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Pokemon GO: Come out and Catch!

Pokemon GO - Выходи и Лови!

Pokemon Go is a multiplayer role-playing computer game of augmented reality from the Pokemon series. Developed by Niantic and originally published in the USA, Australia and New Zealand on July 6, 2016 for iOS and Android-based mobile devices. In just a week after the release, the game gained more popularity and increased the cost of the owner of the Pokemon brand, Nintendo, by $ 8 billion.

A feature of Pokemon Go is the imposition of virtual images on the image of the real world. The game encourages you to travel the streets to search and hunt Pokemon, leave the house and chat with other players. Thereby, common problems of youth are overcome: sedentary lifestyle and asociality in the real world. Spreading on the model of free-to-play, the game supports auxiliary, but optional in-game purchases.

In the game there are all the first generation Pokemon, among them the initial ones: Bulbasaurus, Charmander and Squirtl .

Pokemon Go is already available in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Now she has appeared in Germany and the UK. In Ukraine, it is not yet officially available and cannot be downloaded to your phone. But there is a way to play Pokemon Go :)

How to install Pokemon GO on iPhone in Ukraine

You can wait for the official release in the App Store or Google Play for Ukraine, but in this case it is possible to wait until the end of the week or even longer.

Those who want to start playing now on the iPhone, you must perform several actions:

  • Log out of existing account;
  • Go to the US Apple Store;
  • Through the search to find the application PokemonGo and click Get;
  • Complete the new Apple ID registration;
  • At the stage of entering billing data, select None (without a card) and specify the correct address in the USA (for example state NY, city NY, zip 10022, Tel 121 29183000);
  • Confirm a new ID via mail;

Another way to:

  • Log out of your current Apple ID on your phone;
  • Go to the "Settings" menu, then "Basic" - "Language and Region" and select the country where the official release has already taken place (USA, Australia or New Zealand);
  • Find the Pokemon GO app in the App Store and install it;
  • After that, you can again change your ID to a real one.

The only disadvantage of this method is that when the application is officially released in Ukraine, you will have to remove the previously installed version and install the game already under your account, while the progress achieved will not be saved.

How to install Pokemon GO on Android in Ukraine:

To chase pokemon, you need to go to a special site and download the APK file. Before that, in the "Phone Settings" in the "Security" menu, allow to install applications from unknown sources. Rather dangerous move, but if you want to play, you have to take risks.

What kind of game is it?

Pokemon GO - a new game in the line of the mega-popular franchise Pokemon. Although in Ukraine Pokemon were at the peak of popularity for a long time (during the release of the animated television series "Pokemon" in the early 2000s), in the rest of the world they gained public love thanks to numerous games that regularly appear on game consoles.

Pokemon GO - Get Out and Catch!
Sample gameplay

The word "pokemon" is formed from the English phrase Pocket Monster , that is, a pocket monster . The super-popular series of games, films, comics, toys and all that was invented in Japan in 1996 is devoted to these creatures. During its existence, Pokemon visited both at the peak of world popularity and in the abyss of complete oblivion. Now we see an unexpected revival of this glorious brand.

So, we found out that in this universe the main characters are pocket monsters - Pokemon. They are very different: in total, more than 721 species are known, but so far only 174 of them are included in the game. However, this is quite enough for a start, because each Pokemon has its own set of unique characteristics, its own history and path of development.

And that's the most important thing to understand before playing Pokemon GO . Over the 20 years of its existence, the world of Pokémon has developed so much, overgrown with so many written and unwritten rules, traditions and conventions, that the uninitiated person will not understand them right away.

The new game from Niantic stands out from its predecessors. If 16 years ago, fictional little animals gathered people of all ages from TV screens, now Pokemon are literally “caught” on the streets, in parks, on construction sites, and even in offices.

In fact, this is the first franchise game that uses augmented reality: the game takes place in the real world, which is complemented by pokemons. First, the user will have to find a character on the map and get closer to it: Pokémon can be anywhere, including in fountains, storm drains, ditches, parks, shops, museums, toilets and in the chairs of your bosses.

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Then the player can turn on the camera of the smartphone and see the pokemon, then the monster can be caught by throwing a pokeball at him. After this monster, you can "train" and develop its abilities by fighting with other Pokemon or getting rid of it, freeing up a place in the incubator.

Each pokemon caught brings in-game currency. Thus, the search and capture of Pokemon became as close as possible to the "real" experience of the catcher of strange animals.

The results of a study conducted by analysts research company Survey Monkey, indicate that the game Pokemon Go came out on top in terms of the average daily number of players.

Development and exit

The idea of ​​the game appeared in 2014 with Satoru Iwata from Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishiari with The Pokemon Company on the first of April. Then Google was made a joke - the company published a video that showed the future function of the Google Maps service - augmented reality with Pokemon that can be caught traveling around the world. This turned out to be more than a joke, and the Pokemon Company, Google and Nintendo invested $ 30 million in Niantic, Inc. for the realization of this opportunity in all seriousness. This choice was justified by the fact that Niantic, which was founded in 2010 as a Google startup, already had experience creating augmented reality games. Her creation is called Ingress and is a game where two teams of players compete for the virtual possession of the cultural attractions of the real world. “Pokemon's strategic investments in Niantic open the way to a mobile experience for a society that the world has not yet seen,” Ishihara said in October 2015.

An unusual game that would combine reality with a virtual world, dubbed Pokemon GO, was announced in January 2016. Heated interest in the project, Niantic in its blog called 2016 the year of augmented reality. In March, testing of the Pokemon GO in Japan began: players could already catch Pokémon, grow them from eggs and find “pokestopes” and “gums” near noteworthy places, such as historical monuments. In April, testing spread to Australia and New Zealand, and in May to the United States. Subsequently, in June, the developers added a photo feature, with which you can take pictures of Pokemon. The release of the final version took place on July 6 in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Gradually, the game comes out in other regions, July 13, it became available for download in Germany and 14 in the UK.

Game process

Pokemon GO - Get Out and Catch!
Sample gameplay

Pokemon GO offers players to act as trainers of Pokemon creatures who need to be caught and trained for further battles with Pokemon other coaches. In the beginning, the player creates his avatar, adjusting the details of his appearance with a choice of several options. While the player moves in the real world, his avatar travels around the map using GPS . If there is a pokemon nearby, the game reports this and offers to find it using the camera of a smartphone or tablet. The image of the pokemon is superimposed on the picture of the surrounding world, obtained from the camera. In this case, the type of creature is calculated depending on information about the terrain. Therefore, for example, water Pokémon will occur near rivers and fountains. During the poker coins ( English pokecoins ), obtained after the purchase for real money, in-game purchases are made of useful things that accelerate the player's progress. Sometimes they are found, as well as Pokemon. All such purchases and finds are added to the inventory, which holds 500 items.

Having met a wild Pokémon, the player must catch him, aptly throwing a virtual Pokéball trap. Pokemon have different difficulty of capture, indicated by the color of the ring around them, where the player should go. Creatures in the green ring remain in the pokeball, in orange — they can escape, in red — most likely they will be able to free themselves and escape. At any time there is an opportunity to photograph the Pokemon among the environment. With a successful hunt, a pokemon goes into the player's collection and he gets in-game currencies: “star dust” and candies necessary for the development of his pokemon.

Another way to get Pokemon is to buy their eggs and an incubator in which to grow a creature. The type of Pokemon depends on the real distance covered at a time: the more a player walks (the movement by transport is not taken into account), the more Pokemon will hatch. The distance varies from 2 km (gives weak creatures in the game, like Pikachu or Chermander) to 10 km (gives you the opportunity to get Onyx, Kabuto, etc.). Additionally, you can buy bait, which run wild PokГ © mon, making it easier to catch them.

By feeding Pokemon candy and spending "star dust", the player gets the development of a Pokemon - an increase in its parameters or a transition to another form. A simple boost raises the level of damage inflicted in battle and health, requiring “dust” and some candy. To change the shape (evolution of the pokemon), you need to feed a lot of candy - usually 25, 50 and 100, respectively, to the number of shapes. Such cases as Magiccard, special cases require several hundred candies for evolution, which is compensated by the strength of the resulting shape. In addition, the creature can evolve for free if the player has caught many Pokemon of the same species, which is rewarded by his capture efforts. In battles, success is assessed according to two basic parameters of the Pokémon: combat power ( eng. Combat Power ) and health points (eng. Hit Points). Defeated pokemon returns to the collection with 1 health point and becomes available for new fights after using a special potion that restores his health to the highest possible level.

Catching or growing new Pokemon, developing them and participating in battles, the player virtually increases their level of development, getting new opportunities. He becomes able to catch more and more powerful Pokemon, and the reward grows. Upon reaching the 5th level, he can join one of three teams of coaches who will compete with each other in battles. In addition, each team has its own view on Pokemon: “Valiance” ( Eng. Valor ) relies on the development of physically strong Pokemon, “Mysterious” ( Eng. Mystic ) are convinced that Pokemon win thanks to the mind, and “Instinct” ( Eng. Instinct ) - that the secret of victory lies in the development of feelings. In crowded places in the world of the world, there are “pokestopes” ( English Pokestops ), where you can find valuable items, and “hyms” ( English Gyms ), in which you can challenge other Pokemon coaches. "Gims" are controlled by one of the teams, which must worry about their prestige, responding to the challenges of other teams, winning victories and earning medals for automatically testing data. The trainer will train his pets only in the gym controlled by his team. The more Pokemon is in the gima, the stronger is its protection. If prestige drops to zero in the course of losses, the winners appropriate the “gim” to themselves, increasing their influence.

Reasons for popularity

About how much the game has delayed, says Statistics SimilarWeb. On average, US residents spend 43 minutes 23 seconds a day on Pokemon Go . For comparison: WhatsApp "takes away" from American users about 30 minutes 27 seconds, Instagram - 25 minutes 16 seconds, and Snapchat - 22 minutes 53 seconds.

Experts have been talking about the prospects and reasons for the game’s insane popularity for several days. Of course, most agree on the main point: the cause of Pokemon Go’s worldwide triumph is augmented reality.

"It turns out that Pokemon Go is much more than just an exciting online walker. While playing, you get to know and communicate with other players personally, not in virtual chats, and, of course, you don’t sit at home, but walk and breathe fresh air "- says blogger Pavel Gorodnitsky.

According to him, Pokémon have three key advantages that made the game viral: firstly, a wide target audience, and secondly, there have been no explosive hits in the mobile games market for a long time. And thirdly, everyone is tired of sitting or lying, buried in the screens of gadgets.

Of course, according to experts, the popularity of the Pokemon Go game was also influenced by the Pokemon brand itself, which is still strong in all major markets - in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.