How to beat the roulette in the casino?

Как обыграть рулетку?

Roulette is a gambling game (roulette in French means "wheel", "small wheel"). The dealer starts the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel's rotation, from the number on which the ball fell the previous time, which should fall into one of the numbered cells, making at least three full revolutions per wheel.

The cells, numbered from 1 to 36, are painted in black and red. The numbers are not arranged in order, although the colors of the cells strictly alternate, beginning with 1 - red. The cell marked with the number 0 is colored green and called zero. Most of the roulette wheels used in the US (the so-called American Roulette) have a second zero sector marked as "00", also colored in green.

European roulette is artificially divided into 3 sectors for fast betting. In American roulette you can put on a special combination of five numbers ("Five Number Bet" or "Box of Five Bet"): 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 .

Roulette is called a "fucking wheel" because the sum of all the numbers on roulette equals 666 (the number of the beast).

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When playing roulette, there is always a red or a black color.

If we guess the color, then we get twice as much as we put, if we do not guess, we lose the entire bet.

It seems to be honest. Minimalka - 1 kopeck.

How to win:

  1. We put a penny on black, won, again put a penny on black
  2. We lost, put 2 kopecks on black, won, we return to item №1
  3. We lost, put 4 kopecks on black, won, we return to item №1
  4. We lost, put 8 kopecks on black, won, we return to item №1
  5. We lost, put 16 kopecks on black, won, we return to point №1
  6. We lost, put 32 kopecks on black, won, we return to point number 1
  7. We lost, put 64 kopecks on black, won, we return to item №1
  8. We lost, put 128 kopecks on black, won, we return to item №1
  9. We lost, put 256 kopecks on black, won, we return to item №1
  10. We lost, put 512 kopecks on black, won, we return to point number 1, and so on ...

Here is a weird little elevator turned out. The probability that there will never be a black drop for ten times is practically zero, but as soon as black drops out, you play out all that you lost and plus everything else and a penny. And you can start all over again! The game becomes more profitable if the penny is replaced by cents. The system allows you to gut for an indefinite time any "honest" casino, and, in spite of small, but permanent, winnings, in total you get a good amount.

Often I am asked a question about where it is better to replenish WM purses and how to withdraw money. This question began to ring in the letters so often that I just gave up and decided to write a response (earlier I just recommended visiting the official WM website or contacting the casino administration where you are playing). To top up WM you can buy a WM card, transfer money from the terminal (where you usually pay for a cell phone), in a special exchanger (there you can also withdraw, this is the best option) or, finally, from your mobile phone. Problems with the conclusion at the first stage can be solved in general elementary, just arrange with your friends that they would contact you, when you need to put money to them on the cellular, you will transfer them from your WM purse, and they give you cash.