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Cheating WM-Lotteries | How to Beat the Casino

METHOD №1 how to beat online casinos

Below you will find an explanation of how you can and about winning techniques in the so-called instant lotteries on WebMoney . If you are not already familiar with them and have no idea what will be discussed, then I recommend that you first familiarize yourself with what it is.

For this, I will give an example of one of these sites with lotteries. This is a GAME casino . Visit it, study the site, but in no case do not play there until you familiarize yourself with my methods!

In this section we will talk about the game MORE / LESS . As a rule, she is always at the top of the list of games and it is in her most often played. Its essence is as follows:

You are given a number from 1 to 100 , and you must guess the next number will be more or less than the current one. If you guess, you will instantly receive your bet increased by 3 times to your account!

In order to win in this slot, let's understand the game mechanism a little. So, the whole system is tied only to a newly drawn out number. Surely, many of you do not believe that in the program element (especially in an electronic game) some numbers may appear INCIDENTALLY , but nevertheless this is true.

To prove this, I can give an example with password generators. Generator passwords is such a program that can randomly produce sets of characters that you can then use as a password, say for your mailbox.

These programs were invented specifically for idols who like to set their birthdays or other significant dates as passwords. We will not delve into the principle of their work. I just mentioned them so that you believe that a computer can actually generate random numbers.

The game script does the same MORE / LESS . It generates a random number and compares it with the current value, based on which it gives the result of the game. In this situation, it is very good to bet when the current value of the number is very BIG (for example 91 ) or vice versa very SMALL (for example 14 ).

In the first case, you boldly bet on LESS and win, because the next generated number is unlikely to be more than 91 if the maximum is 100 . In the second case, you must bet strictly on MORE for the same reason.

The problem is that such a very large or very small number in the current value is given in approximately one out of ten cases, but for solid wins this is not enough to understand.

So is it possible to make it possible for you to place bets only at very large or very small values? ..

The answer is YES! CAN. Now listen carefully. The fact is that the game script generates a new current value either after your bet, or when you refresh the page. You see what I'm getting at ?

That is, you just go to the game page MORE / LESS , look at the current number and if it DOES NOT SET YOU , then simply refresh the page with F 5 or through the context menu with the UPDATE command. Do this until the current value exceeds 85 or falls below 15 . Then boldly bet based on the above principle and get your money.

It seems that the described method looks beautiful and elegant, but let me disappoint you a little and say that many owners of online casinos, where there is a game MORE / LESS , have long been aware of this technique and have taken measures to prevent such cases of fundraising.

Want to know how they do it? Yes, very simple. On their sites in the section with this game there are simply special scripts that block the use of the F 5 key and any other page refresh using various menu commands. That is, you have no way to select the current number.

So does a fairly large number of online casinos. But still, to our happiness, NOT ALL! To use this method, you need to find some young and inexperienced casino that has not yet had time to suffer greatly from the application of this method.

And here I can help you a little and bring a couple of links to such young casinos. Remember, at the beginning of this section, I suggested IGRUN casino for your acquaintance , here it just suits us in all respects. There is no protection from page refresh yet. But I don’t know how long this can last, so do not hesitate.

Also, besides GAMES , I can advise you any other casino (there are a lot of them on the Internet), I think you can figure it out. Choose and act.

The only thing I want to say is DO NOT BE READY! Despite the absolute efficiency of this method, luck can turn away from you at any time. So if you win more than $ 40, my advice is to BRAKE and either come back the next day, or go to another casino. DO NOT RISK!

Here I finish the description of the first method and move on to the second.

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