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The Piano Program 3.0 VKontakte

Program Piano 3.0 - virtual simplified piano, which allows you to play a melody and save on the server.

Программа Пианино 3.0 ВКонтакте


  • You can play both on the keyboard and mouse
  • You can set your own layout at will and save it on the server
  • Graphic representation of notes with consideration of durations
  • 6 octaves: from the octave to the octave pianoforte
  • Possibility of acceleration / deceleration of the melody
  • Duration adjustment function
  • Transposition
  • The ability to output the melody in a special code-string, which you can then transfer to others or spread somewhere
  • Flexible editing of melodies, the possibility of manual correction of notes

Piano 3.0 general tutorial