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Pokemon GO: Pokemon coach (what you need to know and what to prepare for)

Pokemon GO: Тренер покемонов (что нужно знать и к чему готовиться)

Did you manage to download and install this toy? Congratulations! And if you have already caught your first Pokemon, congratulations once again! So now you are a real Pokémon coach. Therefore, we will tell you a little about your new responsibilities.

How to grow in Pokemon Go?

In fact, to grow in the Pokemon Go (and win in battles against other players), the player only needs to pump two parameters:

  • The overall level of the coach depends on the amount of time spent in the game and all other parameters.
  • Combat Power (CP) - the combat potential of the Pokemon.

It's clear that only a very strong Pokemon can win the battle. However, in order to find and pump such Pokémon, the player himself must be a pumped-up Coach. The principle is simple: the steeper the Pokemon coach (the higher your level), the more powerful Pokémon he can find, and the better and faster he pumps out his CP.

Pokemon Go is initially designed so that each Pokémon coach is interested in spending more time in it. Almost any action in the game brings him new experience points:

  • caught a Pokemon - you get up to 100 hp ;
  • caught a new Pokemon for the first time - 500 hp ;
  • every "professional" throw of pokeball - plus 10 hr ;
  • went into the post-it- 50 hp ;
  • develop a Pokémon - 500 hp ;
Pokemon GO: Тренер покемонов (что нужно знать и к чему готовиться)

Well, and so on. So, a novice Pokemon coach actually should only find and catch them more. However, this period passes quite quickly. Largely due to the initial enthusiasm for the gameplay.

Next, in the next stage of his playing career, the coach must learn how to pump the Pokémon . To do this, open the "Settings" ( tap the pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen ) and go to the "Pokemon" section. Here the list displays all your Pokémon. If you tap on any of the Pokemon entry level, then opens a small menu with two options:

  • Power up - "Bump" - means to increase by a certain number of CP points or "health" of the Pokémon;
  • Evolve - "Develop" - i.e. transform this Pokémon into another Pokémon of a higher level.

Developed Pokémon, as a rule, is much more powerful than its predecessor in the development branch. But according to the rules of the game, different Pokémon develop differently. Some can be developed only once or twice, after which they reach their final form. In order to pump out the Pokémon from the resources. Moreover, their range is simplified to the maximum and is represented by only two items:

  • Stardust - used for pumping;
  • Candy - Candy - used for pumping and development.

Both these resources in the game are also extracted by catching Pokemon . The more they are caught, the more resources.

Note also that the more powerful the Pokemon, the more stellar dust it needs to be pumped to the next level. With candies the situation is similar. For the development of different Pokémon requires a different number of them: for some there are enough 12 pieces, for others - 25, and then it is necessary at once 400 to pump Magicarp into something more useful.

Each type of Pokemon in the game consumes only its type of candy. Therefore, for their development, it is necessary to constantly catch new Pokémon and exchange them from the Professor for sweets ( the Transfer button at the bottom of each Pokémon's page ).

Which is better first - to develop the Pokemon or pump the CP?

So, unfortunately, there is no exhaustive answer to this question at this point in time. For the simple reason that the game has not been sufficiently studied. Nevertheless, there are a number of scientific and gaming theories, which, however, have not been properly confirmed yet, despite their active discussion in the Pokemon Go game forums.

Experiment yourself, listen to the opinions of other, more experienced players. And do not be surprised at the realities of the game.

From the basic principles of Pokemon Go, the following are more or less accurate and proven practices:

  • catch as many Pokémon as possible in order to accumulate more candy and star dust, and at the same time earn experience by raising your level of Coach;
  • Develop and pump (CP level) Pokemon to raise the level of the Coach and win in the battles;
  • As the Pokemon Trainer level increases, you will get better quality ones, so to develop and pump them you will be faster and also of higher quality;
  • Extra pokemon can always be exchanged for sweets (at the same time, freeing up space for new ones);

As for the pumping of his personal Coaching level, he (the Coach level) in Pokemon GO rises simply by earning a new experience.

To increase your level of coach in the game, you need:

  • catch Pokemon , incidentally improving the skills of an accurate throw pokeball ( in addition, the amount of HP also depends on how many of the same type of Pokémon you have already caught before );
  • develop Pokemon ( 500 hp - for each time );
  • incubate-groom Pokemon ( 200 hp for each hatching from the egg );
  • go to the posts ( each visit - 50 hp );
  • win in battle ( HP is given for each fight, with the number of points depending on how many Pokemon at the time of the visit to the Hall there was, and how difficult it was to defeat them ) and win new Stadiums.

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