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Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide: Best Starting Perks and SPECIAL Character Combinations for Basic Game Styles

Fallout 4 Character Build Guide

The choice of the combination of SPECIAL characteristics of your character depends on your style of play and the chosen role. Thanks to the huge amount of available content in Fallout 4, you don’t even need to go through the main storyline to enjoy the game. Instead, for example, you can create your own thriving community, which will require the transportation of a significant amount of resources. This, in turn, will require a skill set suitable for the crafter, a breeder, and not for a universal post-apocalyptic killer.

The creators have added four different builds for common playing styles that you will enjoy: Rookie (Phil), Intelligence (Zulai), Charisma (Nathalie) and Hidden Sniper (Mo).

The Fallout 4 Guide presented on this page will give you a good base for the game since we spent 150+ hours on this research for you.

The choice of the combination of SPECIAL characteristics of your character depends on your style of play and the chosen role. Thanks to the huge amount of available content in Fallout 4, you don’t even need to go through the main storyline to enjoy the game. Instead, for example, you can create your own thriving community, which will require the transportation of a significant amount of resources. This, in turn, will require a skill set suitable for the crafter, a breeder, and not for a universal post-apocalyptic killer.

There are only 7 basic attributes SPECIAL, which are the basis of your character:

  1. S - strength (strenght);
  2. P - perception (perception);
  3. E - endurance;
  4. C - charisma (charisma);
  5. I - intelligence (intelligence);
  6. A - agility (agility);
  7. L - luck.

You start the game with a single value of each attribute, and you are given 21 free points for distribution. In this lies the whole charm of this RPG system, since the value of each attribute will determine the huge number of available perks and skills, which, in turn, will determine your capabilities in the game.

Each of the 7 attributes of SPECIAL is associated with 10 basic perks, thus, there are 70 of them in total. And each perk, in turn, has levels of abilities, thanks to which the total number of talents reaches almost 300 units! And in order to make it easier for the new player to understand all the intricacies of perks and attributes, this guide was prepared, which allows you to correctly put attribute points in accordance with the preferred direction of character development.


Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide

In Fallout 4, power is the main attribute responsible for close combat and melee weapons. Force not only increases the damage from the use of brute physical force, but also allows the character to transfer as much as possible the necessary and useful things. Thus, if you do not plan to engage in close combat and collect all the rubbish available in the wastelands, then you can don’t invest in points.

However, if you are going to master the possession of heavy weapons - minigun, grenade launcher, flamethrower, etc. - it is still worth having at least the average value of this attribute for comfortable use of a large caliber.

Interesting perks

The development of power opens up access to several interesting perks. Thus, the “Strong Ridge” perk adds a significant gain to the tolerable weight, and at high ranks it will allow you to run and use fast movement when exceeding the maximum weight.

If you prefer melee weapons and melee combat, then you will surely like the “Higher League” perk, which allows you to get 20% of your attack power for each level of ability. As a result, at the 5th level of this perk, the character will inflict melee weapons with twice as much damage and get a chance for fracture of the limbs and cutting off the heads of adversaries.

Is it worth it to bring the perception to the maximum value?

Since the last power perk can be taken already at the 6th level, but it only increases the weight to be transferred, there is no need to immediately invest available points in it, unless you decide to create a character specializing in melee weapons. Also, characters who wish to evolve at maximum speed can increase this attribute to hold as many things as possible and destroy enemies as quickly as possible with the help of knives.


Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide

In Fallout 4, perception is an important attribute for players who actively use the automatic aiming system VATS. Also, perception is important for effective locking and taking actions in stealth mode. Therefore, it is up to characters to invest points in perception, who want to inflict significant damage from a distance and remain unnoticed.

Interesting perks

Perk "Expert on carbines" - a powerful perk, which can be taken already at the 2nd level. This skill has 5 levels of pumping and for each gives 20% to the strength of your attack, which is applied by any non-automatic weapon. A fully swung perk increases the damage of your weapon by 100%, while ignoring one third of the enemy’s armor protection and increasing the likelihood of breaking an opponent’s limb.

No less interesting is the perk "Sniper", which, as in previous games in the series, seriously increases the likelihood of getting into the head in the VATS mode. This perk can be taken at level 8 of character development.

The “Massive Fire” perk is used with the VATS mode, and with any subsequent shot at the same part of the body adds a certain percentage to the accuracy, and then to the damage. Having pumped all three ranks of this perk, a character will be able to increase accuracy by 20% and for as much damage per shot.

Is it worth it to bring the perception to the maximum value?

Increasing perception greatly improves the accuracy of your firearms and energy weapons in VATS, as well as the power of explosives, so if you are used to using them, then high perception is a must. Thus, if you like long-range rifles and powerful explosives, be sure to invest points in perception.


Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide

In games of the Fallout series, endurance traditionally enhances the health of your character, therefore this attribute is universal for any hero. In addition, it was in Fallout 4 that endurance also became responsible for the sprint, respectively, the better this attribute is developed, the faster you restore the ability to run fast.

Interesting perks

The first perk you open is “Fortitude”. It is also the most useful, as it provides the character with 10% damage resistance at each level, and the fully durable perk “Strength” awards the character with a significant amount of health with its reduced loss during the course of taking damage. This combination will be most valuable for characters developing melee skills.

Another good perk is Cannibal, which allows you to regenerate health by eating ghouls, people and super mutants, which, theoretically, will give you the opportunity to quickly restore health if you have run out of stimulants. Just keep in mind that if you start eating human flesh in Fallout 4, then it will be difficult to have a romantic relationship with your partner.

Is it worth it to bring the perception to the maximum value?

High endurance provides access to the Solar Cell perk, which is unique in its kind. It not only gradually restores lost health under the rays of the sun, but also gives a small bonus to strength. Therefore, if you are going to conquer the Boston wastelands with a knife, fists and hammer, then endurance is your main attribute.


Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide

Traditionally, charisma in the Fallout series is not a combat attribute, but in some cases it helps a lot. Mostly high charisma is important for characters who like to solve issues peacefully and lead their partners.

Interesting perks

Indirectly, charisma provides some effectiveness in combat. For example, the “Animal Friend” perk will allow you to first reconcile your character with all the wild animals in the Fallout game world, and at the next rank they will even come to your rescue.

No less interesting for those who like to solve problems peacefully will be the perks "Speaking with the Wasteland" and "Intimidation", which will allow you to pacify the enemy person or being, and with the further development of the perk - even give them orders!

For those who are actively involved in crafting in Fallout 4, there is a “Local Leader” perk (it requires 6 charisma points), which allows you to create a trading rack, shop, gun shop, armor shop, bar, restaurant, first aid station, clinic, surgery center , workbenches for armor and weapons, a chemical laboratory of two kinds, two types of cooking, a stove and a workshop for power armor. Also, without this perk, you will not be able to lay supply lines between your bases, which will make it possible to use common resources to build all the bases.

Is it worth it to bring the perception to the maximum value?

If you are accustomed to peacefully explore the wasteland in the company of partners - this attribute should be brought to the maximum value. Thus, with the full development of all the perks in the tree of charisma, you do not even have to pick up a weapon yourself! Enemies can be pacified, and if they fail, then wild animals and your companions will come to the rescue! For crafting charisma is also no less important.


Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide

In the world of Fallout 4, intelligence is responsible for the number of skill points that make your character’s level of development faster. Therefore, those players who wish to advance as quickly as possible in game development should definitely invest points in their intellect.

Interesting perks

Intellect perks are well combined with different character skills. Perk "Fanatic weapons" provides access to more powerful weapon modifications that are suitable for experienced fighters of remote combat.

Perk "Science!" Will allow you to have fun with the modification of laser and plasma weapons.

Perk "Hacker" - the most necessary talent for those who decided to establish their own community in Boston, as it will allow you to install the central computer of the settlement, giving access to various electronic devices.

Is it worth it to bring the perception to the maximum value?

Typically, intelligence is in second place in importance after your main attribute, but this does not mean that you should not increase it. In Fallout 4, your intelligence increases the amount of experience you gain. Therefore, if you intend to move as quickly as possible through the levels of character development, then intelligence is a must-have attribute for maximum magnification. In addition, a character with high intelligence will be able to create more different buildings and devices during the study of crafting.


Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide

Another attribute that is useful for fans of VATS, as it is he who raises the number of points that are responsible for the number of available actions in this mode. In addition, dexterity increases the parameters of secrecy, so you can play the game in stealth mode and easily avoid encounters with unwanted opponents.

Interesting perks

The scout perk is a very useful perk for those characters who do not like to fight a strong or outnumbered opponent, but prefer to sneak past him or attack in the most successful way for themselves.

Another perk is Ninja, at each rank increasing by 20% your ability to merge with the environment, thanks to which with full development your character gets 100% secretiveness.

Is it worth it to bring the perception to the maximum value?

The combination of developed attributes of dexterity and perception can make a real assassin-killer out of a former resident of Asylum 111, capable of easily hitting any targets from a distance, remaining unnoticed. In extreme cases, during serious troubles you can always quickly hide.


Fallout 4 Character Creation Guide

In Fallout 4, luck became responsible not only for traditional critical damage, but also for the likelihood of acquiring valuable items for crafting. Therefore, if in the course of your post-apocalyptic adventures you want to find large quantities of covers, cartridges and useful items, good luck is your highest priority skill. And, as already mentioned, luck will help you in battles, increasing the likelihood of critical damage from any type of weapon.

Interesting perks

Perk "Critical damage" with maximum development increases the damage from critical damage by 150%!

Another interesting feature is the Bloodbath perk, which, when fully pumped up, gives the character a chance to instantly destroy a group of opponents in the most bloody way.

The death on take-off perk is also good, allowing for each kill to compensate for part of the action points in VATS

Is it worth it to bring the perception to the maximum value?

If you are determined to use different types of weapons and often inflict critical damage, search all game containers in search of a mountain of caps and ammunition, as well as develop crafting - you should definitely bring your luck to high levels.

We have tried to make three main combinations of SPECIAL parameters, according to which your character will succeed in distance combat, construction and game development.

Remote battle

The skills of remote combat will allow you to overcome numerous opponents with maximum efficiency with the help of various weapons and the VATS guidance system.

So, for ranged glasses you need to distribute the points as follows:

  1. Strength - 2
  2. Perception - 9
  3. Endurance - 3
  4. Charisma - 6
  5. Intellect - 3
  6. Dexterity - 4
  7. Luck - 1

Thanks to this configuration, you can apply significant damage to your opponents. Remote combat means that you will receive less damage than a melee fighter, so there is no point in focusing on defensive characteristics. This option also focuses on getting perks useful when using the VATS system, which is a key component in the combat gameplay of Fallout 4.

The value of the force does not really affect the firearms and laser weapons, as the characters who decide to focus on the melee weapons and unarmed battles mostly need strength. The only strength will be useful for increasing the wearable weight, although you can not worry about this at the initial stage of the game.

Perception is the defining parameter for remote combat, in which it is worth investing 9 points, which will allow you to take a 10-level perk from the start - “Massive fire”, which players could already see in Fallout 3 (take it right away after you find the baby doll "Perception" at the very beginning of the game). This perk seriously improves the accuracy of shooting VATS whenever you hit a certain part of the body. You will also get access to such important perks as “Sniper” and “Shooter”, which will significantly improve your accuracy when using rifles and shooting in the head. And in general, the Perception attribute improves the accuracy of any remote weapon in the VATS mode.

Endurance is not the most important attribute in remote combat, although it is still worth putting a few points in order to avoid death in difficult situations. 3 points of endurance will allow you to take the Fountain of Life perk, which gives a solid boost to the character's health.

Charisma has little effect on combat skills, but at the 4th level you can take a great perk - “Dog, face!”, Which allows you, if you have Dogs in your companions, to keep the enemy, which increases your accuracy in VATS

The intellect needs several points, as it will allow to take the “Weapon Fan” perk, which will make it possible to further modify the weapon.

At least three points worth investing in Dexterity. Dexterity provides a character with action points in VATS, and also provides access to several useful weapon perks.


Focusing on the construction will allow players to master the crafting capabilities of the game and as soon as possible build their own city.

  1. Strength: 6
  2. Perception: 1
  3. Endurance: 1
  4. Charisma: 6
  5. Intelligence: 5
  6. Dexterity: 1
  7. Luck: 8

This option, specialized under construction, looks simpler than the previous one, since the necessary perks are more conveniently located. The main goal for the character in this case is to become an expert in creating and modifying various game objects. Due to the high carrying capacity, the character will be able to find and carry more necessary materials.

Therefore, 6 points in strength are needed to achieve a significant carrying capacity. In the world of Fallout 4 is expected a lot of resources that are scattered in the most unexpected locations, so the more you can carry, the less the walker will have to make in search of valuable components. Saving time, you can find even more materials in this way!

Perception, Endurance for construction is not very necessary. But you definitely need Charisma, because for the construction of a full-fledged city you need the “Local Leader” perk, which requires 6 charisma points. And later, when traders settle in your settlement, high charisma will be useful for trade.

5 Intellect points will open access to the maximum level of the Hacker perk, which allows you to install a computer terminal on your base, which will become an important component of the future community. All kinds of electronic devices are connected to the computer - protection systems and various illuminated signs. So, without a computer, you will not be able to install automatic turrets.

Luck, as it turns out, in Fallout 4 determines the probability of finding valuable and rare materials, so you should also raise it to a high level.

Fast character development

The hero, specialized in game development, will provide an opportunity to improve his character and level up with maximum speed.

  1. Strength: 4
  2. Perception: 1
  3. Endurance: 9
  4. Charisma: 1
  5. Intelligence: 10
  6. Dexterity: 1
  7. Luck: 2

The goal of this character is to get the levels as fast as possible. The advantage of this set of characteristics is that it will allow you to get a large number of free skill points. The most important attribute is Intellect, due to which the number of skill points received at each level is determined. That is why the intellect is immediately set to 10, even though it could be raised to this figure by finding the corresponding figurine.

Also, this option implies that the character will develop not only through quests, but also the destruction of opponents. The faster you kill the enemy, the more experience is given for it. Therefore, in this SPECIAL parameter set, Strength has become another important skill that allows the use of melee weapons.

Melee weapons allow you to destroy enemies much faster, since they do not need VATS as well as remote weapons. Melee weapons do not need ammo and reloading, which allows you to fight longer. From the outset, you can invest 4 points, and in the course of further gameplay to increase the Force as quickly as possible.

And finally, the remaining 9 points should be invested in endurance. Since you will become a melee fighter, your health will be more likely to encroach, which will require a large number of health points and resistance to harmful factors. In addition, high stamina will allow you to take the Solar Battery perk, thanks to which you will gradually restore lost health and even increase your Strength.

These character options are good reference points, but this does not mean that the other options are bad. In Fallout 4, there are nearly 300 different perks available, with which you can create countless roles for your character, so feel free to experiment.

Of course, it is recommended to start with a version that accelerates character development, since at any time a player will be able to redistribute all his points, but if you want to get real pleasure from the game, create that character that matches your style of play.

Beginners build

You are a bit overwhelming to you. That's ok, we got your back.

  • STRENGTH - 3
  • CHARISMA - 1
  • AGILITY - 7
  • LUCK - 1

For a beginner, you will need to be able to find out more about your skills. You can maximize your HP and resistance to dangers of Fallout 4.

If you want to take care of your character

It’s not a problem.

ENDURANCE needs your most attention. It helps you to get a little bit of peace.

If you are taking it, it would help to make it easier for you to go. in water with no damage and become undetectable while submerged. RAD RESISTANT

While you are not in the beginning, you would like to focus on all the questions.

You can easily get around it.

SNEAK should be maxed out as soon as possible. Undetected. ACTION BOY / GIRL is great to regenerate your action points so you can run even further.

If you want to take any more damage, it can help you carry more items. More items equals more chances to recover health. STRONG BACK

Intelligence build

This is a style of gameplay. Fallout 4 only offers 28 SPECIAL stat points to start. I'd recommend you start this character gameplay with the following stat setup:

  • STRENGTH - 2
  • CHARISMA - 2
  • AGILITY - 5
  • LUCK - 1

Basically, you're a socially-awkward genius. This is a bit rough bit with this build. You'll be a limited ammo and you suck at combat. Be patient; the perks will get better. I recommend scavenging as many aids as possible before venturing out in the Wasteland. Outside of Vault 111; You'll find a lot of goods there.

Once you can unlock all 10 levels. The Scientist work in this order:

  • 1. Science
  • 2. Nerd Rage
  • 3. Hacker
  • 4. Robotics Expert
  • 5. Medic

If you’re running in the middle of a rainbow, you can’t make up your mind. It wouldn’t be able to pick it up. Now, Robotics expert is where it's at. You will eventually encounter the robots that you can use against your enemies. You can program your enemies using your hacking skills. These perks are the must haves; you can pick and choose to your liking. Happy hacking!

Melee build

So you want to play a melee build in Fallout 4? Smart choice. This is a style of gameplay. You can focus your upgrade points on.

  • STRENGTH - 10
  • CHARISMA - 2
  • AGILITY - 2
  • LUCK - 5

Obviously, you should give yourself points in Strength. Depending on how you want it, it’s easy to drop 10 points right into strength. Go for it, you'll be knocking Supermutants around like nothing. It is smart, along with some agility points to round out your athleticism.

From here, you can focus on. These are the Iron Fist and the Big Leagues perks. If you know your fists, go with the first one. If you prefer knocking people around with bats or tire irons, go with the second.

You'll also want to give you your Blacksmith and Armorer. This will let you build better weapons and weapons. If you want to knock your skulls in.

Lastly, if you want to use Power Armor, you'll definitely need points in Intelligence. This will allow you to get the Science! perk, unlocking new Power Armor upgrades. The train perk is also pretty fun.

Charisma build

  • STRENGTH - 3
  • CHARISMA - 8
  • AGILITY - 3
  • LUCK - 2

With the Fallout 4, you will be able to enjoy your Vault Dweller's witticisms. Here's a run-down of the Charisma tree.

Summary: I skipped all pacification perks, cutting out 3 of the 10 perks. In my play-through, I found myself charging in addition to simply maxing out Charisma itself.

Note: I skipped the “Party Girl” because I didn’t need to do that.

Cap Collector: If you’re in the cold, you’ll need it. If you really want to pay for it, it will take you 3.

Black Widow / Lady Killer: It is + 5% rank 1. At a rank of 2 (level 7), the combat bonus is + 10% and makes up more. At rank 3 (level 22), the combat bonus increases by 15% and the Intimidation perk is even better. Max this asap.

Attack Dog: Require CHR 4, If you find yourself traveling with Dogmeat often (I can't blame you), then you’ll find out. Rank 1 enables you to hold enemies so your VATS chances increase; Rank 2, at level 9, gives the dog a chance to cripple the limb he's biting; and at Rank 3, at Level 25, Dogmeat also has a chance to inflict bleeding.

Local Leader: Requiring CHR 6, if you are interested in this is a requirement. It enables you to establish lines between your workshop. At Level 14, it enables you to build stores and workstations. You should at least get the first rank.

Inspirational: Requiring CHR 8, this perk increases your companion's damage. Rank 1; at level 19 / Rank 2, they are more damage and are immune to you; at level 43 / rank 3, they can carry more items. I would max this ASAP.

Stealth sniper build

It is a wise to exploit it. Not just wise, but thoroughly entertained. It’s not decisive. 50-caliber decapitations aren’t any idea. Because of the fact that exploiting VATs for all costs, combined with some key stealth perks, will turn you into a lethal shadow cast across the wasteland. First, your starting stats:

  • STRENGTH - 3
  • CHARISMA - 1
  • AGILITY - 7
  • LUCK - 3

High accuracy and high agility. Plus the agility will make you harder to detect while sneaking. Of course, the perks are what you get. Here's what you want to invest in early.

Perception perks

Rifleman - Non-automatic rifles do 20% more damage, then increase by 20% with each level. High caliber bullets use high caliber bullets. Plus, it’s a bit far away and you can use it.

It can be hold your breath while targeting. It makes it possible to knock out any chance to meet enemies, downs. If you are recovering There is a 25% accuracy to the headline in VATS.

Awareness - One of the weaknesses. Ammo is scarce. When it comes to a few well-timed shocks will do? Avoid wasted ammo with trial-and-error combat and become a knowledgable foe on the battlefield.

Agility perks

Ninja: 2.5x damage to sciatic attacks, 3x and then 3.5x. If you incorporate melee this perk really pays off, adding 10x damage to sneak attacks at max level.

Mister Sandman: Instantly kill sleeping corners of the ghouls on the floor. It also adds 15% more damage to silenced weapons during a sneak attack. Level two adds 30% more damage and level three does 50% more. This build becomes a late-game powerhouse.

Sneak: Obviously you need to be stealthy. Get a 20% of a bonus at the bottom level. The first time a landmine is ruined.

Luck perks

Bloody Mess - it’s a bit awesome gore-tastic explosions it adds 10% more damage at all three levels.

Intelligence perks

If you want to go on a gun, you can’t keep it up.