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STALKER Call of Pripyat

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

The STALKER game world is a fictional universe, which takes place in the alternative reality of computer games of the STALKER series, where in 2006 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant a second catastrophe occurred, surpassing the first in scale. Covers the time span from 1986 to 2012. In general, it repeats the structure of the real world, the main difference is the changed course of events after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the presence of anomalous formations.

STALKER is a series of games developed by the Ukrainian company GSC Game World. Created in the genre of first-person shooter with elements of role-playing and action-adventure. The events of the games are unfolding at the present time, in the alternative world on the territory of Ukraine, in the exclusion zone near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. According to the plot of the series, in 2006, the exclusion zone was subjected to an unexpected anomalous impact (Ejection), as a result of which the physical, chemical and biological processes in the area changed. There are many anomalies, artifacts, mutants. The ideas of the game clearly show the influence of the book by the Strugatsky brothers “Roadside Picnic” and the film “Stalker” shot by Andrey Tarkovsky. English-language sources explain the name "STALKER" as a backronym for the English words "Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers, Robbers".

STALKER: Call of Pripyat is a computer game in the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre from GSC Game World, a sequel to the game STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.

  • Developer Ukraine GSC Game World
  • Part of the STALKER series
  • Date announcement April 30, 2009
  • The release of the game on October 2, 2009.
  • Version 1.6.02 (January 21, 2010)
  • Latest version 1.6.02
  • Genre First Person Shooter, survival horror
  • PEGI age ratings: 16+;
  • ESRB: M - Mature
  • PC Platform (Microsoft Windows)
  • X-Ray 1.6 game engine
  • Game mode Single player / Multiplayer
  • Media 1 DVD, Steam
  • Control keyboard and mouse
  • Site

  First minutes of the game

  Hero. Plot

We play for Alexander Degtyaryov - Major of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). On assignment, we were sent to a radioactive exclusion zone located around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to track down the remains of five military helicopters.
According to legend, we are disguised as a regular stalker (artifact finder), so we are equipped with a standard stalker set. From our very beginning, in our inventory there is a protective suit of average quality, an AKSU machine gun, a PM pistol, a Geiger counter, several first-aid kits and a decent supply of food.

  Control. How to play

W, A, S, D - displacement P - map, tasks
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - the choice of weapons O - turn on the detector
LKM - shot L - turn on the flashlight
PKM - aim G - throw the weapon
Shift - slow step R - recharge
Ctrl - squat X - run
Shift + Ctrl - low squat F - inspect the body or object


Сталкер: Зов Припяти. Ориентирование Immediately navigate the terrain. Open the map (key "P"), we see that we are in the northeast corner of the large location Zaton. On the left side of the screen you can turn on the task menu. We see that we have five tasks at once: Skat-1, Skat-2, Skat-3, Skat-4, Skat-5. The location of the tasks is indicated on the map by large yellow dots. In our location there are only three points out of five. We can choose any of the points, so that it blinks. Select the nearest point "Skat-5" in the west of the location, turn off the map menu. On the screen in the upper left corner we see the minimap in the form of a compass. The yellow arrow on the compass indicates the direction to the point we have chosen. Focusing on the compass, we begin our journey.

  Freestyle stalkers

If we go in the direction of the arrow, along the trodden path, and not through the swamps, then sooner or later we will meet a group of stalkers. Ordinary stalkers are neutral towards us, if not attacking them first. To talk with stalkers, you need to temporarily remove your weapon and pick up the bolt (key "6"). Normal communication is possible only with the group leader (on the minimap it is indicated by an asterisk).
We ask the stalker all possible questions, as a result we find out the location of a large stalker camp in the area. The camp is located in the center of the backwater inside the old barge in the Skladovsk zone.

  Stalker Base

Сталкер: Зов Припяти. База Сталкеров All roads will lead you to Skladovsk sooner or later. On the basis of stalkers, you can take a lot of additional tasks, earn extra money, improve your equipment. At the very beginning the following tasks are available: the disappearance of stalkers, inaccessible hiding place, hitting.
Bartender Beard can only buy food from us and provide the necessary information about additional tasks.
The main dealer is on the second floor of the barge in the right room. Merchant name is Sych. The trading menu can be turned on in a conversation with a character by pressing a button at the very bottom of the screen. You can buy new weapons, suits, gas masks from Sych, but for now there is not enough money. At the very beginning it is recommended to buy a new Detector "Bear" in order to significantly simplify the search for artifacts.
On the second floor you can also sleep for free for any number of hours. Nearby is a Cardan technician who can improve or repair damaged items.

  Monsters and enemies

Moving on to the first task. On the way, flocks of mutated dogs or boars can be caught. These mutants are harmless alone, but a whole flock can do serious damage. Either we go around with them, or we shoot them from afar one by one, without letting ourselves be surrounded.
On the approach to the point "Skat-5" you can go to the "Sawmill" zone in the north-western corner of the location. Zombie thugs and stalkers live in destroyed buildings. In this place you can practice in shootouts with enemies. Zombies, like ordinary people, know how to use weapons well, but they are not mobile, and it is easy to run away from them in a difficult situation.
After the victory, you can go to the dead, inspect their inventory (key "F") and pick up some useful things.

  Radioactive release

At a certain point in time over the radio we will hear a message about an early radioactive release. Immediately we forget about all our current affairs and begin to seek refuge in order to wait out a local disaster.
See the map. We have a new task, "To hide from the release." We select this task as active and run to this particular point. In our case, most likely you will have to go down to the shore of the swamp and enter the large pipe located under the road. We sit in the pipe, waiting until the release is over. The end of the emission will also be reported over the radio link on the stalker frequency.



Зов Припяти. Скат-5 "Skat-5": explore the place of the fall
We enter the swamp area. We see acidic swamps, and on the far bank lies a fallen Skat-5 helicopter. It is better not to walk through the swamp itself without acid protection. We go around the swamp around, on hard ground we reach the helicopter , we examine it (the key "F"). Task completed.
We learn that all the electronics of the helicopter burned. We get the following main task "Skat-5": to find the cause of the electronics burnout. Let's leave this task for the future (it is performed in a different location), but for now let's start the search for the next nearest helicopter Skat-2.

Go to the next task.

Secret. We can search the neighborhood. We crawl under the tail of the helicopter, on the other hand we find two boxes, in them we take the blue first-aid kit, medicines. Nearby in the swamp there is an artifact - this is a mobile clot of energy, flying over the water. The artifact itself is not visible, all that remains is barely noticeable ripples on the water. Take the artifact detector (key "O"), the frequency of occurrence of sound determine how close we are to the artifact. Coming to the source of the signal as close as possible, press the "F" key to grab the artifact that appeared.


Зов Припяти. Скат-2 "Skat-2": explore the place of the fall
The second helicopter is located in the southwest corner of the location in the Iron Forest anomaly. Behind the fence we see an electrical substation, on its territory lies a helicopter, but near it is a dangerous electrical creature - a poltergeist. This monster is barely noticeable, looks like an electric ball. He can lift objects at a distance and throw them at us. Poltergeist is easy to destroy with an ordinary gunfire, the main thing is to find him as soon as possible.
There is a cluster of electrical anomalies near the helicopter. Among them you can find an artifact.
After the victory we approach the helicopter and inspect it. In the onboard computer we find a map of the area. We get the following task "Find those interested in the map."

Almost any stalker can learn that the stalker guide nicknamed Lotsman is interested in the maps.
We go to the base "Warehouse", we find Lotsmana in the bar on the first floor. Give the card, we get a discount from the Pilot. Now the journey from Zaton to Jupiter costs not 3,000, but only 1,000 rubles.


Зов Припяти. Скат-3 Skat-3: explore the fall site
From stalkers we learn that one of the helicopters fell on a high plateau, where not to get in the usual way. Only one of the stalkers named Noah knows the way. We get a new quest "Find Noah".

Find Noah
We learn that Noah lives in the Story barge just south of Skladovsk. We approach the barge, we knock on the door, we evade from shot from the shotgun. More Noah will not shoot, so we go inside. Noah has a mutant tame dog, you shouldn't be afraid of him.

We agree with Noah on a joint raid on the plateau. Together we move to the “Burnt Farm” anomaly.
Noah runs between the lights and jumps into a teleport at the edge of the anomaly. Repeat the path of Noah. To determine the safe path take the bolts (key "6") and throw them in front of you. If nothing happened - you can go forward, if a fire broke out - you need to bypass this place. We reach the open gate, jump forward.
We teleported straight to the South Plateau. We approach the fallen helicopter, inspect it, but do not find the remains of people. We get a new task to search for possible evacuation points of the helicopter crew.

Point of evacuation "B2"
Go to the "Skladovsk" ask the bartender about the military. He replies that the military was not here. We need to look for other points.

All the main quests in the Zaton location are over. You can complete additional quests on the Backwater , bypass all the anomalies in search of artifacts . And you can leave it for later, since you can always return to Zaton.

To go to the second large location - the Jupiter Plant, you need to go to the conductor Lotsman in Warehouse. With Lotman agree on a trip to the station "Yanov".

  Plant "Jupiter"

Yanov is a local stalker base located inside the train station. Inside there is one merchant in the window called "Cashier". The headquarters of the Duty group is in one corner of the building, and the headquarters of the Svoboda group is in the opposite corner. A monster specialist settled in the basement, and there is our personal box for storing the accumulated habr.

  Point of evacuation "B205"

Зов Припяти. Точка эвакуации Б205 Point of evacuation "B205"
The point is located in the south-west of the railway station, in the area of ​​the Volkhov air defense missile system.
On the territory of the air defense system we encounter a dozen zombie enemies. Zombies shoot well, but move slowly, use it in battle. We enter the building, inside one room on the table we find the document Note from Sokolov . We learn that at this point was one of the military - Sokolov, but now he went to the bunker of scientists.

From the air defense missile system we go north to the scientists' bunker. We remove the weapon (key "6"), we enter the bunker, we find Sokolov . The military man tells his story, takes his note, gives the first-aid kit. Sokolov has no important information, so we are looking for the remaining helicopters.

Secret. We descend into the underground hangar under the air defense system "Volkhov", we enter the right corridor. At the end of the tunnel we see a door with a combination lock. The code is indicated in the found note of Sokolov.
Behind the door we pass to the dam, we pass into the ventilation on the right. On the next tunnel we go around the blockage. Behind the next door, a dangerous monster burer is waiting for us (a thick dwarf in a raincoat, able to defend himself with an energy shield and attack, throwing objects with an effort of thought). Against the burer, it is good to use a shotgun at close range. When the burer turns on its energy shield, it is useless to hit it, at this time we hide around the corner and recharge. If there is no shotgun, then you can take a knife, quietly run up to the enemy and finish it off.
After the victory we climb up the stairs, we find ourselves in a stock of weapons. Here you can take a dozen machine guns, lots of ammunition, grenades, as well as an RPG grenade launcher and several rockets for it.


Зов Припяти. Скат-1 "Skat-1": explore the place of the fall
We go to the south in the area of ​​the helipads. In front of the platform we see a glade with “Mines” signs. Mines are installed both in the ground and under an asphalt road, but they are completely invisible. Take the bolt in hand, throw it in front of you. If there is a mine ahead, then the bolt will bounce back in a strange way; if not, you can go forward.
We approach the helicopter , we examine it, we find the black box.
Now we need to leave here, but not immediately, while we are standing and waiting. Behind us begins to run a whole herd of boar-mutants. Monsters are blown up by mines. We achieve surviving enemies. The mines have become much smaller, but they are still there, so we carefully walk back through the minefield only where the dead boars lie.

“Skat-1”: give the “black box” to the decryption technique
We return to the Yanov station, approach the vehicle, nicknamed Nitrogen , and give him the black box found in the helicopter. Decryption box will take 3 hours. At this time, you can perform additional tasks, and you can go to the sleeping room, fall asleep for 3 hours, and immediately return to Azot.
Technician Nitrogen requires for its work 3000 rubles . We pay, after that we listen to the recording from the black box. We learn that the military chose the evacuation current “B28” in the center of the city of Pripyat.

  Way to Pripyat

Зов Припяти. Путь в Припять Way to Pripyat: to ask the conductor
Ask the guide Pilot about the trip to Pripyat. The pilot cannot lead us, but he knows about the existence of an underground tunnel at the Jupiter plant. It is necessary to search the plant in search of documents that tell about the location of the tunnel.

The way to Pripyat: check the administrative building of the plant "Jupiter"
We go to the southeast corner of the location of the plant. You can enter the plant only through one gate in the northwestern corner of the concrete fence.
On the territory of the plant there are no dangerous enemies, only a few mutant dogs. We enter the administrative building, go up to the second floor, turn left. In the room we find the document folder with the order .

Secret. We rise to the fourth floor. In the first room on the left we take the administrative documents. They are required to perform the additional task "Latest Developments". Nearby in the overturned table we find the “bump stop” and the cartridges to it.
When we take the documents, the mercenaries will immediately attack us. We shoot off enemies on the landing. We take away the CCP from the mercenary leader. These things will then need to bring scientists to the bunker.

Way to Pripyat: check the laboratory building of the plant "Jupiter"
The document mentions the next place, go to him. We do not go out into the street, but immediately proceed to the next building through a tunnel on the second floor. We fall into the laboratory complex. In one room on the shelves we find the tetrad sheet .

Way to Pripyat: check the delivery department of the plant "Jupiter"
We are looking for the next document in the delivery department of the plant. Inside we read another paper Delivery Schedule .

Secret. In the courtyard of the plant we see a small building of five high tanks. There is nothing on the tanks themselves, but a secret is hidden under them. You can go down the stairs, located near the north-west corner of the foundation. Below there are several acid anomalies. We approach the pipe, leaving the foundation, in it we find the secret note Strelka.

Way to Pripyat: check the repair shop of the plant "Jupiter"
We enter the repair shop of the plant through the south-eastern part of the building. Inside just do not go to the next shop. First we go down the stairs. On the underground path we pass into the next hall, we rise up, we appear on the second suspended floor of the repair shop. We go to the control cabin, we find the necessary information in the document .

Skat-4: explore the fall site
From the control cabin we go further along the second floor, we leave into the adjacent hangar. In the hangar we see the destroyed roof and the crashed helicopter , we examine it.
To the right of the green machine we inspect the tables, on one of them we find a piece of paper .

The way to Pripyat: check the transport gateway of the “Pripyat-1” overpass
We continue to inspect the premises of the plant. We pass into the accomodation beyond the iron fence. We enter the control room with a flashing red lamp. In the control room we find the log of the shift shift .

Path to Pripyat: check the first department of the Jupiter plant
We leave from the central building of plant, we go into the first section, located on the northeast. On the second floor of the department building on the rack we find the overpass scheme .
All information about the underground tunnel is collected. The tunnel does exist, but it is filled with gas and closed by massive locks that can only be opened with an electric generator. We return to the base of stalkers.


Зов Припяти. Припять-1 The way to Pripyat: talk to a technician about the overpass
Documents found at the Jupiter plant, we show the Nitrogen technique. He says he can run generators. We only need to assemble a group of brave souls to cover the technique. And each fighter in the group, including us, must have a suit with a closed breathing system.

Way to Pripyat: to find a suit with a closed breathing system
For ourselves, we need to buy the SEVA overalls for 25,000 thousand. This suit is available from the dealer at the station Yanov. You can also order a suit from the Shustroi courier on the third floor of the Warehouse.

Way to Pripyat: talk to Zulus about going to Pripyat
To recruit a team, we go to the stalker Zulus , who lives nearby in the tower to the northeast of the base of stalkers. During the communication with Zulus you will have to constantly drink vodka so that by the end of the conversation we will lose consciousness. We regain consciousness. Zulu agrees to organize a group, and the headquarters of our squad will be located in the Zulu room. Now, having found a new member of the group, we have to send him to the tower to the Zulus.

The way to Pripyat: to assemble a detachment for the march to Pripyat
Going to an underground tunnel is a dangerous thing, so ordinary stalkers would never go to our squad. We can persuade only three special fighters. For the entry of each member of the squad will have to perform their additional tasks.
In general, you can recruit one of any fighter and go into the tunnel in a small group. But if we collect all three, we will get the achievement “Leader” and a good increase in the health of all members of the squad.

Pripyat-1: Sokolov
The easiest way to recruit a survivor of the military Sokolov . We go to the bunker of scientists, we speak with Sokolov. He immediately agrees to go with us, but he needs to get a protective suit.
In the next room we speak with the scientist Ozersky. The scientist is ready to provide a suit in exchange for the performance of his task.
Abnormal plant: get a sample of vegetation
It is necessary to investigate the anomalous zone and bring a sample of mutated vegetation.
We go to the zone in the south-east of the bunker scientists. There are many dangerous acid anomalies here, so we move neatly to the top of the hill. Scientists can buy pills that temporarily increase resistance to acid, then the task will be much simpler. In the center of the anomaly take a flower . (Achievement "discoverer").
We return to the scientists, give the flower, we get a suit. We speak with Sokolov, together with him we go to the Zulus.

Pripyat-1: Vano
At the Yanov station in the corner of the bar, we are talking to a Georgian stalker named Vano. To invite Vano to the squad, you need to complete two of his tasks related to money.
First, Vano owed the gangsters 5,000 rubles. We take his money and carry the bandits to the camp. You should not go without your own money, since the robbers will demand interest in the amount of 2000 rubles. Gangsters can be intimidated if we have good armor and powerful weapons in our inventory, otherwise we will have to pay 7,000 rubles . (You can simply kill the bandits from the weapon, but in the camp there are several dozen people, it will be very difficult. But it is better to pay off, for this we will get the Diplomat achievement).
Secondly, when Vano gets rid of his debts, it turns out that he laid down his protective suit for the very 5,000 rubles . We redeem a suit from a Hawaiian merchant. After that, together with Vano go to the Zulus.

"Pripyat-1": Tramp
First you need to find a detachment of "Monolith" . We find a detachment to the south of the Volkhvov air defense missile system, near a small bridge. These people came out from under the zombie radiation of the monolith and now do not pose a threat. The tramp is the leader of the group of these former "Monoliths". He asks us to find shelter for people.
We return to the base “Yanov”, we ask stalkers about the shelter for the Monolith. Permission to enter can only be given by the leader of the Debt or the leader of the Freedom. And for this you have to gain confidence - to perform the additional task "Abnormal activity".
We go to the scientists, we begin to work on them. First, we pass the mission "Study of anomalies." Then we perform the “Abnormal scan”. To perform the task, you need to pick up the best detector - “Svarog” and come to the cooling tower zone (an industrial reservoir for cooling water). After this, the bodies of the military "Debt" will appear on top of the inclined surface. Examining the body, we find the CCP, we attribute it to the leader of the group "Debt".
After that, the leader of the “Debt” agrees to accept the Monolithic We bring homeless people to the Yanov station. We find the given Vagabond, we call him to our detachment, together with him we go to the Zulus.

When the necessary team will be collected, go to the Zulus. Be sure to wear a suit with a closed breathing system, we collect rounds of cartridges and first-aid kits with us (during the next mission it will not be possible to go back, but after passing through the tunnel it will again be possible to move between locations).

  "Pripyat-1": Overpass

Зов Припяти. Путепровод (If we scored a full squad, then we have the opportunity to go through the tunnel ideally. If not one member of the squad dies in the tunnel, this will affect the ending of the game).

In the first part of the tunnel we inspect the destroyed cars, collect weapons and ammunition in them. We are attacked by single enemies - snorkels and tushkans.
Near the closed gate press the button on the panel. Behind the gate there is a gas-filled room where a whole flock of snorks dwells. We kill enemies, we pass through the anomalies, using the detector. We examine the cabins and car bodies, we find cartridges and medicines. Open another door with the button.
We enter a wide tunnel, here we shoot snorks and zombies. On the nearest locomotive we find the AS-92 weapon and ammunition. In the car, we find more ammunition. Snorks are trying to shoot from afar, otherwise they will jump between the squad members, and our people may accidentally start shooting at each other.
Open the next door. Immediately shoot snorks from a shotgun, even before the door is fully opened.

We enter a large round room. Inside is empty. We approach the desired door, but it is de-energized and does not open. We rise up to the platform with a transformer. Push the switch , voltage is applied. Immediately after this, aggressive Monolithists appear on all sides. We are hiding behind a transformer, we shoot down our enemies. It is useful to carry a sniper rifle or machine gun with a sight.
After defeating the enemies, we go to the connected door. Energy flows, but the door does not open here, but through the control room. We go around anomalies, we rise in the control room. In the control room, we are under the sights of the monolith snipers. Quickly hide around the corner, then alternately shoot the enemies. There are only two of them: one on the left, on the very top floor under the ceiling; the second is to the right of the floor above us. From here you can shoot the usual monolith soldiers fighting the bottom. Click on the button , go down to the open door.
Behind the door we enter the next wide tunnel. There is nothing interesting here: ordinary enemies - snorkels, zombies and jerboas, in the corners you can find cartridges. At the end of the way we climb the stairs to the surface.


On the surface, an armed detachment of the military is already waiting for us. In this situation, the main character of Dyagtery reveals himself and shows the CSS identification.
The military take us to their headquarters, located in the laundry building of the city of Pripyat. We communicate with the leader of the unit - Colonel Kowalski. We learn that the helicopters were shot down by the Monolith with the help of very powerful unusual weapons. We get the task to find this weapon.

  Unknown weapon

Зов Припяти. Неизвестное оружие Unknown weapon: join the squad
We go to the hospital building, here we are already waiting for the detachment. Together with the military we enter the building, occupy a comfortable position. In the opposite building we see a detachment of monoliths. We are waiting for them to go out into the yard, shoot them. Go down to search the body.
When we find ourselves downstairs, much more monolith fighters will appear in the next building. Quickly we run away from this ambush, we hide in the building. One by one we shoot enemies from afar.
Our main goal is a monolith with a laser cannon, located on the high roof of the left building. He can kill us from the first shot, so you should not linger for a long time in open space. You can quickly run up to the building on which the sniper stands with a laser rifle, and then gently move away and shoot him vertically from the bottom up. When we kill an enemy, he will fall down with his weapon. We select gauss-cannon . Now you can leave the battlefield.

Unknown weapon: carry weapons to Kowalski
We return to the headquarters of the military. Show weapons to Kowalski. The gun was damaged in the fall, now it is impossible to shoot out of it. We need to find a technique for repairing weapons. But this is for later, and right now on the radio we get the following task.

  Missing reconnaissance group
STALKER: Call Of Pripyat. Passage

Missing reconnaissance: to find the squad
We go to the clearing to the west of the hostel, we find the killed soldiers. We receive a message from Kovalsky about the group "Monolith", which settled in the destroyed store "Books".

Cluster "Monolith": will meet with the help
We go to the store to the south-west, on the road we meet a support group of two soldiers.

Secret. On the way you can go to the basement of the building of the Department Store, there are hidden calibration tools that provide access to the latest weapons and armor improvements.

In the bookstore we kill the detachment of the monolith. In one of the rooms we find a large pile of metal debris, which is an antenna for controlling monolithians. We shoot at the antenna in order to knock out from it the central cylindrical object. Task completed.

  Unknown Weapon: Solution

Неизвестное оружие: Разгадка Unknown weapon: obtain information
On the basis of the military approach to the conductor Garik, together with him we are moving back to Zaton.
In the barge "Skladovska" find equipment nicknamed Cardan . We show the gauss cannon to Cardan, he is very surprised by this, but immediately faints from drinking alcohol. We need to wait about six hours until Cardan wakes up. Fast rewind time can be if you use the bed in the next room to the left.
We approach the awakened Cardan. He says that he took part in the development of this cannon under the official name “Product No. 62”, but he needs more information to understand the structure of this weapon. The development was carried out in the test shop under the electrical substation located in the south-west of the Backwaters, where the Iron Forest anomaly is now located. We receive from Cardan an access card to the test shop .

"Product number 62": find the documentation in the test shop
We go to the “Iron Forest” anomaly, enter a small one-story building, go down under the ground, open the door with a card. We pass the floor, shooting zombies.
On the lower floor we find ourselves in a room with rails and hanging paths on the walls. Below lives a huge monster - a pseudo-giant. It is easy to hide from the monster on the upper floors, and shoot him from there, but it is better not to fight, it will take a lot of rounds and grenades. Immediately we climb onto the suspension path, on the upper balcony we crawl to the other side of the room. We descend a little lower, at the height of the third floor, we get up on the cornice that runs along the wall, we crawl along it to the platform, where it is impossible to climb the stairs. From here we go up to the big square pipe, jump inside the pipe to the ventilation, through it we pass to the next closed room.
In the room we see a huge gauss cannon. Next on the table we take the documents . We learn about the laboratory X-8, where all the other experiments took place, take the yellow key card "X-8" . We leave from here.
We return to Cardan, give him the documents found and the broken gauss cannon. After waiting a day, we take away the whole weapon.

Gauss cannon: tell Kovalsky about weapons
We return to Pripyat to the military base, we communicate with Kowalski.

  Missing hour

Lost hour: find the hour
Kovalsky has another problem - one of the sentries does not get in touch. We go to the building of the Deli, we see the sentry screaming and shooting in all directions. After a couple of seconds, the soldier dies, and the monster controller comes around the corner. Quickly run around the corner to hide from the controller's hypnosis. We leave from behind the corner for a few seconds, shoot the enemy, and hide again. So without loss we kill a particularly dangerous mutant.

  Laboratory X-8

Зов Припяти. Лаборатория Х-8 Laboratory X8: find documents about experiments
We learn that the laboratory is under the building of the Yubileiny KBR. We arrive at the site and see that the only elevator does not work. To run it, you need to climb to the top floor of the building and run the generator for the elevator.
The whole building is filled with zombies and monoliths. Each corner of the building has its own interfloor staircase. The first floors pass easily along any staircase, but then you need to inspect each staircase in order to find one that can be climbed higher. On the sixth floor, activate the generator, go down. On the elevator we fall under the ground.

Laboratory X8: leave the underground complex or continue searching for documents
Use the access card, get into the X-8. The architecture here is very messy. The rooms themselves are small, but they are interconnected in various places. Our task: to find 6 documents in this labyrinth. (You can collect only 1 document and immediately exit, but this will affect the ending). There are four different rooms in total, at the central fork they are marked with blue signs at the door.
1 document. We go to the training class on the left. Here the monster flies - electra. It is impossible to kill this enemy, therefore we study its trajectory, and then we run past it. We get down into the lower room, on the table we find the first document . We return to the center to the entrance door.
2 document. We go to the dining room. We descend the stairs, then go to the right and climb the other stairs. In the side toilet room we find a monster byurera. We run closer and kill the monster with a knife. In the main room of the dining room on one of the tables we find the second document .
3 document. From the dining room we go to the previous room, jump down through the gap in the floor. Below we go along the corridor, we open the iron door. We go down to two large boilers. On the table next to them we find the third document .
4 document. From the center we go to the Laboratory premises (plate with test tubes). We see the flooded room, in the center there is a strange device "Rainbow". We approach the computer desk, at the computer we find the fourth document .
5 document. From the laboratory on the ground floor we go to the room Elevator. (From the central room you cannot directly get into the second elevator shaft). On the lower floor we enter the open elevator shaft, climb the stairs and platforms, jump to the upper open floor.
In the next room on the left there are three bureres at once, so you should prepare for the battle with them. The best tactic against bureres is to close them with a knife, but since there are three such enemies at once, in order not to die, you need to constantly restore health using powerful first-aid kits — blue or yellow. You can also shoot bureres with a shotgun, hiding around the corner, but such an exchange of fire will drag on for a long time because of the telepathic shields on the monsters.
After the victory we look around the room. On the central platform, on the table near the pipe, is the fifth document .
6 document. From the room with the bureres on the suspension bridge we go up to the upper room, take the sixth document .

Secret. From the center go to the laboratory. We go down downward on the stairs, we rise along the adjacent stairs to the right. Upstairs we climb the fire escape. In the upper room we find a poltergeist, and in the corner lies a machine gun.

After collecting the documents, we exit X-8.

  Radio interference

Зов Припяти. Радиопомехи Attention! As soon as we start the next task “Radio interference”, the conductor will leave the military base, and we will not be able to move from Pripyat to other locations anymore. If you want to perform some additional tasks, then this must be done before the start of the “Radio Interference” mission.

One-on-one conversation: talk to Kowalski
Kowalski said that he could not contact the center, as someone creates radio interference on the air. The commander of the military asks to find the three missing soldiers and, according to their information, determine the source of interference.

Radio interference: find the missing squad
At the intended point of the search we find the corpses of two soldiers . From one of them we take away explosives, we learn the coordinates of the enemy radio station.

Radio interference: enter the kindergarten building
We approach the destroyed building of the kindergarten, install explosives on the door, wait for the explosion and enter inside.

Inside zad.sad few zombies and poltergeystov wander. We go up to the 2nd floor, go to the left wing of the building, go down to the 1st floor along the main staircase, turn left and then up again to the 2nd floor by another staircase. In the room we find the antenna of the monoliths, consisting of a pile of garbage. We shoot at wooden boards under the antenna, from which it will fall to the ground floor. We jump into the formed hole, below in the large refrigerator we find the locked third soldier. Together with the soldier we return to the base.


Unknown: check signal source
Communication has been restored, Kowalski is contacting headquarters, but the military are afraid to send helicopters until the reasons for the fall of the previous Skat helicopters have been clarified.
Not far from the base, the military spotted a strange moving signal. We move to the place, but we find nothing. Signalers report a new location of the signal, go there. Then again we go for the signal. In the end, we find out that someone is moving to our base through underground tunnels.
Unknown: prepare for an attack on the base
By order of Kowalski, we are urgently returning to the base in order to prepare for a possible attack. In the end, the attack will not be. The signal source was a lone stalker, the shooter - the hero of previous games STALKER

Detachment "Skat": find the source of the discharges that hit two helicopters
The shooter explained to the military that the helicopters had fallen into the zone anomalies, despite their thorough preparation. Just the military used an outdated map of anomalies. Anomalies moved after the next radioactive release, and the military were not ready for such a turn of events. The reason is clear, it remains to report to the command.

Secret. If in the course of the game you found the Arrow caches, now you can give the Stalker documents found to the Arrow. If we managed to find all the records, we will get the “Keeper of Secrets” achievement and change the ending of the game.


Зов Припяти. Эвакуация Evacuation: ride out
In the laundry, wait for a radioactive release. Immediately after this, Kovalsky contacts the Center and agrees on the arrival of the helicopters to the evacuation point. We collect more ammunition and move forward to the last task.

Evacuation: Cover Arrow
The evacuation point is located in the north of Pripyat, on the square near the cinema "Prometheus" and the port. Moving to the goal in the squad of the military. During the evacuation Shooter must stay alive, so we constantly cover it. On the way we shoot back from monsters and zombie people.

Evacuation: urgent return to helicopters
At the point of evacuation, the helicopters had already landed, but it was necessary to clear the territory of the enemies in order to fly safely. We are hiding in a small depression, and we hold the defense, as the Monolithians are starting to attack from all sides. There is a hot battle ahead. It’s good to have a sniper rifle with you in order to remove monolith snipers sitting on the roofs of tall buildings. It is better to shoot the remaining enemies from a distance using a machine gun with a sight. From time to time you need to run away from the grenades thrown into our trench.

After the victory, we get a choice: immediately leave the zone or stay for side quests. If we stay, then it will be possible to complete the game at any time by talking to the conductor.
The whole game is over !!!

In the end we look through various slides about the subsequent fate of plot characters and groups. What kind of slides you see depends on the actions you have done throughout the game: completing additional tasks, supporting groups, getting achievements, finding secrets. (The fans of the Mass Effect series dreamed about such a multi-dimensional ending, but only the fans of the STALKER series waited for it).

Page selection menu:

Story missions: Zaton , Jupiter Plant , Pripyat .

Additional missions: Zaton , Jupiter Plant , Pripyat .

Artifacts , Achievements , Location Maps , FAQ .

  Pass additional missions

Repeat quests : Release , Special Order , Custom Artifacts .

The list of quests on the location Zaton
Capercaillie : The disappearance of stalkers , The disappearance of stalkers (2) .
Snag : Unavailable cache , Reputation , Theft .
Slasher : Supplies .
Locman : Maps of the area .
Sultan : Hitting , Deal , Dark Affairs .
Owl : Deal , Mercenary Camp , Tempting Business .
Beard : Strange phenomenon , Deal , Bloodsucker's lair , Compass .
Cardan : Tools , Three Comrades .
Gonta : In search of Magpies , Chimera hunting .

The list of quests on the location of Jupiter
Nitrogen : Radio engineering , Tools .
Bear : Hostage .
Vano : Debts .
Uncle Yar : Kopachi .
Deerslayer : Hunting for bloodsuckers , Hunting for bureres , Night hunting .
Sliver : Retribution .
Flint : Alien merit .
Garik : A contract with scientists .
Professor Hermann : Variable psi radiation , Anomaly research, Anomaly research (2) , Anomalous activity , Recent developments , Protection of scientists .
Professor Ozersky : Oasis , Hypothesis , Anomalous Plant .
Lieutenant Colonel Shulga : Warehouse "Debt" , History of "Debt" .
Loki : Debt Warehouse, Debt History .
Tramp : Surviving Monolith .
Shooter : Pilotless Scout .

The list of quests in Pripyat location
Colonel Kowalski : One shot .
Zulus : RP-74 Zulus .

  Repeatable quests

  Overshoot. Passage

Who get the quest: automatically over time
Conditions for obtaining: no
Execution: Release: find shelter
At certain intervals in the exclusion zone, radioactive releases occur. When we hear a radio message about the imminent release, we immediately forget about all our current affairs and begin to seek shelter in order to wait out the local disaster.
See the map. We have a new task, "Emission: to find shelter." We select this task as active and run to this particular point. Reaching the shelter, we sit and wait until the release is over. The end of the emission will also be reported over the radio link on the stalker frequency.
Ejection can wait without shelter, in the open, if you use the drug Anabiotik (you can buy only in the bunker of scientists). After use, we faint for a couple of hours, and we get up when the discharge has already passed. Having survived three outliers in this way, you can get the “Marked by Zone” achievement and are not afraid of an outlier at all.
Reward: no.

  Special order. Passage

Who to get the quest: Smart (merchant in Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: no
On the basis of stalkers on the third floor, the courier Smart is sitting alone. He can order any weapon or armor. To order, you must pay only a portion of the amount as a deposit.
Special order: expect delivery
After placing an order, you will have to wait a while until it is delivered. At this time, you can walk around the zone and collect the remaining amount of the payment, or you can go to bed and quickly skip a few hours of play.
Special order: pick up the goods
If such an inscription appeared, it means you need to return to Shustrom within a few hours and pay for the order. If we do not have time in time, then the attitude of the Fastest will deteriorate towards us, and the next time the order will cost much more.
Reward: ordered item.

  Artifacts to order. Passage

Who get the quest: Beard (merchant in Skladovsk)
Conditions for obtaining: no
After several tasks, bartender Beard has the opportunity to constantly perform the same quest, but each time you need to look for a new type of artifact.
Custom-made artifacts: find the artifact "(random type)"
To find an artifact, you need to study the zone very well. It is necessary to remember in which anomalies what type of artifacts appear. If you do not remember, for this you can use special location maps.
After receiving the task, we quickly go to the anomaly, where such artifacts appear. We must hurry, because we have competitors - other stalkers. They can bring a beard artifact before us, then the task will be failed. When someone finds an artifact before us, it appears on the map. With this stalker, you can talk and buy back an artifact from him, but you have to pay for it by giving up your best weapon.
Reward: Artifact Cost

  Backwater. Additional missions

  The disappearance of stalkers. Passage

Who get the quest: Wood grouse (Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: The wood-grouse asked for help in searching for the missing hunter who was looking for a den of bloodsuckers. Judging by the available information, it is the bloodsuckers involved in all the recent disappearances of stalkers.
The disappearance of stalkers: find the missing hunter
We go to the goal in the anomaly "Sosnodub." In place we find only the dead bloodsucker. But at this time the Capercaillie makes contact and asks to follow him. We go to the new goal in the north.
Together with Glukhar we go to the zone “VNZ“ Krug ”, we enter the building where the bloodsucker was seen. Inside we go down to the underground floor, there in the right side room we find the bloodsucker. You can immediately throw him a grenade. After attacking the first, a second bloodsucker appears. He will have to kill with firearms, and this is difficult, since the monster most of the time is in stealth mode.
After the victory we go for the Grouse, through the elevator shaft we jump even lower. In the room we find three corpses of stalkers killed by bloodsuckers. We search them, collect ammunition.
We enter the next room, there are several monsters in it at once, but they all sleep. Waking up the monsters is not worth it, so we move in squatting, without touching the enemies, we creep forward.
Having passed the room, we rise upward, we jump into the pit, we prove to be in the through tunnel near the marshes. The wood-grouse did not find the Danila he was looking for. He leaves, promising to contact us later. And we have the opportunity to tell the stalkers about the found lair of bloodsuckers.
Reward: access to the next task.

  The disappearance of stalkers (2). Passage

Who to get the quest: A day after the first part of the task
Conditions for obtaining: completed the task "The disappearance of stalkers"
Description: In the building there were no traces of Danila the hunter. The Capercaillie, however, seems to be perplexed by what has been found inside the BHH; he asks to meet with him later - wants to find out some details.
The disappearance of stalkers: will meet with the wood grouse later
We receive a signal from the wood grouse. We go to Skladovsk, but there we do not find this stalker. We ask Beard, he reports that the Capercaillie is waiting in the south near the port cranes.
We arrive at the place, inspect a small house near the giant cranes. Inside the building we find the corpse of Danila, a little farther we see the medic Tremor standing above the corpse of Glukhar. Listening to Tremor. He talks about his illness, similar to vampirism. He repents everything and therefore kills himself before our eyes.
We return to the Beard, we tell that Tremor was to blame for the disappearance of stalkers, but not bloodsuckers.
Reward: Detective achievement, 10,000 and the coordinates of two caches.

  Unavailable cache. Passage

Who get the quest: Snag (stalker at the table on Skladovsk)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Snag left a container with a swag in Zaporozhets, but during a recent earthquake, the car fell underground.
We approach the refueling, we shoot the creeping snorks. Behind the building we descend to the bottom. In the car Zaporozhets find a box with Habr. Getting out of the cliffs will not work, so we go up through the dark caves, avoiding anomalies and shooting snorks.
The exact path to the exit of the maze: From the Zaporozhets go into the left cave, again turn left. On the way to the left we will see a high window on the left, we pass by it. Further on the way about the white stone there will be the second such window lower, we jump into it. After this we go straight (to the right of another white stone) to the cave, which goes steeply upwards. On the cave we turn left, then right, so we get to the surface.
Reward: Snag allows you to pick up any item from the found box: weapons "Fora", medical kit, improved AKM / 2U, the artifact "Soul", army steel Helmet.

  Reputation. Passage

Who to get the quest: Smart (courier on the third floor of Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: to buy from the smart any weapon
Description: We need to find the snag and make him bite his tongue.
We take the purchased weapon in hands. We pass by the stalker Snag, he says that it is his stolen weapon. Go back to Shustrom to find out the truth. The smart one denies everything and asks to find the snag to punish the liar. Snag runs away from Warehouse. We can find him only in the next location at Yanov station, completing the task “Theft”.
Reward: The next quest Theft.

  Theft. Passage

Who get the quest: personal box on Jan
Conditions for obtaining: the quest "Reputation" at the stage "Find a snag." It is necessary to leave at least one thing in a personal box in the basement of the Yanov station. Returning after a while, we find that things are gone
Description: Know who could steal your belongings.
We ask stalkers about the disappearance. Only a medic will tell us that he recently saw a strange stalker Snag. We learn that the snag went in the direction of the Zulu tower.
We go to the Zulus, ask him. He says he recently drove a couple of thugs away from his tower with shots, and then they fled north towards Polustanka.
On Polustok we find an unknown thug and a wounded lying Slug. We communicate with the gangster. It depends on our answer whether it will be hostile or neutral. We talk with Koryagya. Just like that, he is not going to tell where our things are going. Then there are three options.
Option 1). We are independently looking for a cache. Behind the building on Polustanka on the ground we find the hatch with the lid open, go down and find the safe where our stolen items and Kalyag belongings lie. During this time the snag dies.
Option 2). We treat snag first aid kit. He thanks us and shows us a cache with stolen items.
Option 3). We kill the snag. On his body we find the PDA. In the messages we find the location of the cache
Reward: our lost things, a random thing from the box of the snags.

  The supplies. Passage

Who to get the quest: Slasher (mercenary at the entrance to the workshop substation)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: It is necessary to take the collected supplies to the mercenaries who are located in the workshops of the substation.
Supplies: take food to mercenaries
Food can be bought in Warehouse from Barmen. You can kill zombie stalkers in the northwestern zone, and collect food from them.
Reward: open access to the substation workshop area. Inside in the yard behind the house on the boxes you can find tools for fine work.

  Maps of the area. Passage

Who to get the quest: the task "Skat-2"
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: After inspecting the Skat-2 helicopter in the on-board computer, we find a map of the area. It is necessary to find interested in it.
Almost any stalker can learn that the stalker guide nicknamed Lotsman is interested in the maps. We go to the base "Skladovsk", we find the Pilot in the bar on the first floor, give him a card, get a discount on his services.
Reward: a discount - a trip from Zaton to Jupiter costs not 3,000, but only 1,000 rubles.

  The lair of bloodsuckers. Passage

Who to get the quest: Wood-grouse, Beard (merchant in Skladowsk)
Conditions for obtaining: The den of bloodsuckers was found (the quest Disappeared stalkers was completed)
Description: It is necessary to tell Beard about the bloodsuckers' den, discovered under the “Circle” exhibition, he knows what to do for the safety of stalkers.
The lair of the bloodsucker: tell the beard
After the discovery of the lair go to the beard at the base of Skadovsk. Beard offers to clean the lair not manually, but with the help of poison gas. We learn the location from Sych, a merchant on the second floor. For information you need to pay 2000 rubles.
Blood suckers lair: find poison gas
We learn that gas cylinders can be found on the bridge to them. Transfiguration (south-east Zaton). On the bridge we go from north to south, inspect all military vehicles on the way. Avoid anomalies, which are very many.
In the back of the truck we find a box, but to open it you need two keys. In the cab of the truck we find the "Order №423", the text of which indicates where the keys are.
The key "A" is found at the beginning of the bridge in the trunk of the car. The key "B" lies in the car that fell from the bridge. We go down to it on the fragment of the bridge. We return to the box, open it, pick up the cylinders.
Bloodsucker's Lair: Find the Ventilation Shaft
We return to the VNZ, where they found the lair. On the road we approach the panel, we use cylinders, we turn the valve. After that, two invisible bloodsuckers will attack us, kill them. In a few minutes the gas will be pumped into the lair. We return to the beard, pick up the award.
Reward: Veles anomaly detector, cache coordinates, 5000 rub.

  Hitting Passage

Who get the quest: Sultan (stalker-gangster in Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: A group of stalkers decided to become a gang, and rob their own stalkers. You have to decide what to do: take part in a run-in, warn a stalker, or not intervene?
Check in: decide what to do
We speak with Sultan, we obtain information about the impending attack of bandits on stalkers. (To prevent an attack, talk about this stalker grouse or beard).
Hitting: join the ranks of the robbers
We speak with the assistant Castet, wait for midnight and go to the barge T. Shevchenko.
Check in: wait for the appointed time
Once in place, we can choose who to support in the shootout: gangsters or stalkers. From our choice depends on what the next quest will be, and how all stalkers and bandits will treat us in general.
Reward: 1) for helping the bandits: we get 2100 rubles, the coordinates of the cache, the next quest is the Deal (with Sultan).
2) for helping stalkers: a set of medicines, cache coordinates, the next quest - Deal (with Beard).

  Mercenary camp. Passage

Who to get the quest: Sych (merchant in Skladovsk)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: The owl promised to pay well for any information carrier found in the mercenary camp at the recycling station. He is interested in mercenary plans.
Mercenary camp: pick up any information found
We go to the recycling station in the south-west of the backwater. A gang of about ten people hid in the building. Enemies are very dangerous, so you need to sneak up unnoticed behind the building and fight in melee, using a good machine gun and grenades, and constantly hiding around the corners. Or you can accumulate money, order a sniper rifle from a quick one, and shoot enemies from a distance with a rifle.
After the victory, we inspect the bodies of all the mercenaries, two of them have PDAs to be taken. We enter the building, on the top floor near the southern wall we find a laptop of mercenaries. All information attributed Sychu.
Reward: for a PDA - 1000 rubles each, for a laptop - 2000 rubles.

  A strange phenomenon. Passage

Who get the quest: Beard (bartender in Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: A particularly strange glow was noticed on the dredger. Beard asks to find his source.
Strange phenomenon: find the source of the glow on the dredger
We go to the dredger. We pass on board the ship, go around the anomalies, down the stairs inward. In the cabin of the captain instead of the steering wheel there is an artifact "Changed Wheel", we take it.
We leave from the ship. Immediately at the exit we are met by a stalker bandit. He says that he has long wanted to get this artifact to cure a friend.
Option 1. We give the artifact stalker bandit. We get nothing (If we follow the gangster, we will see that he has deceived us. He will attribute the artifact to Borod and just get the money for it).
Option 2. Leave the artifact itself. After that, the thug will attack us, another couple of thugs will come around the corner. After the victory, we hand over the Borod Artifact.
Reward: 3000 rubles, the coordinates of the cache.

  Deal (with a beard). Passage

Who get the quest: Beard (bartender in Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: Help stalkers on Shevchenko barge
Description: Meet the stalkers near the forestry, and help them stop the deal between the gangsters and the seller of weapons.
Deal: will meet with stalkers near forestry
Just get to the goal, unite with stalkers.
Deal: overhear the conversation
We pass into the building in front. We sit and listen to the voices in the next building. Dolgovets and gangsters agree on the supply of weapons.
Deal: prevent the purchase of weapons
We run out after stalkers, we shoot bandits. We search the body of the murdered Dolgan Morgan in the exoskeleton, pick up his CCP.
Reward: We speak with the leader of the group of stalkers, we get 2500 rubles, the coordinates of the cache. We return to the Beard, we get another 3500 rubles.

  Instruments. Passage

Who get the quest: Cardan (technician in Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Kordan asked me to find three sets of tools: for rough work, for fine work, plus a set for calibration. The technician will pay for the tool and, moreover, will be able to provide a more complex upgrade of the weapon or body armor.
Tools for rough work - Zaton, northwest corner, in the attic of the north house.
Инструменты для грубой работы. Карта Инструменты для грубой работы. Внешний вид
Tools for fine work - Zaton, workshops substations, on the box next to a group of mercenaries.
Инструменты для тонкой работы. Карта Инструменты для тонкой работы. Внешний вид
Calibration Tools - Pripyat, in the basement of the building "Department Store".
Инструменты для калибровки. Карта Инструменты для калибровки. Внешний вид
Reward: access to all Cardan improvements, achievement "Master of Combat Systems".

  Three comrades. Passage

Who get the quest: Cardan (technician in Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: completed quests Sultana
Description: Cardan asked to convey an apology to his comrades - stalkers Barge and Joker. After a quarrel, the guys left in an unknown direction.
Three comrades: learn about the fate of Barge and Joker
The Prankster's corpse lies near the Sosnodub zone, south of it, on a clearing in front of large stones.
Труп Шутника. Карта Труп Шутника. Внешний вид
We find the body of Barge to the southwest of the Burnt village, underground. Get down under the ground on any crack. Below we go to a large cave under a crack in the form of a letter V, from this cave we go to a northern dead end.
Труп Баржи. Карта Труп Баржи. Внешний вид
We collect them from the corpses of the CCP, we bring Cardan.
Reward: a change in the ending of the Cardan game.

  Tempting Business. Passage

Who to get the quest: Sych (merchant in Skladovsk)
Conditions for obtaining: completed quests Sultana
Description: Merchant Sych offered to participate in one profitable business. To do this, you need to find three detectors "Veles", take them to the bunker of scientists and give them to Novikov.
Tempting Business: bring Novikov three detectors "Veles"
One Velez can be obtained as a reward for the quest "The lair of bloodsuckers." Two more detectors will have to be bought from the Owl, or to remove from the bodies of especially rich enemies, such as mercenaries. We carry three detectors to Novikov in the camp of scientists at the location of the Plant "Jupiter".
Tempting Business: wait for the detectors to receive Sychom
The scientist improves the detectors and calls them detectors "Svarog". Now we need to wait about a day until Novikov's messengers return the improved detectors to Sych.
Tempting Business: convincing Brod to follow the agreement
We come to the owl. The merchant informs us that he has no money due to the fact that Beard does not pay his share of using detectors.
We approach the beard. He gives us the detector "Svarog", but is not going to give money, and sends us back to the owl.
Tempting Business: to demand a share from the Owl
Sych suggests us to turn to Sultan to deal with the Beard. You can agree to help, but you can demand your money right now, because the agreement was with Sych, not with the Bartender.
Option 1). We demand our share of the transaction, we get 1,500 rubles. Stay on good terms with the Beard.
Option 2). We approach the Sultan - we get the quest "Dark Business".
Award: Detector "Svarog", 1500 rubles or a new quest.

  Dark affairs. Passage

Who get the quest: Sultan (the leader of the bandits in Warehouse)
Conditions for obtaining: Running quest "Tempting business"
Description: Work on the Sultan, forcing the Beard to pay interest.
Sultan offers to learn about the latest tasks of Beard. Match and get the job to find the artifact "Compass". The task is performed very quickly, you just need to go to the hermit Noah and pick up the artifact. After that, access to the constant quests of Beard - "Search for an artifact."
We return to the Sultan. He tells the next part of the plan: you need to work on Beard to get detectors from him, which he distributes to his stalkers.
We take the task “Search for artifact” from Beard, we wait until other stalkers start searching for this artifact too. The map will mark the location of stalkers and competitors. We need to pick up all the improved detectors, from all stalkers. With stalkers, you can negotiate and offer a ransom, or kill them.
With detectors back to the Sultan. Now Sultan and I get a percentage of each deal from Beard.
Reward: 10,000 rubles, the coordinates of the cache, the percentage of the Beard (800 rubles per day), two detectors "Svarog".

  Compass. Passage

Who get the quest: Beard (merchant in Skladovsk)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed the job "Tempting business"
Description: There is always enough customers for a rare artifact. Should find him.
Compass: find Noah and find out where you can get this rare artifact
Go to the hermit Noah. We learn that the artifact does not need to search, Noah has already found it. He gives us the artifact just like that. We attribute the "Compass" beard.
Reward: 10 000 rubles, the coordinates of the cache, (for the performance of all the tasks of the Beard we get the achievement “Own Guy”).

  In search of Magpies (Retribution, Other people's merits). Passage

Who get the quest: Gonta (stalker in the medical center Skladovska)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: A stalker named Forty framed the Gonty group under the attack of a chimera. The guys are asked to find a poddonka.
In search of Magpies: find a stalker
The task can be obtained immediately, but it can be done only in the next location. About Soroka can tell Sych. We give him 1000 rubles, for this we learn that the Forty now lives on the Yanov station under a different name.
On Janov, at a bar at the table, we see a boulder stalker named Flint. This is the former Magpie, but evidence is needed to catch him.
At the Jupiter location we go to the Career zone with a large circular bucket. In a career we find a wounded stalker Sliver. He talks about who betrayed him, and then dies. We get a new task "Retribution: Avenging Sliver".
Сталкер Щепка. Карта Флинт «Свобода» (сталкер Сорока). Внешний вид
Other people's merit: to deal with Flint
We go to Yanov. We hear from Flint a story about how he got an artifact in his career. We ask him and find out that this is he who has set up the Gonta team and the stalker Sliver.
The facts obtained can be reported: 1) to the leader of Duty, 2) to the leader of Freedom, 3) to stalker Honta on Skladovsk. From the one to whom you tell the first, depends on the improvement of relations with one of the groups, and the subsequent achievement of achievement. After that, in any case, you can tell Gonte.
In search of the Magpies: inform Gonte
We return to Zaton, tell Gonta about the found stalker. (For some, when you submit the quest Gonte, on version 1.6.00 the game crashes).
Reward: 1000 rubles, the achievement of “a messenger for justice.”

  Hunting for Chimera. Passage

Who get the quest: Gonta (stalker in the medical center Skladovska)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed quest "Night Hunt" (on Janow)
Description: We must meet with Gonta before dawn, so that we can hunt a chimera together with his group.
Hunting for Chimera: will meet with Gont in the bar at three o'clock in the morning
In Warehouse we use a bed in the basement to sleep until the desired time. At three o'clock in the morning we meet with Gonta in the Skadovska bar. Together with him we move to the Emerald zone.
In the destroyed pioneer camp looking for a wounded monster. Chimera is sitting on the open stage. Imperceptibly come closer and attack her.
We approach Gaunt to complete the task. We return to the beast to get the reward.
Award: Shotgun SPSA-14, 2000 rubles, the achievement "Friend of stalkers."

  Plant Jupiter. Additional missions

  Radio engineering. Passage

Who get the quest: Nitrogen (technician on Janow)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Nitrogen needs materials for radio engineering. According to him, it makes sense to look for them at a cement plant.
Radio engineering: to get materials for Nitrogen
We go to the cement plant in the north-east. Do not enter the building itself, climb up the stairs of the water tower, climb from it onto the roof of the plant, jump into the hatch. Inside on each floor we inspect all the tables and shelves so as not to miss anything.
4th floor: a box of transistors, a coil of copper wire.
3rd floor: textolite base 2pcs. Bank of rosin.
2nd floor: packing capacitors, a coil of copper wire.
1st floor: Textolite base, bank of rosin.
Reward: price reduction at Nitrogen for repairs and modifications.

  Instruments. Passage

Who get the quest: Nitrogen (technician on Janow)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Nitrogen asked to find three sets of tools: for rough work, for accurate work, plus a set for calibration. The master will not only pay for the tool, but will also be able to provide a more serious upgrade of the weapon or body armor.
Tools: bring tools Nitrogen
Tools for rough work - Jupiter, center location, inside the train with electric. We hop into the train from the north bridge, we pass through the carriages, in time evading from the electra to the side.
Инструменты для грубой работы. Карта Инструменты для грубой работы. Внешний вид
Tools for fine work - Jupiter, in the building to the west of the plant "Jupiter". We climb to the attic.
Инструменты для тонкой работы. Карта Инструменты для тонкой работы. Внешний вид
Calibration tools - Pripyat, in the Old KBO building on the third floor.
Инструменты для калибровки. Карта Инструменты для калибровки. Внешний вид
Reward: access to all modifications at Nitrogen, achievement "Master of High Technologies".

  Hostage. Passage

Who get the quest: Bear (stalker in the exoskeleton on Janow)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Release a stalker named Mityai who was taken hostage by the bandits.
Hostage: Release Mityaya
The bear offers to gather a squad of stalkers and rush to the base of the bandits, and his ally Torba wants to pay the ransom ransom in the form of the artifact "Golden Fish". Which plan to choose depends on us.
Option 1). It is necessary to clear the base of bandits. Difficult task, even with the support of a group of stalkers.
Option 2). We decide to give the "Golden Fish". We go to the dump container. At the entrance we communicate with the guards, we pass to the leader. The thug asks either to give up the artifact (cost 6,000 rubles), or to pay 15,000 rubles. It will be cheaper to give the artifact. For this the leader releases Mityaya. Together with him we leave from the base of bandits.
Hostage: Take Mityaya out of the gangster camp
We pass through the maze of containers. In one narrow lane an ordinary thug stops us. We paid only the leader, now ordinary gangsters also want to get something.
Option 2 a). If we agree with the gangster, he will take a certain percentage of our amount. The less money we have on hand, the cheaper it will cost something.
Option 2 b). If we answer rudely, then for the first time the bandit will endure this, but will require a larger percentage of the money. The second time he starts shooting at us, all the other bandits will also go on the attack.
At the exit from the base, we can talk to the released Mitya and transfer back to Yanov with him. And you can leave it, and later come to Yanov on foot.
Reward: 5000 rubles, the artifact "Golden Fish", 2 coordinates of the cache, friendship with the Bear and Torba. If everything was done peacefully, then we get the achievement "Diplomat".

  Debts Passage

Who get the quest: Vano (Georgian stalker at Yanov station)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Vano owed money to a gangster for a suit and could not give it away, since interest is growing too fast. He asks to deal with this problem.
Debts: carry money to gangsters
After the conversation, Vano gives us 5,000 rubles so that we can transfer this debt to the bandits. You need to take with you a few thousand more of your money, or powerful weapons and armor.
We arrive at the base of the bandits. We speak to the guards, we pass to the leader Valet. The boss of bandits demands not only 5,000 rubles, but also 2,000 more, as accrued interest.
Option 1). If we have good weapons (an intact machine gun with several upgrades) and armor (at least 25,000 worth), we can threaten the gangster. Then 5000 will be enough.
Option 2). If there is nothing to frighten the enemy, you will have to fulfill his requirements. We pay 7000 rubles.
Option 3). If you do not want to pay at all, and you think that you can shoot more than a dozen of bandits, then you can answer “It will be cheaper to shoot you.” Survive will be possible only with a good outfit.
Reward: friendship with Vano (+ money saved).

  Kopachi. Passage

Who get the quest: Uncle Yar (stalker in the corridor on Janow)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: It looks like Uncle Yar assumed the appearance of mercenaries. It is necessary to destroy them.
Kopachi: destroy mercenaries
(Before taking the task, it is recommended to buy a sniper rifle, or at least an optical sight on the machine).
Together with Uncle we move to the Kopachi zone. Zombie people are walking around, but if they are not touched, they will not attack. We go in the destroyed house, we settle on the roof. Yar begins to shoot the mercenaries descending from the mountain. We need to help him, and in time to cover from the rear, if the mercenaries can come close.
Reward: 6000 rubles, the coordinates of the cache.

  Hunting. Passage

Who get the quest: St. John's Wort (stalker in the basement on Janow)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: A flock of marsh bloodsuckers was seen in the Elbows, behind a cement plant. Local stalkers are asking to destroy it.
Hunting: destroy a pack of marsh bloodsuckers
We go to the northern swamp near the anomaly Plavni. Here lives three bloodsucker. In order to better notice the invisible enemies, we get up in the water, watching the splashes of water. Of the weapons it is best to use a shotgun.
Reward: 3000 rubles, the coordinates of the three caches.

  Hunting (2). Passage

Who get the quest: St. John's Wort (stalker in the basement on Janow)
Conditions for obtaining: Marsh bloodsuckers destroyed
Description: A group of stalkers found strange mutants in tunnels north of the Jupiter plant. You need to check this place and destroy the mutants.
Hunting: destroy unknown mutants
We go to the railway deadlock. We enter the building to the left of the road, we pass several rooms. In a large dark hangar we find two bureaucrats. They pick up the nearest objects by telekinesis and throw them at us. Throwing grenades is dangerous, enemies can raise their telekinesis and throw them back at us. Also, with the help of telekinesis, they can snatch firearms from our hands, which will have to be quickly lifted from the floor. It is best to destroy the bureaucrats with a knife, run up close and beat to death.
Reward: 5000 rubles, the coordinates of the three caches.

  Night Hunting. Passage

Who get the quest: St. John's Wort (stalker in the basement on Janow)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed previous 2 quests
Description: Chimera is a night predator; where her day nest is located is unknown. It is necessary to kill her at night, when she goes on the hunt to the ventilation complex.
Night Hunting: Destroy Chimera
To perform the job you need a good, powerful weapon and a large supply of ammunition. It is best to take an assault rifle with army ammunition.
We arrive at the place, waiting for the night to come. At midnight, a chimera will appear. She will run fast and jump high, like mad.
Reward: 10,000, the Predator shotgun, (for all the tasks done at Hypericum, we get the achievement Mutant Hunter).

  Warehouse "debt." Passage

Who get the quest: Lieutenant Colonel Shulga (leader of duty), Loki (leader of Freedom)
Conditions for obtaining: Bring Morgan's CCP to Lieutenant Colonel Shulge or Loki (CCP can be obtained when completing the “Deal” task on the Backwaters in Lesnichestvo)
Description: Help "Debt" repel a warehouse with weapons from "Freedom".
With the detachment of "Debt" we go to Slada near the station "Yanov". Inside the building we kill Freedom fighters. (If we give the CCP to the leader of Freedom, then we will fight in this battle on the side of Freedom).
Reward: all items found in stock, good relationship with the selected group.

  Contract with scientists. Passage

Who get the quest: Garik (stalker in the bunker of scientists)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Garik would like to complete a contract with scientists, but for this he needs the “Chunk of Meat” and “Kolobok” artifacts. It is necessary to bring him these artifacts.
Contract with scientists: to bring Garik artifacts "Chunk of Meat" and "Gingerbread Man"
"Chunk of Meat" can be found in many acid anomalies.
"Gingerbread Man" can be found in the Osnodub anomaly on the top of the cobweb tree.
Reward: 6000 rubles, the coordinates of the two caches.

  Variable psi radiation. Passage

Who get the quest: Herman (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: The presence of a helmet with Psi-resistance (can be found on the roof of a cement plant)
Description: Join the Topol squad to go to the variable psi radiation tunnel. As it was agreed, in the process of searching for the sample that the scientist needs, stalkers will guard the tunnel.
We meet with a group of Topol, together we enter the tunnel. Alone we pass into the premises of the tunnel. In the room with the anomaly there is a cache under the container. At the end of the path we take the “Modified Isolator” artifact.
(A glitch of the game is possible here. Do not leave the room until the psi-radiation icon is as red as possible, otherwise the controller will not appear).
After the controller's roar, we exit through the doors back to the tunnel. You need to quickly shoot the controller, until he began to manage other stalkers. After the victory we return to the scientists, we hand over the artifact.
Reward: 6000 rubles.

  Investigation of anomalies. Passage

Who get the quest: Herman (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed the task "Variable Psi-radiation"
Description: Get from Novikov scanners that need to be placed in the anomalies. Herman wants to collect statistics on the appearance of artifacts, so the scanner will have to be placed right in the center of some anomalies.
We go to Novikov, we take from him 3 scanners of abnormal activity. We go around the map, put the scanners at the specified points inside the anomalous zones.
After this task, we can always approach Novikov and find out in which anomalies which new artifacts have appeared (they are born again and again in anomalies, they can be collected to infinity).
Reward: 5000 rubles, information about the birth of artifacts.

  Investigation of anomalies (2). Passage

Who get the quest: Herman (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed the task "The study of anomalies"
Description: Help stalkers make measurements.
Anomaly Investigation: Covering Stalkers
A group of two stalkers should take measurements in two anomalies: Floods and Ashes. Where to go in the first place - we choose ourselves.
Melt Here you have to shoot for a long time from flocks of boars and denser. All this happens on the shore of the swamp, where there is poor visibility. It is better to take a quick-shot shotgun and more ammo. You are not particularly threatened, but stalkers can easily be killed. You need to constantly run around and distract all enemies to themselves.
The ashes. Stalkers will scan the fiery anomaly in the north, and from the south Kopachs will be attacked by zombie enemies. This task is best to go with a sniper rifle.
Reward: 7,000 rubles, the detector "Veles", the achievement of "Scientific Officer."

  Abnormal activity (History of Debt). Passage

Who get the quest: Herman (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed previous scientific assignments
Description: Scientists scanners have recorded anomalous activity north of the bunker. It is necessary to investigate the terrain with the help of a perfect detector.
Abnormal activity: scan the area with an improved scanner
The objective of the task is in the cooling tower zone (industrial water reservoir for cooling water). But if we just come to this zone, we will not see anything, we will only hear the radio message for help.
To complete this quest, we must have with us the best detector - Svarog (given only for completing the quests of scientists). We come to the cooling tower, we get the detector "Svarog", we find the anomaly "Spatial bubble". The corpses of several “Debt” fighters fly out of the bubble and fall onto the inclined surface of the cooling tower. We climb up, search the bodies, we find the CCP from General Tkachenko, we listen to the recording.
The story of "Debt": transfer the PDA to the founder of "Debt" to interested parties
The found PDA can be repaid: 1) to the leader of the Debt, 2) to the leader of Freedom, 3) to sell to the Sych at Warehouse. From whom you give the CCP, it depends on the improvement of relations with one of the groups, and the subsequent achievement of achievement. Reward: Thunder-C14 weapons, ammunition, charges for a rifle grenade launcher, 4,000 rubles, the trust of the chosen group.

  Recent developments. Passage

Who get the quest: Herman (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed previous scientific assignments
Description: Herman is interested in the latest developments of the Jupiter plant. It is necessary to find the documentation in the administrative building of the plant.
Recent developments: find documents at the Jupiter plant
We go to the plant "Jupiter", we enter the northern administrative building. We rise to the fourth floor, in the first room on the left we take the administrative documents. Nearby in the overturned table we find the “bump stop” and the cartridges to it.
When we take the documents, the mercenaries will immediately attack us. We shoot off enemies on the landing. We take away the CCP from the mercenary leader. The found document is attributed to scientists in the bunker.
Reward: 7000 rubles, a set of medicines.

  The protection of scientists. Passage

Who get the quest: Herman (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: Completed the task "Recent Development"
Description: The bunker of scientists remained unguarded. It is necessary to select a group of reliable people for their protection.
Protection of scientists: to find reliable people
Option 1). We negotiate protection with the leader of the "Debt" on Jan.
Option 2). We return to Zaton, we are looking for a squad of stalkers led by Spartak.
Reward: 4000 rubles, a set of medicines.

  Oasis. Passage

Who get the quest: Ozersky (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: Ozersky, a scientist from a bunker, asked to try to find the legendary Oasis. If you believe the rumors, there should be a body of water with healing water. However, no one knows for sure whether this place actually exists.
Oasis: check the truth of the legend
Where the oasis is located is not indicated on the game map. We'll have to look for yourself. We go by rail to the south. Before the southern railway deadlock, we turn left into a small building, go down into the underground room. We shoot off from several tushkans. We go east through the pipes in the direction of the Ventilation Complex.
We enter the hall with many columns. If you walk through the hall, then we will come back here again along the corridor. This is an anamaly teleport that will constantly return us to the beginning.
We examine the room, we see that there are four rows of columns. To go further, you need to pass only between certain columns. At first we pass several times just at random. After that, in some openings a slight glow in the air will appear. The glow tells you what specific arches you need to go through. The glow will appear in the first, third and fourth row of columns. In the second row you will need to guess the correct path yourself. Just run through the luminous openings and in turn through all the openings of the second row. So get out of the vicious circle.
In the next room we find ourselves in a large cistern (it can be seen on the global map as a smiling emoticon), this is where the oasis is located. From the tree pick up the artifact "Heart of Oasis." We attribute the artifact to scientists. Artifact can pass or keep yourself.
Reward: 7000 rubles or the artifact "The Heart of the Oasis." (It is better to keep the artifact for yourself. 7000 can be earned in any other place, and you will not find such a useful artifact anywhere else).
Где найти Оазис в Сталкере. Карта Инструменты для грубой работы. Внешний вид

  Hypothesis. Passage

Who get the quest: Ozersky (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: The task has been completed previous scientific tasks
Description: Ozersky has another interesting hypothesis.
Hypothesis: install the scanner in the center of the collapse
Install the scanner in the designated place. Snorks will attack us. There will be about ten of them, but they will come out gradually. You will have to defend yourself right in the center of the anomaly, so it is better to endure the blows of your enemies than to dodge them and fall into dangerous traps. After the end of the analysis we take away the scanner, we return to the scientists.
Reward: 3000 rubles.

  Abnormal plant. Passage

Who get the quest: Ozersky (scientist in the bunker)
Conditions for obtaining: The task has been completed previous scientific tasks
Description: It is necessary to investigate the anomalous zone and bring a sample of mutated vegetation.
Abnormal plant: get a sample of vegetation
We go to the zone in the south-east of the bunker scientists. There are many dangerous acid anomalies here, so we move neatly to the top of the hill. Scientists can buy pills that temporarily increase resistance to acid, then the task will be much simpler. In the center of the anomaly take a flower. (Achievement "discoverer"). We return to the scientists, give the flower, we get a reward.
Reward: 3000 rubles, a suit for Sokolov.

  Surviving Monolith. Passage

Who to get the quest: Rogue (southwest location, south of the bridge)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: A detachment of "monolith", formerly - fanatical fighters, emerged from the obsessive suggestion. Now these people are looking for cover from emissions and monsters. It is necessary to agree with the inhabitants of the station "Yanov" so that the "Monolithians" could take refuge there.
Surviving "Monolith": talk to the inhabitants of the "Yanov" about shelter
In the southwestern part of the location we find a detachment of monoliths. These people came out from under the zombie radiation of the monolith and now do not pose a threat. We speak with their leader - Vagabond. The detachment wants to settle the detachment on Janov, and for this you need to get permission from the "Debt" or "Freedom".
Бродяга и отряд Монолита. Карта Бродяга и отряд Монолита. Внешний вид
We return to Yanov. We tell about monoliths to one of the leaders: 1) the leader of Duty, 2) the leader of Svoboda. The leader will agree to accept the squad only if he trusts us (for this it is necessary to fulfill the task “Abnormal activity” and “History of Debt”). From whom you tell about monoliths, it depends on the improvement of relations with one of the groups, and the subsequent achievement of achievement.
Surviving Monolith: Take the squad of recruiters to the Monolithic squad.
We take a small detachment of the selected group, with them go to the detachment "Monolith". Monoliths take oath and go to stalkers at the base.
Reward: “Duty” suit PS5-M “Universal protection” or “Freedom” suit.

  Unmanned intelligence officer. Passage

Who to get the quest: a drone (northwest of the location of Jupiter, north of the ashes anomaly)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: -.
We find the surviving memory module and carry its equipment - Nitrogen to the Yanov station, or Novikova to the bunker of scientists. Nitrogen unlocks the module in 3 hours and takes 1000 rubles at a discount, and without it, 3000 rubles. Novikov, however, will cope faster - in just an hour, but he will already take 2,000 rubles for it.
(If you give the module to Nitrogen, then all the caches will be robbed by the bandit Senka, only the notes will remain. But near the last cache we will find the dead Senka with all the loot).
The coordinates of the three radio beacons in the vicinity of “Jupiter” are preserved in the memory of the module, all of which are caches of the Arrow group.
Reward: information to achieve the "Keeper of Secrets."

The location of all three caches Strelka:
1) A cement factory in the northeast. North of the plant near the swamp we find the entrance to the tunnel, we pass inside, we find a cache in the box. Inside, among other things, there is a document "Note Arrow Ghost."
2) Quarry south of Janov. To get to the upper floors of a giant excavator, climb on a tree on top of a cliff, jump over it. In the cabin we find a cache in the form of a backpack. Inside the document "Note Arrow."
3) Factory "Jupiter". In the yard of the factory we find a small building with tanks. We go down into the recess under them, on the wall in the pipe we find the cache. Inside the document "Note Arrow Fang."
Расположение беспилотнка. Карта Тайник Стрелка (1). Карта
Тайник Стрелка (2). Карта Тайник Стрелка (3). Карта
Found in the caches of notes pass on the arrow before the last mission.
Reward: Keeper of Secrets achievement, three first-aid kits, Flame artifact, Firefly artifact.

  Pripyat Additional missions

  One shot. Passage

Who get the quest: Garik (one of the military in Laundry)
Conditions for obtaining: no
Description: We must wait for the appearance of people of the customer and eliminate their leader. Without it, the mercenaries will not be able to detect the laboratory.
When you arrive on the territory of Laundry, Garik will contact you and tell you that he barely took his feet away from the mercenaries who were talking about meeting with the customer in the hostel territory.
We approach Kovalsky, talk about the planned meeting, he suggests either removing the performers or removing the customer and performers (it’s better to kill everyone).
We go to the courtyard of the hostel. The military give us the SVD. We wait a few minutes for targets to appear. Mercenaries appear first, then customers. We need to destroy a couple of people who will be talking near the main entrance. The rest of the mercenaries themselves scatter after the shots. After the shootout, we search the dead, we find the red key card.
Reward: X8 key card (facilitates the passage of the X8 laboratory).

  RP-74 Zulus. Passage

Who get the quest: Zulu (guide to Pripyat)
Conditions for obtaining: Zulu survived in the overpass
Description: Help Zulu fend off a pack of snorks.
Zulu will leave the squad at the moment when the first meeting with the military takes place in Pripyat. After some time, we get a signal for help from Zulu. He fights off a pack of snorks in the yard near the school. (If we do not have time to help in time, he will die). We destroy snorkov, we will save Zulu.
Zulu will come to the laundry room at the military base. We talk with him there, we get his nominal machine gun as a reward. After this, Zulus will return to Yanov.
Reward: RP-74 Zulu machine gun.


  Artifact Hunt

Сталкер: Зов Припяти. Артефакты Artifacts are the most valuable items in the game economy. It is for the sake of getting artifacts that hundreds of stalkers wander around the zone of radioactive contamination and climb into the most dangerous anomalies.
Solitary specimens of artifacts can be found in secret caches, but most artifacts are in anomalies. Moreover, if you have extracted all the artifacts from one specific anomaly, then soon new artifacts will appear in this anomaly. Thus, anomalies are a renewable source of artifacts.
Artifacts are invisible to the human eye at a great distance, they appear only at a distance of one or two steps. Therefore, to search for artifacts, you must use special detectors. You can reach or hide the detector by pressing the “O” key.

Отклик Detector Response
The simplest detector that signals an approach to an artifact using a light bulb and a sound signal. If we approach the artifact closer, then the signal sounds more often; if we move further, the signal fades.
Cost: 500 rubles
Медведь Bear Detector
Circular detector showing exactly which side the artifact is located. By sound, you can determine the distance to the artifact.
Cost: 1 000 rubles
Велес Detector Velez
A complete detector that allows you to see the location of the artifact on a two-dimensional screen. With such a detector, you can find more rare artifacts that are not noticed by previous detectors.
Cost: 2 000 rubles
Велес Detector Svarog
A modified detector showing the location of not only artifacts, but also dangerous areas of the anomaly. With this detector, you can safely walk through the most dangerous anomalies, bypassing all the traps. The only negative is that it is difficult to see artifacts on the screen, it is depicted as small green dots, so from time to time you will have to use the usual Veles.
Cost: 12 500 rubles

The found artifacts can be sold to other stalkers or the Beard Buyer (merchant based on Skladovsk). If you complete all the tasks of Beard, then his reward for artifacts will be much higher than the market value of artifacts.
Artifacts can be used to enhance your hero. In some types of armor there are connectors in which you can insert artifacts. Also, armor can be improved with technicians to make more connectors.
Inserted artifacts give a wide variety of bonuses, but for the most part they are radioactive. In order to properly use artifacts, rather than constantly using vodka or antidotes to remove radiation, you must first insert special anti-radiation artifacts, and then, on top of them, insert all other artifacts.

  Classification of artifacts. Artifacts

Artifact Properties Where to find
Медуза Jellyfish
Cost 4,000
In the open container in the center of the overpass "Pripyat-1".
Born in: Claw (Backwater)
Выверт Out
Radiation -3
Cost 6 240
In the caves under the Burnt Farm (Zaton)
Пузырь Bubble
Radiation -4
Cost of 12,000
Born in: Soda, Sosnodub, Floods
Мамины бусы Mother's beads
Healing +2
+1 radiation
Cost of 6,000
Born in: Cauldron, Frying, Ashes, Bitumen
Глаз Eye
Healing +4
Radiation +2
Cost of 12,000
Born in: Frying
Пламя Flame
Healing +6
Radiation +3
The cost of 18,000
Born in: Frying, Cauldron, Circus, Bitumen
Колобок Gingerbread Man
Health +4
Radiation +2
Cost of 12,000
Osnodub. On top of the cobweb tree
Born in: Soda, Smooth
Светляк Firefly
Health +6
Radiation +3
The cost of 18,000
Concrete bath, Smelt, Vine, Soda. Born in: Sosnodub
Душа Soul
Reset forces +2
Radiation +2
Cost of 6,000
You can get on the orders of snags on the search container.
Born in: Sosnodub, Soda, Smooth
Батарейка Battery
Reset forces +2
+1 radiation
Cost of 6,000
Born in: Iron Forest, Electra
Пустышка Dummy
Reset forces +4
Radiation +2
Cost of 12,000
Born in: Tripe
Снежинка Snowflake
Reset forces +6
Radiation +3
The cost of 18,000
Born in: Rumen, Electra
Ночная звезда Night star
Max. weight +4 kg
+1 radiation
Cost of 6,000
In the cluster of anomalies Springboard behind dredger (Zaton)
Грави Gravi
Max. weight +8 kg
Radiation +2
Cost of 12,000
Born in: Bitumen
Золотая рыбка gold fish
Max. weight +12 kg
Radiation +3
The cost of 18,000
In the caves to the south of the Burnt Farm (Zaton).
Born in: Springboard, Funnel
Кровь камня Blood stone
Chemical protection +3
+1 radiation
Cost of 2,000
In the anomaly Sosnodub (Zaton). In the caves, which are south of the Burnt Farm (Zaton).
Born in: Sosnodub, Funnel, Soda
Ломоть мяса Chunk of Meat
Chemical protection +6
Radiation +2
Cost 4,000
In the caves under the Burnt Farm (Zaton).
Born in: Soda
Бенгальский огонь Sparkler
Elect protection +3
+1 radiation
Cost of 2,000
Born in: Iron Forest, Tripe, Electra.
Вспышка Flash
Elect protection +6
Radiation +2
Cost 4,000
Born in: Rumen, Iron Forest, Electra
Кристалл Crystal
Thermal protection +3
+1 radiation
Cost of 2,000
On the territory of the burnt farm (Zaton).
Born in: Frying, Cauldron
Огненный шар Fire ball
Thermal +6
Radiation +2
Cost 4,000
Born in: Circus
Каменный цветок Stone Flower
Psi Protection +3
+1 radiation
Cost 3,000
In the center of the anomaly "Kogot" (Zaton).
Born in: Funnel, Carousel, Springboard, Claw
Лунный свет Moonlight
Psi Protection +6
Radiation +2
Cost of 6,000
Born in: Iron Forest, Electra
Изменённый штурвал Changed wheel
Radiation +6
Cost 3,000
Jupiter, Dredger (task " Strange phenomenon ")
Изменённый изолятор Modified insulator
Radiation +6
Cost 3,000
Jupiter, northwestern corner of the location (the task of scientists " Variable psi-radiation ")
Компас Compass
Thermal protection +3
Chemical protection +3
Psi Protection +3
Elect protection +3
Reset forces +2
Radiation +4
Cost of 50,000
You can get from Noah on the instructions of Beard " Compass ". If after this kill and search Noah, we will find the second copy of the Compass.
Сердце Оазиса Oasis Heart
Health +2
+1 saturation
Reset Force +2
Healing +2
Radiation +4
Cost of 50,000
Jupiter, Ventilation Shafts, Oasis (assignment of scientists " Oasis ")


In the "Stalker: Call of Pripyat" appeared a system of achievements (Achievements, Achivok). Achievements are given for completing certain quests, for supporting groups, for finding artifacts, caches and secrets. Achievements in Stalker are not just reasons for pride and pride, just for each earned we get various bonuses.

  Achievements obtained in Warehouse. Passage

Achievement Description
Сыщик Detective
You have revealed the secret of the disappearance of stalkers from Skadovsk - it’s not the mutants who are to blame, but the more dangerous enemy - the person. Your desire to find the truth has earned you the respect of stalkers.
Stalkers are better for you. Out of respect for you, stalkers from time to time leave medicines in your personal box on Skadovsk.
Conditions: complete quests: "The disappearance of stalkers ," "The disappearance of stalkers (2) ."
Reward: in the box on Zaton every 12 hours they put a first-aid kit, bandages and anti-radiation in the amount of 4 pcs.)
Свой парень Your boyfriend
By repelling the bandits led by Sultan, you have gained popularity among stalkers. You are always happy to see on the "Skadovsk."
Stalkers are better for you. At the request of the stalkers, the merchant Sych made a discount for you. Beard offers you the best prices for artifacts.
Conditions: to complete the quests " Najde " and " Compass " on the side of stalkers.
Reward: Changing the range of beard and owl. Owl makes a discount of -10%.
Авторитет Authority
You helped Sultan to seize the initiative from stalkers and take control of the affairs of Beard. Now on the backwater you are afraid and respected.
Gangsters began to treat you with respect. Trader Sych, for fear that he might be the next victim, made a discount for you. According to the agreement, Beard must pay you a percentage of their income.
Conditions: to complete the quests " Impact " and " Compass " on the side of the Sultan.
Reward: Beard pays 500 to 2500 rubles each day. Changing range of beard and owl. Owl makes a discount of -10%.

  Achievements obtained at the station Yanov. Passage

Achievement Description
Охотник на мутантов Mutant Hunter
You are not trying to avoid dangerous mutants, you hunt for them, and succeeded in this. Good hunters are respected people among stalkers.
Stalkers are better for you. In order to thank you somehow, stalkers from time to time leave cartridges in your personal box at Yanov station.
Conditions: Complete the three tasks of Hypericum: ( “Hunting” (for bloodsuckers) , “Hunting” (for burers) , “Night hunting” (for chimera) ), complete the task Shakes “ Hunting for Chimera ”.
Reward: in a box on Jupiter every 12 hours they put the cartridges 5.45x39 (AP), 5.56x45 (AP) - 2 pieces, 9x39 (AP), 12x76 zhekan.
Гонец правосудия Justice messenger
You did not give the scoundrel to escape justice. Stalker Soroka more than once substituted others under the blow and did not hesitate in methods. Now he is waiting for a fair payment.
Khabar Soroki, obtained by meanness and deception, stalkers will give to those who deserve it more. His booty was put in your personal box on Janov.
Conditions: complete the quest " In Search of the Magpies ."
Reward: Khabar Soroki.
Дипломат Diplomat
You can solve problems in a peaceful way. It is not necessary to use force if everything can be solved through negotiations. However, you should beware of those who shoot first and then ask.
Respecting your ability to negotiate, “Freedom”, “Debt”, free stalkers and even gangsters are better for you.
Conditions: to complete the quests " Debt " and " Hostage " by peaceful means.
Reward: gangsters, stalkers, warriors "Debt" and "Freedom" relate to us better (+200 reputation).
Друг сталкеров Friend stalkers
Meeting the stalkers in trouble, you always helped them. Stalkers are not too cohesive, but in the secret stalker fraternity you have allies who can help you in battle and after it.
Your relationship with stalkers has improved. If you get into trouble, stalkers will try to come to your aid. Medical stalkers agreed to sell you medicines at cost price.
1. To help stalkers on "Shevchenko" in the quest " Ones ".
2. Finish the Deal quest for stalkers, and the leader of the squad - Spartak - must remain alive.
3. Kill the Chimera on the Backwaters on the Hypericum quest " Chimera Hunt ."
4. Help Mityaya in any way in the “ Hostage ” quest.
5. Help Vano with debt in the “ Debts ” quest.
Reward: improved stalker ratio by +100, a medic in the location Zaton sells medicines at a discount of -10%.
Лидер Leader
Faced with the need to work in a team, you have assembled a good squad, which has proven your leadership skills.
Your leadership skills increase your team’s chances of survival.
Conditions: In the plot quest " Pripyat-1 " to assemble into a detachment for the march to Pripyat all possible members: Georgian Vano, Lieutenant Sokolov, leader of the Monolithic Tramp.
Reward: the health of all members of the squad rises by 10%, they periodically restore their health.

  Achievements for working on groups. Passage

Achievement Description
Друг «Долга» Duty Friend
You helped the Duty group a lot and gained authority among its fighters and their friends. But do not forget that not everyone sympathizes with "Debt".
Conditions: Complete the quests " In Search of the Magpies ", " History of Debt ", " Warehouse Debt ", " Surviving" Monolith " " in favor of "Debt".
Reward: Nitrogen makes repairs and upgrades at a discount (up to -35% - depends on the amount of materials brought to it), Hawaiian sells (and buys) + 10% more expensive. He also decreases the range.
Друг «Свободы» Freedom Friend
You helped a lot the Freedom grouping and gained authority among its fighters and their friends. But do not forget that not everyone sympathizes with Freedom.
Conditions: Complete quests " In Search of the Magpies ", " History of Debt ", " Warehouse of Debt ", " Surviving" Monolith " " in favor of "Freedom".
Reward: Nitrogen makes repairs and upgrades more expensive (up to + 13% - depends on the amount of materials brought to it), Hawaiian makes a 20% discount. He also increases the range.
Сторонник равновесия Proponent of balance
You did not give preference to any group, and always acted like a free stalker. As a result, they did not make new enemies, but they did not make new friends.
Conditions: complete the quests " In Search of the Magpies ", " History of Debt ", " Warehouse of Debt ", without giving information to the groups.
Reward: Nitrogen makes repairs and upgrades at a discount (up to -35% - depends on the amount of materials brought to it), Hawaiian makes a discount of -15%.

  Achievements obtained from scientists. Passage

Achievement Description
Первооткрыватель Discoverer
Whatever new appears in the Zone, you are ready to explore it first. Finding new, not yet studied anomalous formations, you have advanced science in the understanding of the Zone.
The totality of new data allowed professors Herman and Ozersky to synthesize an experimental anabiotic in the conditions of the Zone.
Conditions: Find three unique artifacts: 1. Modified steering wheel (you can sell Beard). 2. Modified insulator (you need to pass the scientists). 3. Abnormal plant (need to pass scientists).
Reward: scientists reduce the price of their medicines.
Научный сотрудник Researcher
You have been working with scientists for so long that you fully deserve the title of researcher. Now all the inhabitants of the research bunker treat you like yours.
Having distinguished you as a valuable assistant, Professor Herman offers you medicines and equipment intended only for bunker personnel, at cost price.
Novikov is so used to you that, while making modifications, he only requires payment for consumables.
Conditions: complete 4 quests for scientists (out of 8).
Reward: Novikov makes upgrades at 25% cheaper. Herman starts selling anabiotics, various pills, detectors. Reducing the price of medicines is not connected with the achievement of the drug, but with the implementation of quests for scientists. For three quests, a 25% discount, for six - 40%.
Отмеченный Зоной Marked by Zone
You were able to survive the release without hiding in a shelter - you were saved by anabiotic pills. This had an ambiguous impact on your psyche - there was a strange silence in your head. It seems you no longer hear a constant stream of thoughts.
Even without taking the drugs, you have a chance to survive the out-of-cover surge if your health is not undermined.
Conditions: survive 3 emissions with the help of anabiotics (sold by scientists).
Reward: now the release can be experienced without using anabiotics.

  Achievements for finding artifacts and secrets. Passage

Achievement Description
Мастер боевых систем Master of Combat Systems
Now Cardan has a set of tools for every occasion. This will allow him to make inaccessible before this improvement.
Conditions: bring all three sets of tools to Cardan .
Reward: Cardan can make a unique improvement - hydraulic amplifiers in exoskeleton servo drives (allows running in exoskeleton).
Мастер высоких технологий Master of High Technology
Nitrogen received all the tool kits that a technician in the Zone could dream of. Now he can engage in high-tech modifications.
Conditions: bring all three sets of tools Nitrogen .
Reward: Nitrogen can make a unique improvement - an infrared scanner on the helmet (highlights the people in the vicinity).
Торговец информацией Information trader
Whatever information comes into your hands, you have always found a buyer for it. Without missing an opportunity to provide information to interested ones, you, naturally, did not forget about your profit.
Trader Sych made you a discount as the best informant and fellow practitioner.
Conditions: to sell 10 PDAs, PDAs or documents to any merchant.
Reward: Owl starts selling things at -15% cheaper (if they just got an achievement) or -20% (if they also brought Compass to the Sultan or Beard).
Опытный сталкер Experienced stalker
At the center of the Zone there are almost no places available that have been ignored by you. You have been to almost all local anomalies.
Accumulated experience allows you to find rare artifacts more often.
Conditions: visit all 18 anomalies.
Reward: Increases the likelihood of finding some artifacts in anomalies. (At the moment, the reward is not working).
Искатель Seeker
You have found all kinds of artifacts known to the researchers of the Zone. Thus, you earned the respect of stalkers and the attention of bandits.
Stalkers are better for you. Gangsters will chase you during raids into the Zone.
Conditions: find all kinds of artifacts .
Reward: Stalker reputation increases by +200, gangsters are more likely to chase the player.
Состоятельный клиент Wealthy customer
Although you are not familiar with the lack of money, you can not always be called cramped. On the contrary, sometimes, your money savings can be envied. Such customers are a great joy for the merchant.
Merchants often offer you the rarest and most expensive goods.
Conditions: earn more than 100,000 rubles (such money can only be earned by constantly searching for artifacts).
Reward: Hawaiian, Beard and Owl have on sale more expensive weapons, body armor and more.
Хранитель тайн Keeper of Secrets
You can not refuse forethought - finding notes in the caches of the Arrow group, you did not part with them until you found the person to whom they belong.
Having received the notes, the Shooter found a new reason to survive and reach the intended goal at any cost.
Conditions: to transfer to the Arrow all 3 notes about his group.
Reward: Arrow health will increase by 10%, from time to time it will restore its health.

  Location Cards

The best maps of STALKER game locations: Call of Pripyat are made up on the site . On these maps all important subject items, caches, location of anomalies and artifacts are indicated.

Location file size Link to download
Backwater 4.38 mb Location map
Backwater. Testing workshop 0.45 mb Location map
Plant "Jupiter" 4.44 mb Location map
Plant "Jupiter". Overpass 1.31 mb Location map
Pripyat 4.10 mb Location map
Pripyat. Laboratory X-8 1.60 mb Location map

  Questions - Answers (FAQ)

Question: How and where to find the snag? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: From the very beginning of the game, Koryaga is at Skladovsk in a bar at the table. When we start to perform the quest "Reputation" , the snag is hiding from us. You can find it near the station Yanov, but for this you need to start the quest "Theft" .

Question: where to find tools? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: The location of all tools for Cardan and tools for Nitrogen is indicated in the corresponding quests "Tools". Calibration tools can only be found at the last stage of the game in the city of Pripyat.

Question: why can't I crawl under the pipe? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: In Stalker, you can just sit down (Ctrl key), or you can crawl (Ctrl + Shift keys). In some places you can only crawl.

Question: Cement Plant. Where is the Arrow cache? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: From the plant we go north to the swamp. On the bank of the swamp there is an underground channel, we enter the rightmost tunnel of the channel, we find a cache in the box. Location of all stalker caches on the map .

Question: How to improve the exoskeleton? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: You can improve the exoskeleton of the Cardan technician, but for this you need to bring him a set of tools .

Question: how and where to find the Magpie? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: Stalker Soroka has changed his name and group, now his name is Flint, and he serves "Freedom". But this assumption still needs to be proved. For this you need a witness Sliver. The detailed exposure of Magpie described in the quest "In Search of Magpies . "

Question: how to find an oasis? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: The location of the Oasis is indicated in the passage of the quest "Oasis" .

Question: how to get through the ventilation complex? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: Described in the passage of the quest "Oasis" .

Question: how to join the group debt? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: In the third part of the Stalker can not join groups. But there are a couple of additional quests, after which one of the groupings (“Duty” or “Freedom”) will become our allies. You need to complete quests: Warehouse "Debt" (you need to save the CPC Morgan from the mission "Deal" in Forestry), the History of "Debt" (you need to complete the quest of scientists "Abnormal activity") and " Surviving" Monolith .

Question: how to get to the ramp-4? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: The SKAT-4 helicopter fell directly into the Jupiter plant building. To go inside, you need to go to the southeastern shop, go down to the underground floor and go to the next western shop to the helicopter.

Question: where to find the Joker? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: In his second assignment, technician Cardan asks us to find two of his comrades: the Joker and the Barge. Their location on the map can be seen in the description of the quest "Three Comrades . "

Question: where to find the Kolobok artifact? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: The artifacts "Kolobok" and "A piece of meat" asks to find a military man in the bunker of scientists. "Gingerbread Man" can be found in anomalies -, and "Chunk of Meat" in anomalies -.

Question: how to get to Pripyat? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: To do this, you need to ask the Locotman conductor, search the entire Jupiter plant, assemble a detachment for the hike, go through an underground overpass. All this is described in detail in the passage of the Pripyat-1 story mission .

Question: how to get all the achievements? (in the game Stalker: Call of Pripyat)
Answer: Get all the achievements in the "Stalker: Call of Pripyat" for one passage will not work, as some achievements give for the support of groups. Performing tasks of one group, you will get it, but you will lose access to achievement from the opposite group. A list of all achievements (achivok) .

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Additional missions: Zaton , Jupiter Plant , Pripyat .

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 Amendments for those who want to complete the game in the style of CRYSIS.  In the file configs \ creatures \ actor.ltx we change the values: max_item_mass = 1000 jump_speed = 20. max_walk_weight = 1000 In the file configs \ system.ltx we change the values: max_weight = 1000 Where can I find the tools?  Only 6 boxes with tools, two for each type, that is, 3 in the hands of each master.  At Zaton one at the sawmill (rough), the second at the substation with mercenaries (exact).  They are asked to devour - if you do not want to kill anyone for nothing, then take a couple of loaves, a couple of sausages and canned food.  Jupiter.  On the territory of the plant from the south-western entrance there is a small building (exact), the composition of what stands under the bridge, an anomaly flies along it along the cars (rough).  Pripyat  Two sets for calibration.  The first one is the building of the old KBO on the second floor; there a little peasant will show you where the tools are.  And the second in a department store, more precisely, under a department store.  A couple of tips stalker.  In Skadovsk, we take the task of the bartender to disrupt the deal of the dolgovtsy and the gangsters (for this, earlier it was necessary to play against the gangsters).  Finding the CPC Morgan, hold him to your second location.  There it can be sold for 4,000 to the leader of the debt + access to the warehouse with weapons.  And when the warehouse goes to win back the Svoboda, the stalker in the yellow exoskeleton will have a Veles detector.  On the bridge, in the east of the Backwaters, a lot of weapons lie in the vehicle, and in the box in Gazike there is documentation that can be sold.  Found cool caches in the second location.  1st near the "Jupiter".  In the south-west of the plant there is a bunker.  Near it are several brick "walls".  One of them destroyed the upper part.  In it lies the "Thunder" with cartridges.  2nd - in front of the entrance to the building Yanov stands the house.  Near its side wall is a booth, inside which a brand-new rim with optics and cartridges.  If you want cool weapons at the beginning of the game, then go to the location "Burnt Farm".  On the farm there are two partially burned houses.  Inside one of the houses there is a burnt bed.  It is on this house, on the roof lies "Vintorez".  Good luck!  At the location of the anomaly "Pile" you can find an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.  To do this, go to the location, as they came - go further to the north, and you will see the same intelligence officer.  From it you can pull out the intelligence module, which can be deciphered by a technician at Yanov Station, it will cost you a pretty penny, but after decryption, several cache will be marked on your PDA.  - How to get on the plateau to search a fallen helicopter?  “Only through an anomaly in a burnt village.”  It is possible to do this through a cave filled with snorks, but it is easier through the village.  - Vintorez in the first minutes of the game.  - Burnt village - on the second floor of the building.  - What to do with the compasses, removed from Noah?  - One compass will be needed for the quest.  At the end of the "tempting business" for the Beard.  - Where to get the detector "Velez"?  - 1) They give for completing the task of bloodsuckers.  2) You can find it on the Pripyat location, namely, remove a zombie from a cold corpse (this is how lucky it is).  - Where to look for OASIS?  - You can get to the Oasis this way: If you go along the railway road to the south in the direction of the tunnel, on the left there will be a room with zombies, through it you will get to the Oasis.  Read more - location Jupiter, vent.kompleks.  To get there, you need to solve a puzzle with columns, go through them in a certain order - it is easy, I think, anyone will cope (to the west of the ventilation shafts such as the railway station. That's where the entrance to the mines is).  -Quest "Bloodsuckers".  -We take it from wood grouse in Skadovsk.  We follow him by the signpost, after which, having found the dead bloodsucker, we descend from the Glukharam to the basement, where it will be possible to find a cloud of sleeping bloodsuckers, and also collect a decent swag - first behind the bars, right along the corridor, look at the dead stalker - IL-86, Night artifact Star - 4800rub., "Bear", then a bunch of grenades under the grate, as well as a funny warehouse of sausage right next to one of the sleeping pigs;  and if you do not jump over the pit at the very end of the dungeon, you can find a bottle of Hercules.  Then we report on all the Beard, he sends us to Sych, who gives 2000 info that there is a lost military column on the bridge with an abundance of swag, among which there are important documents, as well as a cylinder with poison gas.  We go to the Preobrazhensky bridge, but to avoid the tedious circling of anomalies, we climb up the stairs from under the bridge.  We take the key and documents in the UAZ, rises to the top and neatly pass the remaining anomalies through the pipe.  We search all the cars and find that we need another 2 key.  It is located in the fallen UAZ under the bridge, and the remaining documents are also there.  We take all this, open the box, rake in the balloon and move to the lair, or rather to the ventilation system.  Install the cylinder, turn the valve and 2 seconds enjoy the suicidal screech suckers.  Then you have to kill \ run away from 2 enraged creatures.  Now we run and report all the beard, we get "Veles" and 5 pieces of wooden rubles.  Do not forget to look to the owl to sell the documents.  After that - attention!  - we wait a couple of days or go to the Port Cranes, where in the small utility room we find Comrade.  Tremor, which, it turns out, killed stalkers to drink their blood.  After a heartbreaking story, he shoots himself a skull, and we go to report on all the Beard, we get our deserved 10 pieces and the “Detective” award.  -Listen, and how to find the snag?  Prehistory search.  Not playing NOT READ!  -In general, I helped Koryagya to get his swag from a fallen Zaporozhets.  Divided and parted.  Then after a while I went to the Shustrom, ordered an assault rifle.  Brought, took.  Going to get out of the "Skadovska", so this snag began to assert that it was his trunk.  Well, he was sent on foot erotic journey in a mild form.  Well, back pulled to find out Shustrom.  But it turned out that snag is still yap.  Well, there was a quest - to talk with him.  I went down, and his trace was gone, well, I pulled to Beard, asking, well, he said that the Snag to the Port Cranes had faded.  Well, I go there.  And there bandyuki.  And let's flood it, as if the snag from me had promised a swag.  Did not work.  All died (Sultan's quests did not perform).  Well, with the leader removed the PDA, and with the end.  -Where else can you find calibration tools?  -Another set can be found in the Department Store, which is on the central avenue of Pripyat.  -Where to find the detector "Svarog"?  - “Svarog” give for completing the quest at the owl with three detectors Velez.  To be honest, I didn’t see anything special about him, except for anomalies.  Yandex.Direct Gifts to fans of Star Wars from 80 UAH Original accessories Star Wars.  The lowest price in Ukraine.  18+ and phone Buy domofoni All stores of Ukraine.  Come on Sravni.  Share tseny.  Pick off the crack. Licensed Arcade Games A variety of Arcade Games for PC.  Delivery in Ukraine.  Order!  18+ and telephone -What is the order of passage of the columns in the "Oasis"?  - I finally understood the passing algorithm (at least I did).  1: we pass the anomaly 1 time;  2: we hear a strange sound and see the rain - we pass into it either from one or the other;  3: we see 2 rain, in the same way as in the first paragraph, we do;  4: we see 3 rains - here I guessed it - the rains are located in opposite directions, i.e.  They are like clones of the first two rains.  We pass the first two rains, and then, we get up at the end of the room, as if this is the beginning of the room and remember how we passed the first rain.  5: 4 rain will appear, now: we pass the first 2 rains, as before, then we get up to the end of the room and we pass new 2 rains, like the old 2 rains (along the same trajectory), then we blow to Anomaly, and it will not be (this I checked the method 3 times - all the time the rains were in different places, but they were always opposite to each other, which gave me an idea).  -How to pass a minefield in front of a fallen helicopter?  - Throw bolts.  If the bolt hits a mine, a click will be heard (an explosion will not follow, but you will know for sure where you do not need to go).  And on the way back there all the mutants will spread!  - Where are the calibration tools?  -In Pripyat, in the basement of a department store and in the old CCD at the top.  - Where are the tools for rough work?  -One of the places - in the basement refueling, in a broken Zaporozhets.  - Where are the tools for fine work?  -In the attic of the warehouse (there is a bunch of Electra) near the Jupiter plant.  We need to go past the anomaly concrete bath.  -How to get into the van with an electrical anomaly near Yanov?  - We must jump from the bridge to the locomotive and go to the end of the second car.  There will be open the hatch.  Jump there.  The tools are in the far left corner of the first car.  Exit - in the far vestibule on the left.  -Where and who can repair Gaus's gun?  - You take her on the quest from the Monolith.  And you carry on Zaton to Cardan.  Blow in Skladovsk and chatting with the mechanic.  He will be cut off, you can wander around the neighborhood for a couple of hours while he is sobering up.  Then he will take a gun from you and give you the key card to the test shop, he is near the helicopter that fell on the power station.  Inside there will be a zombie and a pseudo giant.  You can take a machine gun from the corpses of zombies, there is also a cache at the entrance to the workshop.  Inside the workshop it will be necessary to crawl through the ventilation into a closed room and from there take the documents along the rifle.  Then you need to go back to the mechanic and talk to him.  If you return the key card to him, he will give you 3 first-aid kits.  After talking with him, you need to wait a couple of hours for him to repair the gun, then give him to you, completely.  -How to find a prankster?  - Next to the Sosnodub anomaly, there will be a skeleton, next to you will find the CCP and the Gas Mask - this is all that remains of the Joker.  -How to help monoliths?  -In the bar on Janov there is a stalker nicknamed Flint (baits are poisoning that not he, but other people did) and so, in the first location there is a hunter, he gives a task to find Soroka (well, something like that), well, so Flint and there is that soroka.  You must complete the quests Hypericum, quests of scientists (more precisely, find an oasis).  After this, Flint will again start baiting bikes, approaching him and saying that he is yap.  After the conversation we go to Loki (the leader of Svoboda), he says that he will check (the quest is considered completed, and Freedom is your friend), after that we speak to Loki about the Monolithians - and that’s all, the quest with the Monolithians is completed.  From the very beginning of the game, go to the Frying anomaly, help a free stalker there (give a first aid kit), and he will give you a 2 level detector "Bear."  At the beginning of the game it helps a lot with the artifacts, and you’ll get the money in your pocket.  3 "Veles" can be found in the village, near the cooling tower (in the excavator).  Many kill Noah to remove 2 compass.  What for?  It is better to take one, take the beard and come for the second.  I came, hiding from the ejection, and he, shouting that "he would not save you from the ejection," gave the artifact.  The gas station in the stones has a cache.  It is easy to climb there, but the priest does not fit back.  I recommend to take a gun and give a couple of volleys, without stopping attempts to get out.  Sometimes it turns out to go out.  But it is better not to go there at all.  At the beginning of the barge, where you pick up the steering wheel, you can collect several artifacts.  To do this, you need to save the fool from frying and search with water with a new detector.  After, leaving the ship on a normal road, do not fall into the water between the ladder and some kind of box.  There is the same bug as with stones.  You can get out of it.  If you run around the map with the detector in your hand for a long time (not worse than Vales), you can find an “eye” or some other art in the open field.  It is not clear where they come from, but they are common.  Helping Uncle Yar escape from the mercenaries, do not touch the zombies.  They will distract fire perfectly when it gets hot.  Speaking of Koryagya.  This wonderful person will fall into your hands after some time.  Snag will arrive at the station "Yanov", then we grab it.  After a short skirmish, the reputation quest is considered completed.  We, as a real stalker, go down to the basement to our personal box ... and pop ... and the box is empty, ask the people "WHERE?" ... searches lead us to the local doctor, and he in turn indicates where he went the thief, and moreover, says that the thief is our old friend Koryaga.  Well, then we find the snag, and with it ours and his swag.  From the very beginning of the game you can find a good cannon (Desert Needles).  Go to the Iron Forest anomaly, Go to the Scat 2 helicopter, turn LEFT, in the corner stands a small building.  We go in the room, and under the table lie pistol and cartridges.  You can find a stalker named BARGE in the dungeons under a burnt farm, next to Skadovsky on the Backwaters.  It is located in the Great Hall, behind the stones, in which 2 roving anomalies, in addition, you can jump right into this Hall through a cleft from above on a precipice.  Together with Barge you can grab his PDA, armor and Kalash.  When you exit the bloodsucker's lair, when you jump into the tunnel, go not to where the Capercaillie goes, but to the other side - there is a hiding place in which there are medicines and 2 drugs to survive the release.  If the PDA obtained from Morgan is given to Loki, the freedom leader, you will also have access to the warehouse, but if you later give Loki and documents from the Jupiter plant, then the Hawaiian merchant will have unique things.  I recommend to kill Noah on the first visit to the Ark.  On the plateau to the helicopter you will still get, taking his PDA and plus to this, you can remove 2 compass artifacts from the corpse (50,000 rubles each for the sale).  Location of tools: Backwaters Tools for rough work are in the attic of a residential house in the Sawmill area.  Tools for fine work are located on the territory of the “Workshop substation”.  Jupiter Tools for rough work are in the last carriage of the train, which is located in the center of the Jupiter location.  Tools for fine work are located on the second floor of the western building of the Jupiter plant.  Pripyat Calibration tools are located in two places: 1. In the basement of the Department Store.  2. In the Old CCD, 2nd floor.  Remember the mission, where you are offered to pick up a chest with things from Zaporozhets?  If you want to keep all its contents, you need to take it out of the car and take the equipment to Skadovsk, and for only 500 rubles it will break the lock on the chest.  In it are first aid kits, improved pistol, Kalash and steel helmet.  Pass the minefield on the helipad without ever exploding a mine: press onto the grid and slowly walk.  In order not to waste huge clips on the destruction of the burer, go close to him so that he could not do anything to you, and cut with a knife (I had five blows enough).  You can easily kill a chimera, stab her with a knife in the head and she will fall off.  Approaching the helipad, the minefield can be bypassed - press onto the grid (on the right) and slowly go forward;  when the boars run, jump on the UAZ, and they will not cause you any harm.  In the tunnel leading to Pripyat, at the place where the door is de-energized, if you investigate the terrain, you can find the second “SEVU” in the box.  My world Google+ Tweet 
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