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Top 10 Clash of Clans Tips

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10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is the only strategy game in which I left more than $ 80. It delays so that you can not stop. I would have saved myself a lot of time and money if I had initially understood the point and had not been scattered about trifles.

The goal of the game, as in many online strategies, is to develop its base, repelling attacks and attacks on other players. I think Clash of Clans is one of the best representatives on the App Store. It has all the criteria for a good game: beautiful graphics, fast loading and incredibly exciting gameplay.

1. Newcomers are dying because they are in a hurry

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

Many players with the start of a gaming career immediately come out in the multiplayer. Do not do this until your development exceeds 8 Lvl. Otherwise, stronger players will blow your base to pieces. Up to level eight, play in the “offline sandbox”, fighting against goblins and earning currency for upgrades to your camp. After level eight, click on Attack -> Find a Match. This is where the fun begins.

2. Msti

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

As soon as you clicked on Find a Match, you go out into the open field, invisibility is removed from you and visits of robbers begin.

Your base is constantly being attacked by other players. Sometimes you get by with a little blood, but often raids to zero clean out gold reserves and reduce the number of victories cups (the only current dura ...). This is very disappointing. You save, save, and someone came and took everything. Bastards, their mother!

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

In the battle history interface, there are four buttons opposite the description of each abuser: Replay (viewing the battle record), Revenge (revenge), Visit (alien base intelligence) and View Clan (view clan). Find out what the enemy defense system is and attack. If the current level does not allow, then wait until you grow up. The guilty should be punished.

3. Out of conscience - beat the weak

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

In the process of searching online opponents, you will be offered different options - from those who are below or above you in the table of the general rank. If you see that the victim is weaker than you, attack and do not think about remorse. First, you will save on the size of your army, because a weak opponent has the appropriate defense; secondly, victory is guaranteed to you in 90% of cases. If you attack a strong player, you will encounter pumped-up magicians, dragons, only you will lose time and money: you will be carried forward with your feet.

However, this rule no longer applies to level 30, where the differences between the players are gradually smoothed out. For example, at my level 27 I can attack at 35 and win.

4. Join the clans and fight fiercely

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

Clans allow the army to expand beyond the established limits of bridgeheads. As a rule, other players respond to your request to donate warriors. “Clan” soldiers live in a separate hut with a company flag. It is important that these mercenaries can not only attack, but also defend the camp if you are suddenly attacked. In turn, share your army with others. It is customary to thank each other.

5. Do not get carried away in-game currency.

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

Although the game is in the TOP-1 Cash games (income from one iOS user), it can be played without in-app purchase. It is longer, but possible. I could not believe when my “commander” level 35 to the question of how much he spent rubles on pumping, replied that he had not a penny. True, playing the second month. This week I reached level 20, but I left $ 80 on the battlefields. Why, I ask? Unknowingly.

There is only one drawback: the game constantly needs internet. Without it, it will refuse to run.

If you are a fan of strategies, I recommend installing Clash of Clans. Wait for me to visit ... Nick - Nevervxydo.

6. Do not force events, otherwise you will become a laughing stock.

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

Upgrade to the next level, when at the present, everything is raised to the maximum. Well, or almost to the maximum. Do not force things, otherwise you will become a laughing stock.

In the screenshot above, the dude spent a hundred bucks on the Town Hall upgrade to level 9, I thought it was cool. But I forgot about the guns, the fence, buildings. As a result, he was surrounded by the same players with balanced villages and now he is being torn to shreds by all and sundry. And no one takes to the clan. Who needs such an idiot :)

7. Up to 2300 cups can be easily played economically.

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

Up to 2300 cups can be easily played economically - an army consisting of Archers 6 lvl, Barbarians 6 lvl and Bombers 5 lvl. I was taught a special tactic when my clan went to the TOP and at some point there were problems with resources: I did not have time to gather for the army, as 10 dragons flew in and took everything for themselves, leaving behind smoking bricks.

8. There are many clans in the game and few good players.

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

There are many clans in the game, and there are few good players. If you see that there are few warriors in the clan, and requests to donate hang for half an hour, leave this clan. But if suddenly you were lucky (like me) and you got into a normal clan, then do not run on others: the old people do not welcome this. At some point, you just will not be allowed back.

9. Often strong players sit on the so-called "farm"

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

Often, strong players are sitting on the so-called “farm”, when the whole point of the game comes down to attacks on weaker bases and selecting money there. Remember: you can increase the martial art only in conditions of equal and stronger opponents. Nobody forbids farming, thousands of clans are engaged in this, but at least occasionally check the personal ceiling where you can go with your wars. And do not just get there, but sit in the trenches for three days to understand, comprehend, analyze, with what composition the masters of Clash of Clans attack you.

10. Real headhunting

10 основных советов игры в Clash of Clans

When you enter the game, first distribute the warriors to your clan members, and then ask yourself - this is the unwritten rule of successful clans in the TOP 200. My clan reached 41 places in the overall rating, many did not survive the nerves, because the conditions of the game in battle and farms are different from each other, like the ocean and the swamp. Good players are noticed in other clans and real headhunting begins. If you are not hantili, you are only at the beginning of your development.