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12 of the most useful perks for survival in the Wasteland

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Fallout 4, like the previous parts, includes dozens of perks and it will take more than a dozen hours for players to pump them all. However, do not panic - for a comfortable game, just select a few of those that suit you best. The rest can be safely ignored and selected as the character is pumped.

Despite the fact that the Fallout series has always given freedom in the development of the hero, this does not mean that the game does not have a dozen of the most useful perks that you should pay attention to first of all. Why? This is due to the fact that some perks can have a significant impact on what you can do during the passage.

This guide features 12 of the best Fallout 4 perks. Some are practically required.

In the initial values ​​of the parameters (SPECIAL) you can invest only 28 points. So it will be difficult for you to develop this or that parameter (SPECIAL) to the maximum, but you can still choose the value 10 for one of them if you are ready to neglect the others. Despite the fact that you set the values ​​of the parameters (SPECIAL) at the very beginning of the game, before the nuclear war, you can change them before leaving the Vault, when you spend some time in the game.

The set of levels is based on gaining experience points, as in Fallout 3, and not on applying skills, as in Skyrim. However, the speed of leveling up is comparable to that in Skyrim, which is higher than in Fallout 3. This means that you - especially at the beginning of the game - will have more opportunities to get a new level and choose a skill. In addition, unlike Fallout 3, where the maximum level of the character was 20, there is no maximum value in Fallout 4, and we balanced the game so that the game was interesting and challenging for high-level characters.

Having received a new level, you can choose one of the abilities from the table .

As you can see, each value of each SPECIAL parameter (from 1 to 10) corresponds to an ability. You can choose any ability if its required level is less than or equal to the value of this character (SPECIAL) of your character. For example, if your charisma level is 10, you can select the “Intimidation” ability, which allows you to manipulate people.

The developers sought to balance all the abilities, regardless of what parameter value is required for them. But the higher this requirement, the more specialized or exotic the ability. For example, the ability for 1st-level agility is “Duelist” (pistols do 20% more damage), and for 10th level agility is “Gan-kata” (the second target in VATS takes 25% more damage, regardless from weapons).

In addition, each ability is actually a miniature “ability branch” * with several levels, each of which gives the character something new. "Gan-kata" increases damage, increases the number of targets and allows you to instantly conduct critical attacks. High levels of the "Duelist" increase the range of pistols, give a chance to disarm the enemy and even cripple him.

These additional levels of ability can only be used by a character of a higher level. This should encourage players to develop both a specific SPECIAL parameter and individual abilities.

Despite this global change, the developers were able to incorporate into their new system the abilities that everyone loved from previous games. For example, the “Paralyzing Palm” ability from Fallout 3 became the 5th level of the Iron Fist ability. But it can only be obtained by a character of level 46, who already has 4 previous levels of Iron Fist. In addition, at high levels, old abilities will give the character additional benefits. For example, “Strong Ridge” not only increases the maximum weight of the load, but also allows you to use the fast weight movement or even run when exceeding the maximum, spending action points on it.

There are 10 basic abilities associated with each SPECIAL parameter, that is, a total of 70. If you take into account the ability levels, their total number exceeds 270. This number also includes the “training” abilities for each parameter (SPECIAL), which allow you to increase one of the parameters SPECIAL by 1. This gives you all the advantages of increasing the parameter (SPECIAL) and allows you to choose higher-level abilities in the future.

Perhaps at first all this will seem very complicated to you, and when you first get a new level, the ability scheme will slightly scare you - there are so many opportunities. However, in reality this is an incredibly elegant system, and it allows us to reward you both for the early choice of a certain style of play and for the gradual development of the character.

If you are a longtime Fallout fan, you will notice that this system includes skills from previous games. The previous skill system was a bit confusing and, in the end, limited freedom of choice. Some of you have questions such as “Which is better - charisma or the skill of Eloquence?” Why are assault rifles in the Light Weapons category? ”In addition, many abilities simply enhanced their associated skills. The Fanatic Weapon ability increased 2 different skills. In Fallout 4, the Zealot Weapon levels increase the ability to create and modify weapons. In Fallout 3, "Sneak" was a skill, and you simply increased its value. In Fallout 4, "Sneak" became an ability and was called the "Scout", which not only complicates your detection, but also includes the former Silent Run and Easy Step abilities. By combining these systems, we emphasized the fundamental role of SPECIAL and made your decisions more meaningful.

In addition, you can get unique abilities by reading the magazines that can be found in the game (and there are more than a hundred of them). Some of them give a separate ability, while others increase the level of ability associated with this magazine. For example, the game has a Grognak the Barbarian comic book series of 10 episodes, and each of them gives an additional Barbarian level, which increases critical damage in close combat.

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

After many years of developing Fallout 4 and countless hours spent testing the game, we believe that you will like this system. We experimented with other systems, but found that this is the most flexible and intuitive. Balancing all abilities, the effectiveness of each individual, SPECIAL levels and character level is a huge job. We hope that you will like its result and that you will tell us about your decisions and the chosen style of play. We really want you to be able to start playing as soon as possible.

PS And more. We are delighted that you can hang a poster with a map of abilities on the wall. It seems to us that you should do this too. This poster is included with every Fallout 4 pre-order!

Not all abilities have several levels. For some, there is only one - for example, for the ability to observe already known to you. It allows you to see the level of enemies and their resistance to damage in VATS. In such cases, we were sorry to divide such abilities into several levels. In Fallout 4 there are several types of damage - in particular, ballistic, energy and radioactive. Therefore, it is very important to know which weapon should be used in a particular case.

After many years of developing Fallout 4 and countless hours spent testing the game, the developers responsibly declare that everyone will like this system.

"We experimented with other systems, but found that this is the most flexible and intuitive. To balance all the abilities, the effectiveness of each individual, the SPECIAL levels and the character level is a huge job. We hope that you will like its result and what you will tell to us about our decisions and the chosen style of play. We really want you to be able to start playing Bethesda Game Studios as soon as possible.

Fallout 4 Perks Development Chart

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Character Development System + what is "Perks" [Russian Voice]

Lock cracker

Requirement: Perception 4

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

If you want to have the best weapons, armor and supplies as quickly as possible, then save perk points and pump lock breaking to Expert level as soon as you can. There is nothing worse than a closed door, chest or safe that you cannot open. Indeed, inside is always something amazing!

Given the size of the world of Fallout 4 (like Skyrim but richer), after 15 hours of the game you will already forget about the box Vault 111, where a very impressive cryo-gun lies. Therefore, do not pull and pump over lock breaking!


Requirement: Agility 3

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Although Fallout 4 is more of a shooter where the weapon does not benefit from stealth, this does not mean that you should ignore this ability. With the help of Stealth, you can make your way to places where it is otherwise difficult to go, as well as take advantage of a stealth attack and theft. Stealth works especially well if you play as a Sniper.

At high levels, stealth becomes an uber skill. Enemies stop hearing you and lose you almost immediately even during a battle. With the help of this perk, you can collect a great Assassin of the Wasteland.

Strong Back

Requirement: Strength 6

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

This perk is especially suitable in the early stages of the game ... as well as for loot addicts who overload their companions. Until you master crafting to create the perfect weapon and armor for your build, you have to carry dozens of different things with you.

Perk Strong Back allows you to increase wearable weight already by 25% with activation, then 50%, and in the end run even with overload. Collect the Wasteland in your pockets!

Lone Traveler

Requirement: Charisma 3

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Are you not a fan of the company for exploring the Wasteland and prefer to live like a lone wolf? You are not interested in the fact that they are able to play the role of mules, because for the most part, companions interfere with you, use all your steampacks, constantly require care and disrupt your meditation.

Not a problem. Become a Lone Traveler and immediately get the opportunity to carry 50 points more weight and take 15% less damage when you solo. When pumping the perk, the numbers get even better!


Requirement: Stamina 3

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

This is not the most attractive skill and is suitable for those who have a gloomy look at the Wasteland. In essence, you survive by eating human flesh ... no more searching for food and carrying it with you!

At the same time, if you pump this perk, then you can devour all humanoids in general, including ghouls and super mutants. The main thing is to stock up on Antiradin.


Requirement: Agility 7

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Mandatory for those who play the role of an assassin. Great stealth attack bonuses. At the highest level, increases damage from stealthy melee attacks ... 10 times!

A combination with good weapons, and your victim will not have time to understand what actually happened.

Gifted Idiot

Requirement: Luck 5

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Strange, but suitable for those who like to play roles. You get three times more experience per action, while the lower your intelligence, the higher the chance to get experience just like that.

If your character is a lucky shooter, then why not take advantage of this?


Requirement: Stamina 1

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Fallout veterans most likely will not even think about this perk, but for a beginner it is a victory. Maximum pumped perk reduces damage taken by as much as 50%. Literally saves life, if you do not expose yourself to energy weapons.

The most important thing is that it is very cheap and can be obtained even after a couple of hours of play, if you feel that you have too much difficulty. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of points on it.

Bloody mess

Requirement: Luck 3

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

The best good luck perk is the favorite of many gamers. It not only allows you to inflict more damage, but also increases the chance to turn the enemy into a bloody mess. Literally.

If you pump the perk to the maximum, there will be a chance that the enemy will be torn apart and hurt everyone nearby ... leading to a chain reaction.

Cannon Crazy

Requirement: Intelligence 3

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

A relatively cheap perk with a lot of advantages: it opens mods for firearms, with which you can customize the gun specifically to your taste: more damage, bullet volume, firing speed.

Weapon modding is the easiest way to increase your damage, as it allows you to turn even trash into a pretty decent death weapon. If you are not lazy to disassemble the things found, then soon you will be able to pump your rifle.

Life Giver

Requirement: Stamina 7

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Tired of watching the death animation and rebooting? Not the most impressive perk, but a must for those who have a hard time. Adds 20% health after the first upgrade, another 20% at the second rank.

At the third rank, it allows you to restore health over time, so you can leave room for ammunition and explosives.

Action Fight / Girl

Requirement: Agility 5

12 самых полезных перков для выживания в Пустоши

Another simple perk with good returns. Thanks to him, Action Points will be replenished faster, turning VATS into a tool for total control of the battlefield. Put a couple of accurate shots at the enemy's limbs, back off, recharge while replenishing points and finish off the enemy (s).

This perk also allows you to quickly return to the fray after a retreat, so as not to wait.