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10 great cartoons

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10 отличных мультфильмов 2012 года

  • 1. Madagascar 3 (2012)
  • 2. Brave in heart (2012)
  • 3. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012)
  • 4. Fluffy vs. Toothy (2012)
  • 5. Pirates! Gang of losers (2012)
  • 6. Zambezia (2012)
  • 7. Lorax (2012)
  • 8. Rapunzel: Happy forever (2012)
  • 9. From the screw (2012)
  • 10. Thor: The Legend of the Vikings (2012)

10 cartoon horror movies

10 мультфильмов-ужастиков

  • 1. Paranorman, or How to tame a zombie (2012)
  • 2. Coraline in the Land of Nightmares (2008)
  • 3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
  • 4. The corpse of the bride (2005)
  • 5. Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)
  • 6. Monster House (2006)
  • 7. Lenore: The Little Dead Girl (2011)
  • 8. Nosferatu. The horror of the night (2010)
  • 9. Fear of the dark and not only (2007)
  • 10. Hell Dante (2011)

The best cartoons of our time

The best cartoons of our time

Contact Legs, Wings and Tails Once upon a time, there was a dog Treasure Island The Cat Leopold The Adventures of Captain Vrungel Toy Story oy story Cat Trap Well, wait! The secret of the third planet is definitely a hit! Bolshoi Uh Petrik Piatochkin - vono taka lapotsko reddish)) Kozlik and his grief Bremen musicians How Cossacks played football Falling last year’s snow The flying ship Frozen songs Perepilikha talking fish Latex Kitten named Gav Film, film, film Prostokvashino Parrot Kesha Tiger cub on a sunflower Kapitoshka The adventures of a penguin Lolo Doctor Aibolit Carefully monkey Tryam - Ahhh, clouds, white-winged horses and a Parovozik from Ro on the edge of the earth Effigy Miauchelo Karlson Gagarin Ant's travel Ugolok and Straw Martynko Mumi's treasure Brownie Kuzya Ikar and the wise men The smallest Alice in Wonderland you, carnival. 38 parrots Tiny Raccoon Mom for a Baby Mommy Vovka in the Far Far Away Cartoon about a mole Howl's Walking Walking
Legs, wings and tails
Once upon a time there was a dog
Treasure Island
Cat Leopold
The Adventures of Captain Vrungel
Toy Story / Toy Story
Cat trap
Wait for it!
The secret of the third planet is definitely a hit!
Big Uh
Petrik Piatatokin - vono take lapotsko ginger))
Goat and his grief
The Bremen Town Musicians
How did the Cossacks play football?
Last year's snow fell - Pasayalousta ...)))
Flying ship - Ahh, if my dream came true ....)))
Ice cream songs
Hedgehog in the fog - a masterpiece
Plasticine crow
Earth before the time begins
Marriage - impressed at one time)
Wow talking fish
Kitten named Woof
Film, film, film
Parrot Kesha
Tiger cub on a sunflower
The Adventures of Lolo Penguin
Dr. Aibolit
Caution monkey
Trem - Ahhh, clouds, white winged horses)))
Paravozik from Romashkovo
Seven-color flower
On the edge of the earth
Scarecrow Myashelo
Ant travel is one of the favorite
Ember and Straw - about the relationship of men and women))
Treasure - from the series Oh, Dyudyuka
Moomin troll where without this cartoon))
Brownie Kuzya
Ikar and the wise men - "Soyuzmultfilm" to the music of Shandor Kallos
The smallest gnome
Alice in Wonderland
Devil 13
Magic Ring - Not for you, me for me, not for women))))
In the blue sea, in white foam
Ivashka from the Palace of Pioneers
Who will tell fiction
Oh you, carnival.
38 parrots
Little Raccoon
Mummy for baby mammoth
Vovka in the Far Far Away Kingdom
Cartoon about mole)

The most famous cartoons Soyuzmultfilm

Самые известные мультики Союзмультфильма


“Monkeys” is a Soviet cartoon about little naughty monkeys. A cartoon for children, filmed at the Soyuzmultfilm studio directed by Leonid Schwartzman as written by the famous children's writer Gregory Oster. The series tells about the adventures of five monkeys who live with their mother at the zoo, but often escape from it and get into rework.


Wait for it!

The most popular Soviet animated series. According to IMDb, it is among the top five Soviet and Russian films with an average rating of 9.0 (out of 10).

The history of this cartoon began even before the creation of the first, familiar to everyone release. In 1969, the director Gennady Sokolsky filmed the first series, the main idea of ​​which formed the basis of the famous series. In the future, the graphics, humor, age and appearance of the characters changed, however, the main idea turned out to be the same.

Ну погоди!

The Bremen Town Musicians

Fascinating domestic musical cartoon, which to this day remains a favorite of many generations. Based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm. In this tale we will see an interesting, exciting story about the adventures of the Bremen musicians: Troubadour, cat, dog, rooster and donkey.

Бременские музыканты

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka

Cartoons about Crocodile Gena and his friend Cheburashka. Filmed by Roman Kachanov according to the script written by him together with Eduard Ouspensky.

Крокодил Гена и Чебурашка

Winnie the Pooh

Good, beloved adults and children cartoon about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh Bear and Piglet.

Винни Пух

Return of the prodigal parrot - Parrot Kesha

A popular Soviet animated film about the adventures of the Kesha parrot.

Возвращение блудного попугая - Попугай Кеша


A cartoon based on a fairy tale by Astrid Lindgren. Film director Boris Stepantsev shot a dilogy about the adventures of “the best in the world” by Carlson and his kid friend, who for many years has not left the screens while continuing to charm young viewers and their parents ..



Here are all the cartoons whose plot is based on fables. The fables of Krylov, Mikhalkov, and also the national poet of Dagestan Gamzat Tsadass - this is the golden classic of literature. They are mocked by human vices and are praised by labor and the mind.


Merry Go Round

The merry-go-round is a Soviet, and later a Russian children's animated magazine. Each series of the cartoon magazine consists of two or four short plots, based mostly on fairy tales, poems and songs that became popular precisely because of this magazine.

Carousel, carousel begins the story. These are fairy tales, songs and fun! Carousel, carousel is a joy for us, take a ride on our carousel!

Веселая Карусель