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WM-Lottery Deception | How to beat the Casino # 3

METHOD №3 how to beat online casino

My third method works perfectly in Saper . It would seem that the game is very complicated and not understandable, and to win it, you need to be a super professional. But everything is not as bad as it seems :) to have 99% of the prize in Saper . (1% hit the first time in a mine) you need only one small program: Saper Helper Saper Helper Saper Helper .

With her help you can play the game in a semi-automatic mode, i.e. playing in the casino, you open the cells of the minefield, and with it, duplicate what happened in Saper Helper . And it, in turn, over each cell, shows you the percentage of mined.

It's very simple, but before playing in a casino, I advise you to practice in the standard for windows Sapper (Start -> All Programs -> Games -> Sapper).

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