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Супер видео!

Scarecrows are a lot of fun and a little scary. Play a friend, see for yourself it’s so scary, scary fun.

Video where horror appears at the very moment when a person least expects this.

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Bachelors Grove
Bachelors Grove
Bachelors Grove
Bachelors Grove

It Itches, It Burns, It Kills
Michael parsons
Keary mccutchen
Steve zuranski
Scary Horror Movie Scary movie
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May 10, 1991 - Hanging out at Shannon's Drinking beer and barbecuing.
April 20, 1991 - Mike eats a nasty burrito with lots of hot sauce for $ 50 then pukes it up.
May 1991 - Jack making the moves on two hotties.
June 6, 1991 - Big bash at Al Johnson's house - Lots of big hair and mullets.
New Years eve 1991 - New Years eve party at Steve Zuranski's house.

This is the story of the rocking chair video you may have heard of. Around Halloween of 2006 we started hearing strange noises in the night and when we woke up we found our belongings thrown around our room. When we asked our young son if he knew how this happened he said there was an old lady that would come in at night and throw his toys around. At first thought we assumed he was he was making up a story but then he started giving a vivid description of what the lady looked like. He even said she would talk to him. The first thing my wife says is our house is haunted by ghosts or poltergeists. Being the skeptic that I am I say nonsense. However, I could not explain what had been happening so in order to put our minds at ease I set up a video camera to see if I could capture the disturbance. What we seen on the tape would change our lives forever. My wife and son will no longer come in to the house. They now are staying in an apartment nearby. I have put the house up for sale and only return when needed. I am not going to try to explain what I think we seen in the video as we all have our own beliefs. I do encourage you though, to watch for yourself, and draw your own conclusion. Be forewarned, the images in this video are disturbing and unsettling to some people. Watch at your own risk.

Perhaps this is really the scariest rally I've ever seen! I can’t even imagine how terrified those unfortunate people who were so keen on. If you have a heart condition, it’s better not to look.

Not so long ago, I showed you how people were scared half to death by a rally with a little girl in an elevator, and today we are looking at a selection of the toughest moments from a new rally from the same author. Honestly, the heart can’t stand up from such jokes! Tin!

10. The Phantom of Michael Jackson

A ghost filmed at Michael Jackson's mansion shortly after his death.

9. The ghost on the stairs

8. The girl in the mirror

7. Poltergeist in the kitchen

6. The abandoned chapel

The friends discovered a chapel in the forest and decided to look inside. Inside, someone in pitch darkness was playing the piano ...

5. Hide and Seek

Father is playing hide and seek with his daughter. But maybe there is someone else there?

4. The crying ghost

3. Something in the basement

In vain they climbed there ... Oh, in vain ...

2. "Fallen angel" in the forest

1. Swinging chair

The scariest video on the Internet. You can still close the page and not watch it!

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