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Fallout 4 Hyde: where to find the Power Armor and other loot in the beginning of the game and complete all the quests

Гайд Fallout 4: где найти Силовую Броню и другой лут в начале игры

The Boston Wasteland is packed with lots of places and things you can discover.

Given the complete freedom of action, which may be somewhat discouraging, use this guide, which will allow you to find the best weapons and things in nearby locations from the starting zone.

However, keep in mind that things in the game fall randomly, so that not everything that is listed here will be located exactly in these places in your game.

Cryo-gun in 111 (Cryolaytor)

Гайд Fallout 4: где найти Силовую Броню и другой лут в начале игры

In the Asylum Caretaker's 111 room, you can find the Cryo-Cannon — a powerful weapon that dispels cold mist by freezing enemies. Unfortunately, there is a weapon in the chest with a master level lock ... and this means that you can only open it with the appropriate perk level on the lock-in, at level 18. Remember the place.

How to get a creolator at the beginning of the game using a dog

First aid kit at the exit

At the exit of Vault 111, inspect the hut next to the platform; there must be a first-aid kit inside. Inside there are also a couple of crates with other loot.

Sanctuary Hills

At the foot of the hill is the town where you lived 200 years ago. In houses you can find a lot of useful loot:

  • Be careful, as there are traps in the houses - pay attention to the environment. Near these places you can always find useful loot
  • Pick up the comic Grognak-Barbarian - on the kitchen table of your home. It gives you a permanent bonus of + 5% on damage in nearby attacks.
  • One of the houses in the northeast hides a safe with a beginner level lock - inside there is a chance to find cartridges and medical supplies.
  • While researching homes you will find a computer. There is also a Med-X and a safe with a beginner's level.
  • Bin next to the bridge - inside a pair of grenades

Shotgun - Hut in the North

Right to the north of the town, on the very edge of the map, you can find a hut that is guarded by a raider and a dog. Kill them and take away shotgun from the raider. Hurray, your first shotgun! Inside the hut you can find other useful things.

Tools and other things

If you reach the edge of the map in the north of the town, follow east along the edge - you will find a collector training on bottles of Nka-Kola. Next to him there is a box with tools and a wardrobe with things. If you follow further to the East, you can find more things in the bathroom and tools.

Hut with tools in the west

Гайд Fallout 4: где найти Силовую Броню и другой лут в начале игры

To the west of your house, near the edge of the map, there is a hut for tools, with a beginner level lock. If you hack, you can find useful loot.

Gold Vein in the Robot Dump

In the North-East of the town you can find a platform for the dismantling of robots. In the main building you can find Stimpak, RadEvey, two military boards, clear water, insulating tape, Hot Rodder magazine opening paint for Power Armor, and other things. Weapon on the workbench - do not miss!

Before leaving, search the surrounding area, here you can find the core for the power armor and another board in the box marked with a star next to the disabled turret. Do not throw away the core, it is useful for armor.

Robot activation

All on the same "dump" you can find a computer in the main building. The computer activates the Protective Bot outside. When the robot is working, you can enable a security protocol that sends the robot to a specific zone. You can follow the Bot and pick up the things that remain from them after the fight with the Bot. However, note that the robot should be in a location with opponents of a high level.

Hill Refuge

Following to the East from the "landfill", there is a hill where refuge is hidden. Here you can find a box with cartridges and other things on the table. Also here is a chemical kit next to the mattresses.

Power Armor among the wreck

Гайд Fallout 4: где найти Силовую Броню и другой лут в начале игры

If you go further to the East from the same "dump", there will be the remains of an aircraft with scattered boxes. You can also find the Power Armor, which can be activated using the kernel, which you should have found earlier. You can launch armor without a core, but the movements will be very constrained.


Next to the crash you can find a bathroom and a steel container with bodies. Search them - there are useful things. Immediately there is a box.


If you go back to the town and go to the South, crossing the bridge you can go down to the water and move along the shore, you will not find any garbage with an Anti-Radar box. Going further you can find a generator with a cable leading to the hill. Follow the cable - here you can find the hidden caps. Search the area around the generator - there are some useful things.


Southwest of Concord is Abernati Farm, where you can exchange items and use crafting stations. You can also get a third-party quest from the head of the family. After completing it, you get 100 caps.

In the North-West of the farm you can find a lonely trailer with a first-aid kit, a set of chemists and ammunition.

Truck base

Гайд Fallout 4: где найти Силовую Броню и другой лут в начале игры

Further southwest of Concord, is the station where the ghouls roam. If you have already completed hacking, you can turn on Protectron through a terminal nearby. After killing wild ghouls, you will find a lot of weapons, supplies and things in the trailers.

In the red truck body and a safe with a mass of supplies. In the building next - holo-film.

Lut's house

Гайд Fallout 4: где найти Силовую Броню и другой лут в начале игры

In Concord, east of the Hall of Liberty, there is a house. Inside there is quite a lot of loot, raider body and safe for a beginner.

Bar in Concord

From the door of the Hall move to the north, where you will find a bar. The rack has a closed safe with loot. On the second floor a pair of machetes. There are also supplies in the basement.

Path of the Deathclaw

Remember that hole from which the Death Claw crawled during the Minuteman mission? Jump into it and follow to the end. There will be weapons, things and supplies.

Power armor

Power armor is a special type of equipment in Fallout 4, which is not just armor, but a means of transportation, which gives the player very strong protection. But unlike the previous parts, in Fallout 4 you will need Power-cores to power the Power armor. Below you will find a list of places where you can find them.

Basic facts about power armor

  • - To make the Core not spend so quickly, you can take one of the special perks.
  • - When using Power Armor, you can run, jump and enter buildings.
  • - Armor increases resistance and wearable weight, but the speed of movement is lower.
  • - You can sneak up and use the quick move.
  • - Power armor equipment sets your power to 11.
  • - Power armor can be modified by jetpack and other mods.
  • - You can get fashion by completing quests and crafting.
  • - Merchants selling parts of Power Armor also sell cores.
  • - Next to the Power armor there are usually one or two cores.
  • - Power armor is required to be repaired regularly.
  • - Using Power armor you lose all other armor bonuses.
  • - Power armor can be stolen, so take out the Core if you drop it on the Wastelands without supervision.

Types of power armor

  • - Raiders power armor
  • - T-45
  • - T-51
  • - T-60
  • - X-01

Where to find Power armor in Fallout 4

  • - At some stations Red Rocket.
  • - You can buy it from merchants.
  • - Power Armor uses the Brotherhood of Steel and Atomic Cats.
  • - Start the second main storyline quest - When Freedom Calls (When Freedom Calls). After exiting the Vault, talk to Kodsworth, go to Concord and save the inhabitants in the Hall of Freedom. You now have Power armor!
  • - The fallen Vertiberd in the lake also includes another T-45 armor model. Head south from Vault 111 to the Red Rocket, where you met the Dog. On the north side of the lake you can see a fallen vertiberd. Stock up on antiradin and dive into the water - at the bottom of the Power armor.
  • - To the east of the fort Hagan at the cemetery of trailers, you must learn all the ghouls, break the terminal and gain access to the safe with the key. Use it on the sliding door - inside Power armor.

Passage quests Wasteland

Pull the cork out

This task you can take about a place called "Quarry Ticket". On the territory of this place, near the trailers, you can find a normal man (meaning not a hostile and not a bastard). So, the name is a bearded man in a hat with earflaps Sally Mathis and he asks you to help him in one case. At the first conversation, you can try to ask him for money by clicking on the yellow cue: "Ask for money." In this case, he will tell you that he was going to give you 75 covers for help, although after he says that, you can choose a reply: “More money.” But also note that the replica has changed a little bit - it has darkened. This means that the complexity of the conversation has increased, so here as lucky already.

In general, the essence of his problem lies in the pump - it does not work. Although the pump at this station is not new for a long time, it still has to start. Just apparently somewhere connection "leak". Sally asks you to patch this place. So you get the task and the first subtask: the main task - “Pull out the cork”, the subtask - “Repair the pipes (0/3)”. But not everything is so simple, because you learn about the difficulties in the task only after the words: “The leak should be under water. Look for air bubbles. ”

So, first, finding bubbles is not a problem. If you stand on any hill near the pit, you can immediately notice absolutely all the bubbles. Secondly, you have to dive into the water, and this is dangerous due to radiation.

First valve

First of all, save yourself, but if you, of course, have not pumped the perk, which allows you to be in the water without any problems (meaning not to receive radiation, or radiation is reduced). If pumped - there will be no difficulties. Going down into the water, you get a maximum of +4 happy. And if everything goes well, then you repaired one of the three pipes (you just need to turn the valve in the water).

Second valve

You can find the second valve opposite the first one - in the corner. This time you will not descend so deeply. And yet - if you are afraid of radiation, or received too much radiation during the first swim - get out on the ground. Heal up and dive back (and the best, go to the key place and just jump into the water).

Third valve

This valve is already opposite the second - also in the corner itself. Landmarks will be the stairs. Anyway, if you just look at this radioactive pool, then undoubtedly you will be able to notice all the places where there are bubbles.

In any case, in the end, you manage to patch up, these damn pipes. After a daring fix, your subtask is updated to: “Talk to Sally Matis.” Go back to the bearded and report to him about everything. The conversation will be short. You have a new subtask: "Run us." Sally asks you to press a button on the pump. The pump is next, respectively, the button too. After launch, the subtask changes back to: “Talk to Sally Matis.”

And now, attention! After the launch, soft-shell bogs will suddenly pounce on you (all because of the noise that the pump makes). The enemies are very serious, so if you are not too well prepared, then I do not recommend pressing the button. In battle, try to shoot monsters in the head, not in the shell. For this you need to face you. The same applies to the “VATS” mode, since it is simply useless to shoot the shell, try to shoot the trunk or the head. After the battle you have to, talk to Sally and get your reward for the work done.

Human factor

The task is taken in a small village called "Alliance". But getting into this town is not so easy. The fact is that it is surrounded by a concrete wall with turrets, and at the entrance sits an old man who conducts the test. Only after passing the test, you can get inside. The test is very simple and you can pass it without any problems. It is enough just to choose friendly and peaceful answers without showing any aggression. There is a lot of options and the most part allows to pass inside. Here, for example, is one of the options: the first question is “Science”, the second question is “I will process the infected area”, the third question is “I will accompany it to a safe place”, the fourth question is “Football”, the fifth question is “I will give her what anyone in exchange for his life ", question six -" I will open the castle ", question seven -" Surgery ", question eight -" I will change with him ", question nine -" Disable the toilet. " Having answered all the questions, Swanson misses you in the village. In general, the answers may be different, in most cases it passes inside, so do not be afraid.

As soon as you find yourself inside the town, go ahead and soon stumble upon a conversation between Honest Dan and a settler. Dan is trying to find out from him where a caravan has gone, but he has nothing to say to him. After these guys talk, talk in person with Honest Dan.

So, Dan agreed with a certain Stockton that he would find his missing caravan. But the task was not so simple, because he found only what was left of him near the border of the city. The last stop of the caravan was precisely in the "Alliance", so he arrived here to restore the picture of what happened, but so far he has nothing to do. That is why he proposes to do this business too. He promises to divide the reward in half. During the conversation, you will be able to ask for an advance payment by choosing a replica: “Covers forwards”. But keep in mind that the replica will be orange, which means that it will be difficult to get the covers. If you agree, then you, therefore, are finally taking the task: "The human factor." In addition to the usual subtask, you will also have an additional subtask: the main subtask - “Search for evidence in the Alliance”, an additional subtask - “Inspect the plundered caravan”.

After selecting the task, go to the northeastern part of the "Alliance". Exactly in that place is what remains of the caravan. Upon arrival to the remains of the caravan, you find a bunch of corpses. On the caravan really attacked around the "Alliance". Pay your attention to the blue box that will be there. In it a box you will find some "Lemonade Dieser." Finding this thing, you thereby perform an optional subtask: "Inspect the plundered caravan."

So what does this evidence give? And the fact that Dizera’s lemonade is given out only in the Alliance, and it was among the people from the caravan. Means what? Right! The caravan was in the village and the people in the "Alliance" really keep back. By the way, do not forget that Dan said that there must be one survivor from the caravan (this is Amelia Stockton) and he also recommended looking for evidence in the barracks of this village.

You can advance in this matter in two ways: get into the barracks, or "unleash the language" of Penny. That's just to get into the barracks, you will need to have an average level of hacking locks, and to "unleash the language" Penny - pumped eloquence. If you do not yet have one or the other at this stage of the game, then return later to this task a little later.

I recommend everyone to immediately try to get into the house. As many as three doors lead into the house: the central door, the door on the right side, and the door on the left side. It is best to make your way into the house through the doors on the left side, because no one will notice you there.

As soon as you find yourself in the house, immediately go to the nightstand near the central doors. There you need to take: the key to the house of the "Alliance" and the note "Password Jacob." Between the far beds will be another bedside table. There, take the note "Reminder of the Alliance." The note is very strange, but after reading it, you get an additional subtask: “Ask Dan about synths”.

In any case, since you now have Jacob's password (the main one in the Alliance), you can go to his house and not noticeably sit at his computer (do not forget to close the door behind you). On the computer, choose the option: "Report on the fisherman (draft)." Well, this passage is very rich in information.

> Note in the draft: “Mr. Huntley five times canceled trips to the Complex because of the fisherman (name unknown), who settled near the Mystic-Pines pond. Mr. Huntley reported that his new “favorite fish spot” is located directly above the entrance to the Complex. A squad to search Stockton was almost noticed by outsiders. Recommend".

After reading the draft, you get several new subtasks at once: the first subtask is “Find out the location of the secret complex”, the second optional subtask is “Talk with Honest Dan”, the third subtask is “Find Alliance Complex”. You perform the first subtask on the spot, because the draft indicates the location of the Complex. Personal files can already read at will.

At the exit of the "Alliance" Jacob will meet you and offer 100 covers for what you will be silent - you decide. In addition, in the process of dialogue there is an option “To find a compromise”, but the level of eloquence should be high, since the dialogue branch has an orange color. In any case, you will have to send to the Complex (if you have not sold for 100 caps, of course). If you talk to Dan, he will be waiting for you near the Complex, and he will act as reinforcement in this task. If you do not need help, then you can immediately go to the Complex. In general, just know that this task can be completed peacefully too, if during the conversation with Jacob you manage to find a compromise, if you did not succeed, then go to the Complex, or find Honest Dan and go with him again -to the complex.

So, if you are going to talk for a start with Honest Dan, then keep in mind that he is very far away. With Dan will be able to talk in Baner Hill. At the entrance to the woman say (if you have not been here before) that you are a loner.

You can find the entrance to the "Alliance" complex in the pipe in the middle. You have to jump into the water and pick up the radiation. The pipe is the entrance to the collector - you go there. Inside you have a new subtask: "Find the survivors." Ahead will be Dan (if you went to him before that and told about everything).

Going a little forward through the pipe, you will stumble on three people and the turret on top. You can not even try to approach them and talk, because they immediately attack you after the words: “You shouldn’t have come here.” Try to choose some convenient position, because the spotlights that are there will interfere very much during the battle.

When the battle is over, do not forget to take the key on one of the corpses. Without a key, you will not be able to open the doors in the Complex. Inside you are waiting for a lot of enemies, so try to be constantly alert. In any case, gradually move to a key point. In narrow rooms, be extremely careful, as there are a pair of turrets in them.

In the end, you will meet Dr. Roslyn Chambers anyway. If someone else doesn’t understand what is happening at all, then I explain: Alliance conducted research on the discovery of synthetics and the test that you took at the entrance in front of the town — the same experiment of the Alliance. So, Dr. Roslyn Chambers claims that Stockton’s daughter is synthetic. In general, the SAFE test was created to identify synthetics, which even now is not able to detect synthetics with 100% probability. Here you have a choice: to give Amelia torture, or to prevent it.

I chose to save the girl. If you choose to save Amelia, then you will have a subtask: "Save Amelia Stockton." In addition, you have to kill the doctor. To release the girl, go to the terminal and open the appropriate camera (first). After opening the camera, a new subtask appears: "Talk to Honest Dan." After talking with Dan, he gives you money for the job - 300 caps. During the dialogue, you can say "The share should be more," but then you have to use your eloquence, so it's not a fact that you will succeed. At this stage, the task comes to its logical conclusion.

In fact, Roslyn Chambers was more than insane, since her developed test (which was simply taken from the Refuge) did not give normal results. Constant torture and kidnapping did not justify its purpose. If the methods were different or more peaceful, then it would be possible to think about her experiments. In addition, even from the reports in the prison terminal, it is clear that not everyone approved her research methods, but it is up to you to decide exactly what to do.

Fire support

This additional task you will receive during the passage of the task: "The first step." Since the task is taken randomly, you have to wander around the factory assembly machines "Korvega". At some point, you will see in the upper left corner that you have caught the signal: “Military frequency AF95”. Your first subtask in this difficult task will be: “Tune in to the army frequency AF95”. It is quite simple to tune in to the frequency - use Pip-Boy. There, by selecting the appropriate section and the desired frequency, you will receive a new subtask: "Get to the Cambridge police station."

Mop northern site

The task is taken in Baner Hill from a merchant named Deb. Choose her option "Work" and she will offer you to do one is not a simple matter. Deb will tell you about the northern road, which passes through a very old army training ground. So, it was there, if the caravanists were to be believed, that a horde of wild ghouls settled, which must be removed from the path. Naturally, she will pay for such work. During the conversation, you can choose the option "Ask for money" (which is highlighted in yellow). If everything went well, then she will offer 175 caps for the job. But you can demand even more caps by choosing the “More money” option. But just keep in mind that this option is already highlighted in orange and for a positive result will require pumped eloquence. In any case, so you get the task: "Clean up the training ground."

Silver Cloak

The task is taken after you cross the bridge to the part of the mainland where the city of Diamond City is located. Soon you will have an entry in the upper left corner: "The signal found: Radio of the Silver Cloak." Switching to this radio signal, you will hear a message. So you get a task and a subtask to him: the main task is "Silver Cloak", the subtask is "Talk with Kent Conolly."

You will be able to talk to Kent Conolly only in a town called “Good Neighborhood”. But on the way to this place you have to kill a bunch of different enemies, for example, "packs" of super mutants. In any case, when you find yourself in this place, find a certain “House of Memories” - this is where Kent sits. A little later, it turns out that this is a reasonable ghoul.

After talking with him, it turns out that he wants to create his superhero who would fight evil, gangsters and save people. Of course, he will pay you for successful work. And if you have pumped eloquence, then you can still bargain about the reward. Since his superhero is built on the basis of the Silver Raincoat series, you will need to go to the place where you shot the very first series - in the “Hubris Comic”. By agreeing to this task, you get a new subtask: “Get the costume of the Silver Cape”.

Inspect the Pickman Gallery

The task is taken from Hancock in Good Neighborhood if you ask him about work. The fact is that strange rumors about a place called “Pickman Gallery” came to Hancock. This territory belongs to the raiders, only they are suspiciously silent and Hancock is not calm about this silence. So he instructs you to go find out what's wrong. So you get the job: "Inspect the Pickman Gallery." As usual you can bargain with him and beg for more money. There are three levels of difficulty. For each level passed, the amount of remuneration increases each time by 50 caps. But in order to persuade Hancock to pay more, you will need pumped eloquence.

Out on the bow

Wandering around Diamond City (or going to the city), you will soon be able to catch a new radio signal: Radio Trinity Tower. Switching to your Pip-Boy on this signal, you will receive a message. The message will be a request for help. So you get a new task: "Out on the bow." And the first subtask to him: "Respond to the request for help." The message will say that one poor fellow was surrounded by super mutants and was besieged, therefore he needs help.

On the way, it will turn out that the super mutants surrounded the town of “Good Neighborhood” and you will have to make your way to it. Consider the fact that there will be a lot of mutants and it is important for you to have good weapons and armor with you. In addition, there is a possibility that you will meet the “Legendary Super Mutual Scout” there, who will have to spend not only a lot of ammunition, but also some of the medicines. And also keep in mind that after you deal part of the damage to the monster, it will recover part of its health and after that, it will start to do damage in double size. This anomaly is called "The legendary enemy mutated!". That is why be extremely careful. In any case, after you kill all the enemies, go to a place called "Neighborhood".

Road to Freedom

“Hate the Institute? Follow the Path of Freedom, brother ”- this is how this task begins. In a place called “Neighborhood” passing by any Druzhinnik, you will automatically receive this task. Your first and slightly strange subtask: “Follow the Path of Freedom”.

Public property

The task is taken in a town called "Neighborhood" in the shop of a certain Daisy. She can give you the job of sweeping the library of Boston, which has been seized by super mutants. Since this place is expensive for her as a memory in childhood - she wants to clear this place of monsters. In addition, you can bargain with her if you have pumped eloquence. As usual, you can demand more and more money. There will be three levels of difficulty: yellow (light), orange (medium) and red (difficult). With each success, the reward increases (the initial reward is 200 caps).

In addition to the main task, Daisy will ask you to add a book to the same Boston library. The book will be a library. Your first subtask in this assignment is: “Get to the Boston Public Library”.

Clean up warehouses in good neighborhood

The task is taken in "Neighborhood" in a robot named Whitechapel Charlie. He will offer you a job for which you need a non-sober guy for very dirty work. Blood on asphalt. Corpses on the ground. Everything like that. If you are interested, then settle. So, some kind of anonymous customer is willing to pay a few hundred caps for removing someone. It will be necessary to clear three points, while not leaving witnesses. The problem is that all three key points are located in the territory of the old warehouses, so Charlie can not use his guys, because it will be too noticeable. So he asks you to do this. The starting reward is 200 caps. You can usually require more caps as a reward. There will be three levels of difficulty: yellow (light), orange (medium) and red (hard). With each successful phrase, the reward amount goes up by 50 caps. In addition, you can try to find out who the customer is. It all depends on your eloquence. In any case, so you get the task: "Clean up warehouses in good neighborliness."

House of Memories

The task is taken in the house of memories from a certain Irma. It turns out that Irma is a seller of memories. During the conversation, she will ask you to plunge back into your memories. Here you have a choice: to bribe or convince. But to convince, it will take a pumped eloquence, keep this in mind.

So, Irma will tell you that it is easiest to work with those memories that are associated with other people, or with recent events, in which close people again participated. You can say about your wife (or husband) or your son (but the memory will be the same anyway). In general, at the end of the conversation, Irma tells you to sit in a chair to plunge into the memories. So you get a new task and the first subtask to it: the task - “The House of Memories”, the subtask - “Sit in the capsule of memories”. Sit in the memory capsule on the left side and get ready to plunge into the events of the past.

Soon your freshest memory starts. You find yourself in the very "Asylum 111". And at the time of those events when your child was stolen and the husband (or wife) was killed. Your new subtask: "Relive your memories again." There you can look at yourself in a cryogenic capsule. It turns out that everything was planned. Either in “Asylum 111” there was a traitor who specifically allowed to abduct people, or it was all originally intended. But to find out what they said these unknowns - did not work. When you return to reality, you will have a new subtask: "Talk with Irma." Get out of the capsule and talk to the woman. By the way, during the conversation there will be such an option of the dialogue “[Moral damage]”, for which, if successful (eloquence also plays a role here), you will receive money!

By the way, Irma will also help you with the abduction of her son and the murder of his wife (husband). She will guide you to a person who can help you in the case of the abduction of a son and the murder of a wife (husband). She will recommend contacting Nick Valentine, a detective who works in her office in Diamond City. In any case, the task is done + you will list the experience.

Passage of the Brotherhood of Steel assignments

Passing tasks Minutemenov

First step

The task you can take only after you complete the story task: "The Call of Freedom." The task gives all the same Preston. After successfully completing the assignment, Preston asks you for one service. So, one settlement asks for help. The inhabitants of this settlement still hope that in these parts there are still noble Minutemen who can help and protect. But since there are not many minitmen now, more precisely, for the time being there is only one active minuteman - Preston. He asks you to help find the rest of this faction. After the conversation, you have the first subtask in this additional task: "Tenpine Bluff: talk to the locals." In addition, there is another subtask: "Talk with Sturges." He will help you during the passage of this task.

Go to the specified point on the map. Tenpines Bluff settlement is located quite far away, so most likely you will stumble not on one enemy, so get ready. As soon as you come to this destroyed settlement, you will get the entry: “Discovered: Tanpines Bluff” + you will list the experience for finding this place. Talk to the immigrants and immediately say that you are one of the few seconds.

So, these gangs have been terrorized by a gang of raiders for several weeks now. They constantly steal supplies and food from them. And if they refuse to pay this tribute, they will kill them. And although they know where the gang's lair is located, they do not have enough strength to overcome them. That is why they ask for help.

During the conversation, your subtask will be updated to: "Assembly shop machines" Korvega ": kill the raiders." The right place will be marked on your map after talking with one of the settlers. You can immediately go to the specified place and kill all the scum. The lair is located in the south and you have to go far enough.

> Tip: Before you move to this plant, keep in mind that this is not some ordinary camp or parking lot with raiders. They are here very, very much, so I highly recommend before traveling there, prepare well. It's not even about what they will have in their hands and what they will wear - they just put pressure on their number.

When you get to the plant, you will soon receive a signal: “Military frequency AF95”. So you get the task: "Fire support." But you do not get distracted from your current mission, because there are so many raiders and you need to be careful. During the stripping process, grenades and mines will be very helpful. At the beginning of any battle it is better to sit down somewhere (find a comfortable position) and shoot back. Watch your ammunition, because if it is small, then you will either have to go hand to hand or look for ammunition during the battle.

> Tip: While wandering around this car factory, do not let your guard down even after you kill all the raiders outside! You still have to go inside, where not only raiders are waiting for you, but also more turrets. So, turning the next corner, be careful. You never know when an automated gun will fire on you!

After you clean the area outside, find a passage inside. Inside you are waiting again raiders. At the very end you have to kill Jared - the local leader. In addition, keep in mind that Jared will be covered by a couple more raiders and turrets. If you have problems with turrets, then carefully inspect the room - there is a terminal with which you can turn off automatic installations. As soon as you deal with the leader of the bandits, you will receive a new subtask: "Tenpines Bluff: inform residents about success." And by the way, do not forget to carefully search this factory, because here you can find a whole bunch of useful things!

In any case, go back to Tenpines Bluff and turn in the mission. Saying to the residents that you have completed their assignment, you get the caps and get the opportunity to use the workshop in this small, dilapidated settlement. In addition, your subtask to: "Talk with Preston Garvey." And the settlers, whom you helped to deal with the problem, now agree to join the moment.

When you meet, Preston will tell you that the residents whom you helped decided to join the Minuteman and that’s fine. During the dialogue, Garvey will issue a signal pistol. With the help of this weapon, in case of anything, you will be able to call in reinforcements, and if there are minitemen somewhere nearby, reinforcements will definitely arrive to you. In general, as soon as the rocket launcher and covers are handed over to you, your task will be completed + you will receive a well-deserved experience!

Station "Oberland": Settlement threatened raiders

The task is taken from Preston Garvey, but only after you have fulfilled several conditions. First, they completed the side task: “The first step”. Secondly, if during the conversation with Preston, Garvey agreed to the Minuteman General (that is, the leader) and assumed the responsibility to lead everyone. Since there is no one else out of active minutemen except for Garvey - you are the only candidate for the position of leader. Your first subtask in this assignment is: “Oberland Station: Talk to the Residents.”

> Tip: At this stage of passing as a partner, you can now take Preston Garvey. If the level of complexity and enemies in general, cause you problems, then take this minuteman and go!


The task is taken from Sturges. The conversation will be quite short. He will tell you that for a start it would be nice to make normal beds in this place (your settlement), because people slept for a long time just on the bare ground, which is very bad. The task is taken during the passage of the quest: "The first step." You will have a subtask: "Talk with Sturges." In any case, this is exactly how you get the subtask: “Build beds for Sancchuary (0%)”.

Passage of tasks Railway

Passing the tasks of the Institute

Completion of missions Satellites

Long way ahead - Robert McCreedy

Recruiting Hancock - Hancock

The plot of the century - Piper

The task is taken from Piper - a journalist. She meets the main character straight kolo Diamond City. Having spoken to her at the entrance, it turns out that she is not allowed into the city because she wrote a lot of interesting things about the local government in her newspaper. When you come, she will ask you to play along with her so that you can get inside together. There is nothing you do not have to, Piper herself will play a small idea. As soon as you are inside, you will meet with the mayor inside. During the conversation, Piper will say that she has a job for you. So you get a new task and the first subtask to it: the task - “The plot of the century”, the subtask - “To get to the Piper office”.