a completely perverted logic and strangeness of the plot. He makes a very unusual impression. Despite the fact that this is a real low budget (140 thousand dollars), the film brought a very solid profit (30 million) and no doubt deserved the name of the cult. But the most interesting thing is that the film is very bloodless. You will not see the victim cut in front of your eyes, you will not be shown agony and rivers of blood. You will only be hinted at - a stream of blood will occasionally appear in the frame, a chainsaw will squeal and the victim will scream. TRB is quite cruel, but unlike Lucio Fulci, you are not stuck with your nose in an agonizing body, everything is done more skillfully, and I would even say more susceptible - after all, there is nothing more terrible than human imagination.
I definitely recommend it to everyone. We have this rare thing, but if it falls into your hands, then it is definitely worth seeing. Maybe you don’t really like it, but strong and unusual viewing sensations are guaranteed to you. An immortal horror classic is worth the time to spend on it.
Minority opinion: One of the modern icons of horror is, of course, the image of a muscular psycho in a rough mask of human skin and with a chainsaw in hand. This film largely determined the image of the horror film of the seventies. And it began as a cheap authoring project by Tob Hooper, a teacher at the University of Texas. And it is necessary ... Despite the obvious rudeness of the film, the viewing of which is no more pleasant than the postcards from the slaughterhouse, it is officially recognized (!) Masterpiece of art. A copy of this tape was acquired by the New York Gallery of Modern Art. The prototypes of the film, clearly inspired by the serial killer and necrophile Ed Hein, look like gray unintelligible figures and, nevertheless, the film has the feeling of a real shift. The grim song of criminal schizophrenia to the melody of the included chainsaw sounds rather frightening and realistic. But this film, in spite of many of its merits, is hardly capable of becoming a favorite favorite, whose video library.

Кошмар на улице Вязов / A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street / A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

Director: Wes Craven Cast: John Saxon, Heather Langenkamp, ​​Ronee Blakley, Robert Englund, Jonny Depp

The background of the film: in a typical small American town, in the boiler room on Elm Street, the maniac killer Freddy Krueger was once burned. During the life of Freddie, he killed the small children of this town and once their parents, having caught the villain, did not give him to the police, but simply made such a mob. Naturally, having burnt alive, such a colorful maniac as Freddie simply could not rise. But he was not as trivial raised as hundreds of maniacs from other horror films, more precisely, he was not completely resurrected ...
With the first shots of the film, we fall into Tina Gray's nightmare (played by Amanda Wiss). For some reason, Tina again and again in her dreams finds herself in this unfortunate boiler room, in which Kruger was burned a few years ago. A terrible man is chasing her with knives on his fingers and a scorched face. As she guesses, this is Fred Kruger (in his role - Robert Englund). At the end of her sleep, Freddie almost overtakes Tina, but she manages to dodge, but Freddie leaves four tracks from her “fingers” on her nightdress. Waking up in a heart-rending scream, Tina discovers that it was not exactly a dream, since the shirt was really cut.
Tina talks about her nightmare to friends - Nancy (Heather Langenkemp) and Glenn (Johnny Depp). But she, of course, no one believes: everyone believes that this is just a nightmare and in the end everything will pass. However, after jointly discussing Tina’s dream, Nancy recalls that she, too, had dreamed of this “guy in a dirty sweater with big iron nails”. Since Tina’s mother, of course, went somewhere, the whole company decides to spend the night with her. But it is on this very night, as you can guess, Uncle Freddie still kills her. And not just anyhow, but she rips open her stomach and spreads the guts on the ceiling. Everyone was in the house, but no one saw anyone else, so the suspicion of the murder of Tina falls on her boyfriend Rod Lane, who was with her that night and saw how she died. Rod gets behind bars and during interrogation in the police tries to explain that it is not him, but, naturally, no one believes him. However, Freddie has his own point of view on this matter - after a couple of days he kills Rod sort at night right in the chamber. After what happened, Nancy and Glenn already know exactly who is to blame for these murders. Moreover, Nancy is beginning to torment the hallucinations associated with Freddie. Nancy's father, Lieutenant of Police Thompson (John Saxon), tries to help her daughter, but thinks that it is not Freddy who is to blame, but a mental disorder associated with the loss of two friends ...
You can retell the plot ad infinitum, but I believe that there is no particular need for this - the film has already been seen by almost everyone, and those who have not seen it will be much more interesting to learn how it all ended, from the picture itself. The advantages of director Wes Craivin (to whom this film also became a trip to the world of big cinema - before that he shot only low-budget horror films, from which it is possible to single out except the 1978 film “The Hills Have Eyes”) in front of the colleagues of other films there is. First, in the plot throughout the film there is intrigue: is this how Freddie materializes in the real world, using the consciousness of innocent adolescents for this, or is it really no more than a dream? Secondly, Kruger's make-up and costume, perfectly made for those times. In the third, great music, sounding in the film. The script for the film also wrote Craivin - honor and praise him for it. The director does not show stupid carnage, as often happens in the cinema of our genre, but a meaningful plot. The film earned at the box office about $ 26,000,000, which in those times was a very good amount, especially for a horror movie.
Separately, it should be said about the excellent selection of actors involved in the tape. Participation in the movie stars (albeit, by that time already sunk) American cinema, John Saxon, who starred in 1973 in the Bruce Lee superfilm "Enter the Dragon", which is still called the best a film about kung fu and in a number of popular action films and science fiction films of the time, says only about the respect for the project by the producers and the actors themselves. The second star is definitely Johnny Depp - the famous cinema "Don-Juan". True, here we make a discount on the fact that this is his debut film. Yes, it was “A Nightmare on Elm Street” that was the first film that this wonderful actor starred in. The first pancake did not come out lumpily: the death of the hero Johnny (and Freddie simply classically tore him for meat, scattering guts all over the house and spraying everything with blood) is definitely the most impressive in this film. Well, the third actor, who opened the film - this, of course, Robert Englund, who played the role of Kruger. True, this in some way played a cruel joke with him, because for a long time the label of Freddy Krueger hung on him, which is why he was invited and invited to act only in such films. The most glaring example is the role of the Phantom of the Opera in the film of the same name. Subsequently, this actor played in the movie "Lord of Desires", and for the first time in many years, not a murderer, but a victim, as well as in "City Legend", where his character also had a hard time.
However, Craivin's little weakness at the end of the film spawned the beginning of the series. The director could not resist the show in the final of the spectacular murder, which challenged the very fact that Freddie did not exist, which Nancy had shown at the end of the film. Without a doubt, this has positive features - otherwise, we are limited to only one movie, instead of a whole exciting series. But, in truth, none of the sequels failed to recreate the atmosphere of the first part, which, however, does not make them less valuable to us.
Dissenting opinion: "This film amazes me first of all with its design, because when it was made, it was most likely the only such plan, because its main character is not just a schizophrenic maniac, but a completely understanding subject with peeped face that takes revenge on the children of those who killed his people. And while doing this not just with a knife or an ax, but rather unusual for horror films. Wes Cravin did a good job of writing a great script. When I first saw The Nightmare, to be honest, he scared me, because then there was a time when on tv on only pornography about happy communism and the “Spotlight on Perestroika” program were shown, only the most advanced people had vidakas and not many were able to see anything worthwhile at that time. “The Elm Street Nightmare” even now has not lost its relevance: not so a long time ago, one of the TV companies suddenly decided: There is no mischievous translator, and therefore duplicated this masterpiece in Ukrainian.This was a shock. What do the phrases like "Zahy vulytsi Vyazyv" or "Say yim scho deserting Freddie to you" cost. Most of all I liked how at first I thought Tina, alone with the guy, was smeared on the ceiling in the bedroom, and he (the guy) stood and looked at it all and screamed loudly, shouting over the hiss of a jaded cassette. It was also a cool murder when Glenn was watching TV, lying on the bed - Freddie killed him, releasing guts to the ceiling, and that was awesome. After all, this before him, no one did. Generally, seeing this masterpiece of the world nightmare, you will not regret it. "

Дагон / Dagon (2002)

Dagon (2002)

Director: Stuart Gordon Cast: Ezra Godden, Francisco

Young couple Paul (Ezra Godden / Ezra Godden) and Barbara (Rachel Merono / Raquel Merono) travel on the yacht of their friends Howard (Brendan Price) and Wiki (Birgit Bofarull) off the coast of Spain. Paul himself also seems to come from somewhere in Spain, but his mother took him away as a child, which is why he is particularly interested in traveling to the country of ancestors. But here two terrible things happen - first the storm begins, and secondly the yacht swoops down on the underwater reef and lets it flow. In addition, Vicki’s leg was pinched during the collision and she cannot leave the boat. Paul and Barbara take an inflatable boat to the nearest village, but the fishing village itself is completely empty. A rainstorm had already begun and a young couple was running between empty houses along steep stone paths in search of help. In the end, they hear some strange singing that leads them to a certain Church of Dagon, where the priest provides them with help. Barbara remains on the shore, and John hurries to his friends ...
But those are no longer on board, and the water collected in the cabin is filled with blood. Even worse, things start to go after Paul’s return to the village, his wife disappears, he settles in a very unattractive hotel. And soon it becomes clear that the truth is that all the inhabitants of the city are strange monsters who came according to his soul. Next comes the bustle - Paul is trying hard to hide from pushing from all sides, but not very agile beasts. During his chaotic wanderings, he reveals several unflattering secrets of the town, and from the last normal person in the town learns his sinister history. Himself an outcast remains alive only because it is not dangerous for local residents, and he himself long ago rejected because he is an alcoholic. So much for the harm of drinking! Now Paul is running around and looking for his wife he wants to save. Will he succeed? Watch the movie and find out.
Dagon's script was written more than 15 years ago, and of course for Jeffy Combs. However, all this time he could not break through the producers. Gordon was told "replace your fishmen with vampires or werewolves there, and then please." However, Gordon did not agree, because then the entire beauty of the film will completely disappear. And finally it became possible to make a film, but Jeffy Combs was no longer suitable for this role - a younger actor was needed, and then Ezra Godden was elected to the main role. The basis for the plot were two short stories of Lovecraft - "Dagon", which gave him the name and "Morok over Insmut." Only its action was transferred from New England to Spain for purely commercial reasons - the film was shot in Spain and with Spanish money. So in principle, it is considered Spanish. But somehow my language doesn’t dare call him that way - after all, he filmed with the money of the production company Barayana Yuzna, Gordon and Godden himself are not Spaniards at all, and the film was made in English, only with fleeting use of Spanish and Galician. The village in which the film was made, according to Gordon, and actually looks like in the film, they practically added nothing.
The greatest strength of the film is its great atmosphere. She just conquered me. The film is just super already because of it. This incredibly gloomy village instantly fascinated me, and at night, with constantly raining ... It’s just something incredible. I have never met such a powerful Lavkravtov spirit in any film. Old houses and narrow steep streets, an ancient and ominous church, hellish creatures barely weaving on the heels that want to finish you off - these are the main components of this film. I'm in love with this town. In general, the work of the designer at the highest level - everything is exactly as it should be, everything serves to create the appropriate mood, nothing disagrees with the environment. And Howard’s skin at the right moment tells the protagonist that everything will end badly, you need to run as hard as possible! And the contrast of the yellow windbreakers of Americans with Spanish ominous surroundings more than symbolic.
The action also does not fail. Almost all the time on the screen something happens. And although not giving in details it can not be described otherwise than running around the city, it does not bother. Firstly, it is diverse, there are a lot of completely different episodes, the director constantly throws us some feature, a specific thing. All the time he finds how to scare the viewer and keep him in suspense. Maybe some of this constant running around just seems unnecessary, but I was very pleased, I throughout the film was in a state close to the euphoria, a long time I did not get such a pleasure from the film. I'm not afraid to call it a masterpiece. Already the title of the most Lovecraftian film he deserves. In short, Gordon created two gorgeous, great films - "Re-animator" and "Dagon".
Not without graphic cruelty - the detailed scene of skin stripping from the face of a living person is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. It even seemed to me superfluous. I am not against violence, not at all - all the other very tough moments seem to me very appropriate, but here they have gone too far with cruelty, it just does not fall in time with the rest of the movie. It seems that the scene was shoved just for the sake of it. Here is the scene of the death of Barbara - this is super, she is just perfect. And hardly anyone would call it humane and soft.
I even wonder how, with a budget not reaching $ 5 million, I managed to make such a great film. Sometimes the special effects of the film and its make-up are scolded, but I noticed the obvious artificiality only once, and I didn’t notice any deficiencies in the make-up of the monsters - although I am not an expert and I haven’t been looking at it specifically. But from the point of view of the average person everything was just fine. So in my opinion “Dagon” is a great atmospheric horror thing that every fan of the genre should watch.
Minority opinion: The new Gordon-Uzny film, as it seems to me, will cause many people to have double feelings. Those who are waiting for the usual bloody mess in the spirit of "Resuscitator" or "Outside", may be disappointed. There are not many naturalistic scenes in this film. The most memorable - peeling skin from a living person. But this does not mean that the film is bad, on the contrary. In the story of Lovecraft’s stories about the sea deity of Dagon, the main focus is on the atmosphere and the re-creation of the entourage of the mysterious Spanish town of Imboca, and I must say, the authors have succeeded in this. All of these deserted alleys, hidden by the shroud of rain, blue-gray color scheme and strange silhouettes that come out after dark - it's just something. The viewer is almost transferred to this world inhabited by terrible creatures who have departed from God for the sake of the gifts of Dagon. Very good acting game of Ezra Godden and now deceased Francisco Rabal, wonderful atmosphere, plot - all at a high level. There is a film and cons, but very relative. For example, some fans of the old style may disappoint computer effects, which are often used in the film - but they are all of quite high quality and do not spoil the impression of the picture. The main thing - the creators managed to very accurately convey the atmosphere of the world of Lovecraft, to let the viewer literally touch it ... Definitely, this film is one of the best screen versions of the writer.

Извне / From Beyond (1986)

From / From Beyond (1986)

Director: Stuart Gordon Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree

During a mysterious and creepy experiment, something went awry and the assistant of Dr. Edward Pretorius (Ted Sorel) Crawford Tillingast (Gordon's favorite actor Jeffrey Combs / Jeffrey Combs) is suspected of killing his mentor. Something strange had happened to the corpse of the doctor himself, and Tillingast seems to have gone mad. He claims that Dr. Pretorius created a kind of resonator that stimulates some kind of gland (which he forgot), which opens up a new feeling in a person and he begins to see another world. It seems that Pretorius himself was also devoured by the creatures that came from a parallel universe. To test the version of the slightly shifted Tillingaste, Dr. Catherine McMyxl (Barbara Crampton), who was very interested in the stories of Crawford and Leroy Brown (Ken Forey, more familiar to us in the film "Daybreak of the Dead" / Ken Foree), acts as a security guard.
A strange group resides in an old and purely Lavkraftian mansion, the refuge of a lost mad doctor. In the laboratory, they find the resonator itself, which Tillingast shot before running away headlong. Soon the infernal machine started working again and skeptics Kathryn and Leroy had to make sure that Tillingast was right - strange translucent pink essences appear in the air, which react to movement and may well come in contact with people exposed to resonance (the first contact manifested itself as a bite). However, it turns out that on the other side not only small strange creatures live, but also the changed Dr. Pretorius, whose dreams of power and domination can finally become a reality. Turning into an otherworldly creature, he acquired unusual properties, and now he lacks only a constant exit to this world. And such a solution could be exactly the resonator created by him. Therefore, the doctor is trying in every possible way to leave the resonator on, and those who came to turn it off.
Lovecraft's original story is quite small, and all the characters except for Pretorius and Tillinghast, as well as most of the plot, were invented by Gordon himself. The result was a very entertaining film with a Lovecraftian tinge. “From the outside” is definitely a thrash film, the smallness of the budget is very obvious, and the impression remains that it was shot or earlier by the Re-animator (which is not true), or with a much smaller budget. In any case, it is very pleasant to watch it, the plot twists and for its time quite decent special effects are delayed, you plunge into a terrible and unusual tale. There are lots of cool scenes, I especially liked the beginning of the film (it tunes to a certain wave), the return to the Pretorius mansion (yet this mansion looks just fine, only to be terrified and fit) and the attack of devouring devouring creatures. The struggle with cables in the basement looked quite comical, but these are trifles, they do not spoil the general impression. “From the Outside” is definitely worth a look, but don’t wait for some blockbuster or something unique. This movie is for fans of the genre, and I think that they will appreciate it according to merit.
Separate opinion: "Outside" was one of the first horror films that I saw, so I have very warm feelings for this picture (in the pirate box office this film was also called "From the Next World"). During the first viewing, he literally struck and shocked me, who was not yet very familiar with the pearls of the genre, magnificent makeup, naturalistic gore effects and fascinating action. After reviewing it a second time about six months ago, I was not particularly disappointed, although, of course, some of the details did not make such an impression on me as in childhood. But the atmosphere and the special effects (mostly made at a very high level, with the exception of a couple of flaws) are still impressive. The film is based on the story of Lovecraft, but, as in most of his screen versions, in this case the story of Dr. Pretorius is shown in a more "modernized" version. It should be noted that this is one of the best screen versions of the classic, as well as one of the best films of the creative tandem Gordon-Yuzna. Here is all that we love in their best works - a dynamic plot, naturalistic effects like brain sucking and all sorts of transformations of the human body, diluted with a certain amount of black humor, and irreplaceable Jeffrey Combs. In a word, for all admirers of Lovecraft and fans of Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna, "Outside" is strongly recommended for viewing. It can be contraindicated only to persons who do not digest horror in any form.

Восставший из Ада / Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser Risen from Hell (1987)

Director: Clive Barker Cast: Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence

Clive Barker broke into the world of horror in 1984, releasing in six volumes a collection of "Books of Blood", which simply struck the horror-reading public. This Briton, who turns forty-nine this year, firmly staked himself a place in the hall of the glory of horror. Stephen King said that "Klei Barker is the future of horror." He has already released 12 novels, mainly in the style of dark fantasy. A Russian reader can also get acquainted with his work, for example, his novel Imajica is released, though I don’t like his translation. You can also read his other works, such as the story "Fear" and the novel / novel (as you like more) 1986 "Hellbound Heart" (The Hellbound Heart), which became the literary basis of the first film of the series.
I do not know whose initiative it was, but Clive Barker himself wrote the screenplay for his own work, and he also directed the film. Thus, you can personally see what the writer wanted to say all the same when creating the work. Not for nothing the movie is called "Clive Barker´s Hellraiser" - this is a 100% creation of only Barker. And he created a great picture. And many simply call this thing a masterpiece, a triumph in horror.
Frank, in search of forbidden pleasures, buys a mysterious cube, which is a kind of puzzle, and at the same time, a door that opens the way to hell. Although strictly speaking, this is another dimension in which strange and horrible creatures dwell, called senobits (although I also hear how they are called cenobits and xenbits). But there is practically no difference between this dimension and hell in the human understanding. And Frank, played by Sean Chapman, gets there. Chepman plays the normal Frank, Frank the monster plays Oliver Smith (Oliver Smith).
Shortly thereafter, a married couple drove into a house that had been abandoned for a long time, since her husband, Larry (played by Andrew Robinson / Andrew Robinson), did not agree with Brother Frank’s proposal and did not sell it after their mother’s death. During the transportation of things, Larry strongly scratches his hand and the blood spilled on the floor allows Frank to escape from hell and partially recover. However, only partly - a resurgent monster can not walk and most of his body is still in hell. It also turns out that the wife of Larry Julia (Clare Higgins) is the mistress of her mistress (i.e., her husband’s brother) Frank. And a very passionate and devoted mistress, as she, seeing this monster on the floor of the room, does not run away and reveals his secret, but on the contrary, agrees to help him.
And in order to finally recover, he needs human blood, so Julia must seduce the men in the bars and bring them into the house, and Fran at their expense will get stronger and restore the body. However, Christy intervenes in this - Larry's daughter from his first marriage (Ashley Laurence / Ashley Laurence).
But the true heroes turned out to be the real heroes. Their role in the film is secondary, they appear only a few times and only at the very end for any significant length of time. But it was their existence that gave impetus to the creation of subsequent episodes, in which the length of stay on the screen and the number of actions performed by senobits will all increase. Particularly impressive is their leader, Pinhead (speaking Tack or Pinhead, in my opinion, rather stupid), whose head is studded with nails. Even if you have not seen any of the films in the series, you must have seen this head with bulging carnations. His role in all films played by Doug Bradley (Doug Bradley).
Needless to say, this film stands out quite strongly from the crowd by its original plot, which revealed something truly new to us. The actor's team is also well chosen - everyone plays decently enough to make the viewer believe in the story on the screen. The film is not in vain considered a classic. If you have not seen it, then you should take it in prakat. Of course, some special effects look rather miserable (especially at the end - with the disappearance of senobits), but this should not spoil the fun.

Зловещие мертвецы / The Evil Dead (1982)

The Evil Dead (1982)

Director: Sam Raimi Cast: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Hal Delrich

Five friends took a vacation home in some wilderness (and cheap, and interesting), but the wilderness turns out to be quite impassable - a very flimsy bridge, a long abandoned and not friendly house, should have thought that it was better to leave here. The autumn forest surrounding them, which is simply perfectly filmed, and the music playing in the background, create a very powerful, awesome atmosphere. Already in place they await the spirits wandering through the forest, but for now they are only observers. Shelly (Theresa Tilly), drawing an ancient clock that hangs on the wall, is for a moment under the influence of stronger spirits, and sketches something that looks like a strange evil face. When the whole company is already gathering at the table, a hatch leading to the basement opens by itself. Scotty (Hal Delrich) and Ash (Bruce Campbell) go down there, the basement is not small, they find an unusual and obviously evil book and a tape recorder in his back room. The tape recording, made by the scientist who lived here, tells about the “Book of the Dead” and that the spirits it caused moved into the explorer’s wife, and the only way to stop a new creature is to dismember it.
Instead of thinking and behaving more cautiously, those who came made several fatal mistakes - Shelley, unclearly seeing something strange, goes into the forest, where she is raped by this very forest (the scene of rape was cut out in some countries). the body of one of the spirits. And the second mistake is listening to the film, on which the scientist reads an ancient spell, which awakens the evil spirit, eager to get human bodies. Demons that have captured a person transform his body and begin to attack others. Just run away will not succeed - the bridge on which they arrived, finally collapsed. So now the guys have to fight the fiends of hell, who in turn seize them themselves, until there is only Ash left who is forced to kill and dismember his friends, sister, girl. Blood flows like water, all creatures not wanting to die all push.
The film makes a very interesting impression. Firstly, it is immediately noticeable that this is an absolute low budget - apart from the five main actors in the films, literally only two people lit up - idiots standing on the sidelines, who waved with a passing hand. The film was shot in November-December 1980 and its entire budget amounted to 150 thousand dollars. Absolute trash "Evil Dead" is visible from the first to the last minute, but this does not mean that the film because of this is getting worse, it rather adds to its flavor. Because of this peculiar style, we forgive him minor flaws and irrationality - in the end, they expect this kind of film, I think that most of the smaller patches are not noticed at all (for example, the moment Ash buries Linda - he just ends up filling the grave and its headboard has already been made a roughly made cross, etc.).
Perhaps this cheapness makes the film realistic, gives a little documentary. The same magnificent special effects, like constantly lashing blood (or even beating with a fountain at all), in a normal, standard film would rather cause a smile, but then the whole entourage, all the action gives the rivers naturalistic blood and they seem normal and correct. The changed zombie people look very cool (it seems to me it was in them that Lamberto Bava drew inspiration, creating "Demons", very much the same types). Continuous action will not be bored, but all this does not go against the atmosphere of the film. And she managed to translate simply amazing. Although the frightening moments seem to be quite simple - sometimes it is completely clear that it is here that the hands of a corpse should jump out and the like, but these techniques still remain impressive. Very original and not traditional camera work, which also greatly influences the specifics of the film. In short, this film can be described with the words “ingenious thrash”.
“Evil Dead” is one of those cases where the amazing author's intention of the director and screenwriter in one person (in this case, Sam Raimi) with a small budget turns into a terrific movie and becomes a classic of the genre (in general, if you look closely, almost all horror -the directors started that way). The difference is that Raimi has a rashness raised to a power, she is deliberate. Acting is also at the appropriate level. The main character Ash (who also became a cult figure, one of the idols) most of the film resembles a frightened fool, and only at the end, when left alone, begins to seriously fight for his life. It took more than a year for Raimi to punch the film, but when he succeeded, the film collected almost 2.5 million dollars, and still continues to make a profit.
The most important quality of the "Evil Dead" is the ability to scare. The film is really scary and fascinates with its gloom and bloody orgy. Alyapovye characters and primitive, but somehow imperceptibly you begin to perceive them as living people. And I don’t say anything about a camera flying around the earth with a strange sound, which in general has become a proprietary feature of the entire series, I think none of those who watched the movie will forget it. The film is simple and not intricate, as well as many brilliant things. It may seem strange and will hurt the eyes of people who are accustomed to modern glossy Hollywood paintings, but I think that even they should be impressed. This is one of those films that does not leave indifferent, it clings and scares. If for some reason you haven’t seen it yet (for example, I couldn’t find it for a long time), then know that it’s definitely worth seeing. And watch it better at night, when you do not interfere with enjoy the pristine horror.

Проект Ведьма из Блэр: Курсовая с того света / The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Project Blair Witch: Course from the World / The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Directed by: Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez Cast: Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael Williams

This film is just a phenomenon! An experimental movie made almost without a budget, without professional actors and special effects instantly conquers the mainstream! The film instantly creates a sensation and at the same time spits in the face of the so-called major majors (large film companies, which very clearly react to the slightest change in the market). It turns out their special effects are not mandatory and the film can perfectly do without them!
Three film students decide to make a documentary about finding the legendary Blair Witch as a test. And in October 1994, they come to the city of Burkittesville, Maryland, to collect documentary material. First they wander around the town and ask the locals what they know about the local legend. And in the end they go into the forest to photograph the searches themselves. And disappear. A year later, they discover a film that they filmed during fermentation in the forest. And since they took a movie camera and a hand-held video camera with them, there are respectively two views. It differs slightly and the type of shooting.
However, the very fact of the discovery of the film is already accompanied by mystical events. Starting with the fact that the films were fed during the archaeological excavations at a rather great depth and the layer of earth above them was not disturbed. So it is completely incomprehensible how the films could be in such a place. And the content of the films horrified the archaeologists. And for a long time they were kept in the police and the FBI, trying to uncover the truth. In the end, the films were returned to the public. And two people (film directors) edited what we saw in cinemas or on videotapes from both films. They (Daniel Mirik and Eduardo Sanchez) are also film writers.
That is the legend. And the legend was spun very well, nothing to say. She practically created a mystical halo around the entire film. And given the unhealthy interest and special love of Americans for films on "real events", the trick with "absolutely reliable film" was win-win. Company-creator of the film Haxan Films, Inc. everything was calculated very precisely and with one move it was beaten out from pawns to queens - there was a transformation from a small company into a world famous major. True, this transformation may turn out to be short-term, it depends on the company itself.
However, the revolutionary film is not in the promotion and legend, but in the method of shooting. The actors play themselves - Heather Donahue, the head and ideologist of the project, and her two friends Joshua Leonard, who are called Josh and Michael Williams (Mike), are their real names. In addition to the three main characters in the film, they also filmed "residents of the town", who are also not professional actors. Total in the film involved ten actors, seven of whom appear briefly only at the beginning of the film. The way of shooting is no less unusual for a modern viewer - the cameras are really dragged on their hands, they swing and twitch, thereby confirming the reality of what is happening. Thus, the three main characters / actors are also film operators.
However, this Spartan simplicity of the film and the complete absence of special effects is complemented by the wonderfully created atmosphere of the film. Fear gradually builds up and captures the viewer in their snares. Sitting at the screen begins to really empathize the guys roaming the woods and all their misadventures are perceived much more strongly than the usual cine-like action. The very atmosphere of fear and mystery is gradually intensified, and from time to time it breaks sharply on the screens (for example, in the episode with beating the tent and running along the forest at night). And if at first the wandering of the heroes through the forest seems too tight, then you completely forget about it and get involved in what is happening.
And again there are differences in the length of the film in the United States; it lasts 86 minutes, while in the United Kingdom it is only 80. I have always been incomprehensible to this policy of “different” versions (which everyone uses all the time). Well, why cut out some six minutes, especially since this cut affected most likely the usual walking in the woods!
In addition, Russian viewers have lost a rather amusing thing: the advertising film The Curse of the Witch from Blair. At least it was not shown on any of the central channels, so the overwhelming majority most likely did not see it. This film (Curse of the Blair Witch) is a documentary-styled advertisement. It tells about the history of the "discovery" of films, shows the places of "real" archaeological work, more fully and in detail tells about the "witch" legend itself. This promotional film in English-speaking countries was shown on the channel Sci-Fi. The show usually takes place a few days before the movie starts. See this agitation is quite interesting. It is fully sustained in the documentary style inherent in the Discovery Channel - cutting from video matera, narrative behind the scenes, interviews with "witnesses" and "experts." And everything was done quite professionally. My 14-year-old nephew, having watched a film-advertisement for some time (until they were enlightened), in all seriousness was asking "Is this true? And so it was?" So we can say that he was and quite effective.
The film's budget was only 35 thousand dollars. For a movie, it's not even a budget. This fact also killed the filmmakers - these 35,000 are considered the most profitable investment in cinema in the entire history of its (cinema) existence. True, for the promotion of the film also needed money - the cost of advertising exceeded two million dollars (which is not so much for American advertising). However, the return was just phenomenal! Even considering that the rental in the United States began almost twice: for the first time on July 18, there were only 27 screens in the whole country. Such a discovery is inherent in precisely low-budget. And in the first week of the film rolled the film has collected more than a half million dollars! By the end of the second week, fees exceeded 5 million. And on the third the second opening of the rental took place - already in the scale of all countries, on the 1101 screen. And by November, the film earned more than 140 million. The United Kingdom has gone through a similar scenario - at first only 36 screens and 750 thousand pounds a week. And in the end, more than 14 million pounds of fees. Financial success is more than obvious!
An interesting fact (although not a fact at all, but rather an observation from which it is difficult to draw conclusions because of a small sample of respondents): those who watched “The Witch” on the tape liked the film more than those who saw it in the cinema. Maybe it's just an accident, but maybe not. In any case, the overwhelming majority of my acquaintances, even quite coolly related to horror in general, made a strong impression on the film. Someone on the Internet said that the film did not impress only those who did not allow to capture the atmosphere of the film. After all, the film actually stands on the atmosphere - a little dynamic action helps to establish "sensations", mood.
With how many people did not communicate - the witch is either very much in love, or responds extremely negatively. All because of the wrong accents. It is very easy to judge whether a man understood a witch by how important it is for him to know whether it is all fiction or not. After all, many do not see the main thing ... For me, the degree of documentary nature of this film does not matter.
Despite the ambiguity of the film, "The Witch" is a unique phenomenon, and without any hesitation, I strongly advise everyone who has not yet seen it, not to be lazy and take a tape. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. And even if you don’t like the film, you’ll forget it already - if only because of its peculiarity.
Dissenting opinion: “I would also advise watching a movie not in a movie, but according to Vidic. Then you can better feel the atmosphere of horror. Shooting, its quality is sometimes“ foolish ”- the camera is kept crooked, the image jumps ... On the other hand, try keep it steady when you run through the woods, scared to death! This makes it very likely what is happening. Like the so-called "documentary" materials, interviews. Sometimes you get the impression that you are watching a real documentary. There were rumors that it was filmed this way: was mean about the drama school they sent to the forest, gave cameras, a tent, etc. Moreover, they were taken from the outside, but so that they didn’t know it.Every morning they found instructions like: don’t trust it, or - something will happen today ... That is, the roles were not rehearsed in advance. About the fact that the first part is really a phenomenon - I agree. Maybe many people are accustomed to beautiful special effects, make-up, scenery. So this may not like the film. In my opinion, this is about such people who watch horror films not in noisy companies with beer and chips and, while sliding the curtains, preferably alone at home, in silence and darkness. I watched him in a movie, so half the buzz was lost. This film can raise adrenaline well. I would like to see him from anyone - either in the country, in the forest. "

Фантазм / Phantasm (1979)

Phantasm / Phantasm (1979)

Director: Don Coscarelli Cast: A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister

This film is twenty-two years old and now it looks just great. The story begins with the fact that a guy named Tommy (his episodic role played by Bill Cohn / Bill Cone) is killed by a strange girl who carried him to the cemetery. It turns out that Tommy was a close friend of Jody (Bill Thornbury / Bill Thornbury) and Reggie (Reggie Bannister / Reggie Bannister). Jody and his younger brother Mike (A. Michael Boluin / A. Michael Baldwin) lost their parents and now live alone. Jody, fearing for Michael, who has not yet recovered from the death of his parents, decides not to take his brother to the funeral of a friend. However, the kid himself thinks differently - he comes to the cemetery. But after the funeral, he lingers a bit and becomes a witness to an unusual scene — the funeral home owner, Chauffeur (The Tall Man), played (and will always play) by Angus Scrimm (this role will be the pinnacle of his career), behold, the swagger, instead of lowering the coffin with Tommy to the grave, raises it, puts it back in the hearse and leaves. And Michael himself is being pursued by strange short people, dressed in robes of Capuchin monks.
Spending about these strange events, Michael begins to find out what actually happens in the gloomy house near the cemetery, which is both the funeral home of Morningside, and the cemetery buried in urns (behind the tiles in the walls), and the housing of Brig. There, he more clearly sees the little gnomes / dwarves who are assistants to the sinister Billower, and also meets flying balls that will become the signature weapon of the entire series. After this terrible adventure, Michael draws his brother Jodie and his friend Reggie into this business. Most of the film consists of Morningside research and the discovery of strange things that cannot be explained by logic. It turns out Brigantra steals stupid and turns them into the most evil dwarfs that look like miniature monks. Why and how he does it, I think it’s better not to say - after all, some might not have seen the movie.
The most interesting thing about this film is that it is a classic low-budget, but at the same time it completely lacks the disadvantages inherent in low-budget films. Don Koskarelia was not only a screenwriter and director, but also a producer, cameraman and editor. Most of the team are his relatives and friends, for example, his mother was responsible for the design and manufacture of costumes, as well as makeup. However, the special effects that are present in the film, and now look great. They are not outdated. And the acting game here is also not at all like a low-budget grimace.
You can talk about the advantages of the film for a long time. This is an acting game, and special effects. This can also be attributed, and the magnificent script of the film, which slowly lifts the veil of secrecy and does not let the viewer get bored. Here is also the camera work that performs its task - to convey the idea of ​​the author. And most importantly - the design of the film, which is just great. The funeral home is beautiful - that’s what the Evil's Den should look like. And about the numerous surveys of cemeteries, tombstones, the dark road, and so on, there’s nothing to say - all this is done masterfully. And most importantly - what is the meaning and all the beauty of the film - this is the atmosphere. It seems to me that nowhere and no one has been able to create such an atmospheric dark and gloomy film. I have never met such a density of sensations - the film simply delays, and this is not the plot, but the feeling of mystery, danger and fear, which thicken and become practically palpable with bare hands. And special effects are used to the place and never become an end in themselves (as is now often the case).
Some people may not like the film due to the fact that it seems incomprehensible. True, he is quite surreal. It manifests itself more likely not in separate scenes, but in the general plot, or rather, in the connection between its Parts. However, in my opinion, this gives a special charm to the film, adds to it its unusual and peculiar interest. Moreover, this surrealism is quite masterful. After all, there is no border between reality and nonsense. And surrealism only intensifies the atmosphere of fear.
Phantasm is a great movie that every horror fan must see. This is an immortal masterpiece, to which I, without a moment of doubt, put the top five. If you have not seen him - do not be lazy, find him and you will not regret!
Dissenting opinion: “I certainly liked the first part of“ Fantasy ”. I can’t say that I was in a thrill from it, but still the film is good and, importantly, very atmospheric. I watched it for a long time, before the fight against piracy when a semi-legal channel could suddenly show one masterpiece or another. The most interesting thing is that before watching this film I didn’t know about its cultism among horror fans, and therefore, I think, I was able to quite objectively evaluate it. the film, is the deepest respect - in to On the end of the 70s - early 80s, such masterpieces as Halloween, Friday, 13th, and finally Phantasm appeared. All of them later became TV shows, thanks to countless sequels and gained the status of cult horror. Phantasm differs from the first two films by its surrealism - in some fragments of the film I, I confess, even felt a little overwhelming. In any case, the first part of Phantasm is brilliant - the film is not an imitation of anything and director Don Cascarelli develops his story very excitingly. and dynamic. Unfortunately, I could not find this film on the cassette and watch it again to get a deeper insight into its essence. To watch this movie, I would recommend to create the right atmosphere, namely to wait for the dark and watch it alone in an empty room. Then pleasure is guaranteed! "

Звонок / Ring (1998)

Ring / Ring (1998)

Director: Nakata Hideo Cast: Nanako Matsushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Miki Nakatani

In the beginning I even thought, or maybe it is worth giving a name in the original language? But he rather quickly refused this idea, it is unlikely that any of the subscribers will correctly display them, and if someone reads, it will be a maximum of a couple of people, and the rest will remain perplexed. So in the original name of the film - these are the three characters of the katakans, which are read ri-n-gu. This is the Japanese spelling of the English word ring, which I decided to put into the title. Hence the confusion with the Russian translation - the ring has several meanings. One of them is a ring, the one who voiced it was the one who translated it. But it seems to me that the meaning of this word is more appropriate here - the bell.
The film begins with the fact that Tomoko Oishi (Yuko Takeuchi / Yuko Takeuchi) and his girlfriend are sitting at home and frighten each other terrible legend, which has recently become popular. She talks about how a teenager who recorded the wrong channel recorded a terrible message on which a woman looks at him, and says - "You will die in a week." And when he looked at him, the phone rang, and someone said to him - "You saw it." A week later, the teenager died. However, the legend is not very fun Tomoko - it turns out a week ago, she and her friends, too, looked at a strange tape, and then they immediately called someone (really did not say anything). And profit becomes reality - Tomoko soon dies.
Reporter Asakawa Reiko (Matsushima Nanako / Matsushima Nanako) explores the latest urban legend about the deadly videotape, but as usual with urban legends, besides the stories of adolescents who were told by acquaintances who saw a person who was present during the realization of the myth, does not find. Until she finds out that her recently deceased under mysterious circumstances, Tomoko's niece is one of the victims of this myth. The investigation shows that along with the girl three more of her friends died at exactly the same time. And their death was completely identical - they died of fear, and their faces were twisted into a grin of horror. Asakawa finds out that these four rested in a rented house in Izu prefecture a week ago. And in the picture in which they stand against the background of the house, the image of their faces is distorted - rather terrible faces are seen instead.
Asakawa travels to the prefecture of Izu and finds a house, which rented the dead four. By chance, she notices the host of the complex on an unsigned cassette (or rather, something strange attracts her attention). Already in the same house where the dead teenagers were, she puts the tape in Vidyak and runs. A strange, completely incoherent and schizoid movie is played for about two minutes, after which it ends and a bell rings in the house. Thus, Asakawa is left to live only a week.
Asakawa appeals for help to her ex-husband Takayama Ryuichi (actually his name is Ryuji, but on the tape he turned into Ryuichi, that's why I'll call him that way) (Hiroyuki Sanada / Hiroyuki Sanada). Together they begin an investigation, during which they learn what the strange jumble of shots on the tape means, causing a terrible death. And they seem to succeed ...
The film is really good. This is one of the best horror films that I've seen lately. Firstly, it is interesting and unusual, if only because of its origin - the Japanese look at the horrors in itself is curious. And the action unfolding in Japan is entertaining in itself, and creates an atmosphere that is different from the films we are used to. And all these "japaneseisms" look very good, they give the film a special color, a specific atmosphere of mysticism and mystery of the alien, which surrounds the East in our consciousness. The East is a delicate matter, and this “Call” only confirms once again. In this regard, some of the statements of Americans who saw the film, I simply caused anger. Quite often you can read something like "if it were not for the Japanese situation," or "you can imagine that this story happened in the South (USA)", or something similar. Yet how much they are not able to accept someone else's culture, how much they are stuck in their stupid and blind patriotism.
In the US, this film was watched only by hardened horror fans who are not afraid of subtitles, since there is no duplicate version of the film. Fortunately, this process is much simpler here - there are no special requirements for dubbing, and it would be wrong to call our sounding dubbing - the man reading the text is not dubbing.