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How to win blackjack?

Как выиграть в БлекДжек?

Blackjack, Blackjack - one of the most popular card games in casinos around the world.

The great popularity of the game is due to simple rules, the speed of the game and the simplest strategy in counting cards. However, the popularity of the game won not immediately. The gambling houses of the United States had to stimulate interest in the game with various kinds of bonuses and a variety of blackjack rules.

It is believed that the predecessor of this game was a card game "vingt-et-un" ("twenty-one"), which appeared in French gambling establishments around the XIX century. In Russia, for example, blackjack is still often called twenty-one or a point. (But the traditional point game has slightly different rules.)

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How to win blackjack?
Example start
and the end of the game
in blackjack

My activity is not limited to roulette and, especially, with all sorts of simple games like "heads and tails," there are more interesting and productive ways to play, take the famous "Blackjack". Anecdote to the topic: The Russian king, a German and an Englishman, caught him and said: “Here you have a gun with one cartridge and a sparrow on a poplar a kilometer away from us, whoever gets, let him go and give you a bag of gold, but whoever misses, I will sow him ". The first one came out to shoot a German, aimed, aimed, bang! Shot and overshot. The king asked him: “well, what is your last wish before dying?” The German replies: “a mug of good German beer and a sausage”. The king fulfilled his request and executed. The second was shot by an Englishman, he was aiming, he was aiming, bang! Shot and overshot. The king asked him: “well, what is your last wish before dying?” The Englishman replied: “a pint of good English ale!” The king fulfilled his request and executed him. The Russian went last, went out and said: “Tsar, but can one last wish first, and then a shot? After all, I won’t get anyway. ”“ It is possible ”- the king answers:“ What is your desire? ”“ Vodka box !!! ”- orders Russian. They brought him a box of vodka, he drank it all without a trace, took the gun with his left hand and did not aim at firing. Sparrow fell. The king brought him a bag of gold and asked: “open the secret, how did you get into the sparrow, he's so small and so far!” The Russian hiccups, stares at the tsar and says: “Your majesties, uk ... But I am from six walls, Ik ... And the whole poplar grove in these little fucking sparrows !!! ”

The meaning of the game "Black Jack" is to score 21 points, you can less, but in no case, no more. All pictures are 10 points, ace 1 or 11 at your request, tens - 10 points, nine - 9 points and so on. Our potential enemy is the dealer, who also collects cards. If he has less points than ours, then we won, if more we lost. Equally - a draw. First, we gain points and decide when to stop, ideally we should stop at 21, but as soon as we have 15 and we need to press more than a stop, because overkill is an automatic loss. Then the dealer enters the game, he cannot stop when he has less than 17 points, and therefore he often sorts and loses. If everything is all right with the set, then your points and his points are compared. Everything is simple and clear. There are some differences in the rules, but I laid out the basic principle. And here is the most interesting, let us return to our glorious goddess and patroness - progression! ...

It seems everything is fair. Minimal Pay - 1 kopek.

How to win:

  1. We put a penny, won, again we put a penny
  2. Lost, put 2 pennies, won, go back to point number 1
  3. Lost, put 4 kopecks, won, go back to point number 1
  4. Lost, set 8 kopecks, won, go back to point number 1
  5. Lost, set 16 kopecks, won, go back to point number 1
  6. Lost, we put 32 kopecks, won, go back to point number 1
  7. Lost, we put 64 kopecks, won, go back to point number 1
  8. Lost, put 128 kopecks, won, go back to point number 1
  9. We lost, put 256 kopecks, won, go back to point number 1, and so on ...

If at any stage of the game you had a draw, then you need to repeat the previous bet. I just can’t imagine a person who will be able to lose Black Jack ten times in a row. It is enough for us to win the dealer once out of ten to always be in the black. If you still lost, then either the casino plays not “clean”, or you belong to the category of people on whom meteorites fall and in which lightning strikes.