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Mystery: legends of the beyond

Mystery: legends of the beyond

Mystery: legends of the beyond is a browser-based role-playing multiplayer online game based on the principles of CCI (collectible card games).

Unlike most existing browser games, the Mystery combat system has nothing to do with the game for "luck." Winning or losing a battle depends only on your talent as a strategist. Of the closest in spirit and dynamics of games can be called Demiurgi and Astral Tournament. However, among browser games, Mystery analogues currently do not exist.

Starting the game, you become a magician, able to summon horrific monsters on the battlefield or create wonderful spells. You will be able to explore over 300 different types of magic. Gaining experience, you will learn new skills, get artifacts and make a personal book of magic, learning the peaks of magical art.

The world of Mystery is dynamic - new opportunities, interesting places are constantly appearing in it, new magic scrolls and artifacts are being created. Join now!

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The game models an unusual world, a motley mix of a technologically advanced society with prevailing magic. You enter the world when technology has reached a level approximately equal to the 19th century of earthly civilization. And at this very moment, the seemingly unshakable balance of technology and magic is threatened with destruction. Speaking on the side of the magicians, you have the opportunity to take part in restoring the balance. However, it is not necessary to do this at all - you are completely free in your actions.

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The game world is an island archipelago, on which cities, settlements, villages and simply "secret" places are located. Each city has its own developed (or not) infrastructure, owns its own knowledge and technology. Traveling around the world, you can acquire new knowledge and skills that are not available to residents of other places. Each city has its own administration and laws. And you have the opportunity to take a job in the city, becoming a Guardian, Innkeeper, Judge or Tournament Manager.

Having started your gaming life as a young, green magician and with a bit of pocket money, you can become a Great Wizard, the head of a clan or even the School of Magic, the owner of the Tavern or even the owner of the city. And it is you who can become the hero who will restore the imbalance in the world. A world full of adventure awaits you!

This is my character in the game. :)