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[ All books in the STALKER series are 19 books. 2007-2009 + Bonus (Free) ]

General issues.

I strongly recommend that you go through the storyline to the bridge in the Red Forest without joining the groups and maintaining neutrality with them. According to the plot, the key characters meet both Dolgovtsy and Svobodovtsy, if you are in Freedom, then quests with Debt can cause problems and vice versa.
Even after the bridge in the forest is lowered, you can run through the locations, distribute flash drives, upgrade equipment and then do anything.


Added [ description of artifacts ].
Artifacts are in anomalous fields, they are not found in single anomalies. Not visible from afar. Searched with a detector. The game has three types of detectors. The first, the most primitive, is given at the very beginning. It responds to the presence of an artifact in the anomaly by squeaking, and as the artifact approaches, the frequency of the squeak increases. Then you can buy the detector "Bear", it shows the direction in which the artifact is located. The most sophisticated detector is Veles, it clearly shows an artifact on the screen. Some artifacts can be found only by them. Without the included detector, you can stand right on the spot where the artifact is located and not see it. The process of searching for an artifact - we approach the anomalies, switch to bolts (6), reach the detector (O), determine the direction, throw the bolt, step forward, look around (the artifact becomes visible from a distance of about one meter), if the artifact is not visible - we determine the direction , we throw the bolt ... we see the artifact that has appeared, we grab the legs from the anomaly, we use the first-aid kits / anti-radiation devices as necessary. Artifacts have a tendency to move, so we grab right away until it rolls off into an anomaly. A glitch is noticed - sometimes two artifacts appear side by side, when loading from an early save game and rerunning the artifact is already one.
Video - the first artifact in the swamps.

Quests are divided into story (main) and auxiliary. Storylines are obligatory for implementation, the rest are optional, but it is desirable to perform as they give all sorts of bonuses. Auxiliary - repel / kill / save / bring.

Buying information about caches.
We communicate with the characters, ask "What can you offer me," we learn that in the cache. Often they answer "and the FIG knows," we don’t click on the money, we buy.

The character experiences two outliers at the beginning, then during the game there are occasional outliers, and although the professor assured us that there are blowouts on the drum if the outburst finds itself in an open place, that's all, geymover. Emissions occur at the entrance to the location, there is a message about the upcoming release and a point with a cover appears on the PDA.

An interesting glitch is noticed (known as a "Ram glitch" :) ). The main thing is to go into negative balance. You can upgrade with a loan from Svobodovsky Kulibin, you can go somewhere with a smaller amount of money than he asks for the wire - the main thing is to do this before completing the quest on the Fang PDA. With a negative balance in the basement with a PDA of Fang during a robbery, we get two with a penny billion :) .

STALKER Clear Sky.

We come to our senses, talk with the NPS, go to the conductor, exit the base. In the anomalies we select the artifact. We reach the tower, we shoot boars, emission. We come to our senses, communicate with the NPS, complete quests. Tasks like "to seize and keep a point" - we bring down the renegades, we are waiting for the approach of the fighters of the NF. Tasks like "bring ..." - we take the task, having found what you need go with the conductor to the base, on the CCP a person is noted who needs to give it, then to the merchant for the reward. We are strengthening the position of private members in the swamps, we get a private duty jacket, we put a night-vision device on it at the local Kulibin (it’s almost impossible to run at night), go to the conductor to the South Farm, go to Cordon.
On the tower between the fishing village and the cemetery lies optics for Kalash.
In the north behind the railway lies a screwboard, we pass between the locomotive and the cars, we select. Repair costs 9600 but it is all the same VINTAR.
Who is completely lost - video :)

In one of the hiding places among other things lies Chaser.
In the north-west, under the destroyed bridge there is a dugout, Veles is hidden under a mattress with which the Gravel is located there (for version 1.5.04). You can get to the bridge through a hole in the barbed wire.
For those who could not find "Veles" and "gravity" - tyts on the picture below

Who is completely lost - video.

Two flash drives are given by the merchant for completing quests, another one in a cache. We hand over all three to local Kulibin, we get the possibility of an additional upgrade of vipers.

Total: leaving the Swamps, we have 8 artifacts, a Veles detector, a screwdriver, a chaser, and optics for Kalash.

[ All books in the STALKER series are 19 books. 2007-2009 + Bonus (Free) ]

Appear in the tunnel in front of the checkpoint. If it's a night, we put out the lantern. We run down-to the left to the stones near the tree, we hide after the stones from the shaitan-machine gun. We look around for the presence of nearby military, if someone wanders very close we bring down. After waiting for the shaitan-machine gun to stop firing again, RUNNER to the left along the barbed wire with the strafe.

We go to Sidorovich, then to the base of stalkers. We communicate with NPS, we get the quest to fill up the warriors. We go back, behind the rail-bank in the right, the elevator, we clean, then on the ATP, we clean, we return to the base, we approach the prison, we listen to the conversation, we get the coordinates of the case. We take away, we attribute to Sidorovich, we go further to the Dump.
The carrier of the military is sitting under the bridge, you can take it down and you can take the quest for the CCP. To get to the tunnel where the corpse with the PDA lies, climb the bridge over the railroad embankment, jump into the round transparent sphere. Video:

You can clear the checkpoint, get hold of Kalash, but Shaitan-machine gun is immortal (corrected in the second patch) and continues to shoot when the checkpoint is completely cleaned.
Quest for clever first-aid kit. Located at the checkpoint (still have to endure it), the building to the left of the barrier, second floor.
Quest for captured AKM-47/2. He lies on the ATP, from the street on the logs we climb onto the roof, through a hole in the attic, there is a refrigerator. The door does not open completely, you have to kick it or shoot it, it will slightly open, that there is not visible but we look into the slot, we press F and take the trophy. You can give and receive money and you can leave yourself a good trunk. Video:

Who can not take the "magic" vodka - video:

Behind the bus we run up on a group of bandits. You can obey orders, hide the trunk and stand still, then they will take the money and let it go. It is better to shove them, wait until they are the first to shoot and soak them all, or just run around the edges. Next, we run around the map, search the corpse, help the digger fight off the dogs, we get the quest to the Dark Valley. It is better to go up to the northern passage, in order to avoid possible departures.

[ All books in the STALKER series are 19 books. 2007-2009 + Bonus (Free) ]

Dark Valley.
We appear in front of the checkpoint, follow the instructions of the patrol - we hide the trunk, stand still, wait for the patrolman to approach, talk, run to the base. We carry out quests, we urinate psi-tuzika, we carry ammunition for the post ... everything is consistent, there are no problems. We receive information about the cache of Fang, we go again to the dump after spending the money on upgrades / repairs, since we will lose all the money at the dump.
Psi-tuzik you can try to shoot from afar from the vintar, if it does not work out - run to him until he spawn clones and from a shotgun in the support. If there are a lot of clones, then we look at what a tuzik runs in the distance in circles and doesn’t really want to attack, and throw him down.
To search a hiding place on a tree near the plant you need to climb onto the roof, jump onto a branch from it and walk along it a little.
One artifact is located on a closed part of the base in electr. You can get there in two (minimum) ways. The 1st — through the window from Chekhov, the 2nd — from the western entrance to the base immediately to the right, in the wall there is a gap, crouching low between the plates. Who does not understand - watch the video.

After completing the quests of Chekhov, you can pick up his IEDs (from the corpse). Video.

CCP Fang is in the basement at the flea market. We open the door, descend, fall into the stretch, the explosion, look at the cartoon, we come to ourselves without money and ammunition, we get the task to go to the Research Institute Agroprom. Throwing grenades at the basement is useless until the script with a banner for the Fang PDA works out. We lose money in any case, then the ammunition can then be returned - the task is given, it is in the hands of the bandits just south of it, on concrete slabs. You can do it easier - on the second floor of the flea market we load everything into a box, go to the basement, pick up the PDA, go back to the box and pick up all our goods.
4 artifacts at a location can be taken only by entering into conflict with the gangsters, first go to the locomotive depot, bargain / upgrade, then throw all the gangsters from afar, they themselves run. If the gate turns out to be closed, we throw a grenade inside or shoot anyone through the slots, the gate opens - go ahead. Two artifacts lie in a box in the basement opposite the bartender, two more - in a car dump where the bandits have a concentration camp.

Research Institute Agroprom.
We go from the landfill from the northern passage, along the road. At the checkpoint, we approach and listen to the Debt fighter, just listen, you do not need to crush F. We follow with a detachment of duty on the road, on the creature that has jumped out of the bushes and killed one fighter, we do not pay attention, we go further, we help the detachment to shoot the mutants. Next offer to go to the leadership of the debt and do. The main boss sits in the building of the scientific research institute on the third floor, we talk, we get the quest to flood the dungeon. We go on the map to the entrance, we shoot off snorks, we climb into the hole. Loaded next location.
We run dodging lights and shooting all the oncoming. Once in the big hall with the vats we look for the controller, we throw him down, we pass into the room with the valve, we unscrew it. Now quickly do the legs until everything is flooded. Right-down-left-up. Climbing the ladder of steel, they stood a bit - the script is triggered late, you can skip the task. If someone gets lost and can't get out - here is the video.

Go ahead, take out the thugs, get a quest for the Arrow stash, a hole in the wall, crouch-bounce-up the stairs, merge info from the PDA. Who does not know where the cache - the video.

We move to the exit, fireballs on the last ladder can be shot if desired, but it's easier to just run on the first-aid kits, at the top of the ladder we jump, jump, jump until we go further. Everything, the next stop is Yantar.
On the basis of singles, there are 2 artifacts in one of the buildings on the second floor.
The hermit is located at the base of singles, where there are 4 tanks vertically standing behind the net, there is a hatch down between the tanks, it is there.
At the exit from the location, a group of stalkers will ask for help, we shoot off zombies, we get an upgraded bronik as a reward, or we watch how zombies are cutting stalkers and collecting screwers.
Who could not find the machine debtor - video:

[ All books in the STALKER series are 19 books. 2007-2009 + Bonus (Free) ]

We go to the laboratory, help the guards kill the zombies, go to Sakharov, take the quest, go not through the gate like in the first stalker, but go around the plant outside, on the south side to the west and then to the north, shoot psi-tuzika and other living creatures, shmonaem corpse, we take the CCP, we return to Sakharov. We take the quest, go to the group of stalkers near the southern wall of the plant, follow their instructions, do not break ahead. We jump over the fence, we clean, on the boxes through the fence, with the fighter on the roof, we shoot off the zombies until the rest of them cool the coolers (the remaining time in the upper right), we get the quest for Red Forest. We stock up on the maximum of ammunition / first-aid kits / anti-warfare, there you will understand why.
If the door to Sakharov is closed - we go outside, we fire into the air, look around the map where the enemies are still and where they are going, wait for the next wave of attackers, help to shoot them, then the door to Sakharov opens.
Left-handed companions do not climb over the fence, although the territory has been cleaned up - see overdone, climbed into the thick of the bat, load from the previous saves and the new one. And after all warned - do not go ahead :) .
If you immediately rush to the army warehouses, then on the tower you can pick up the SVD of the SVD, if you come there along the storyline, then the SVD will not.

Red Forest.
We follow Strelk, shoot back from the ambush, the passage is blown up, go east to the SOS signal, take the CPC from the corpse, go to the stalkers, help them pass to the anomalous glade, go further to the teleport anomaly (as on Kordona above the railroad embankment) we climb onto the tank, jump into the anomaly, go to the Forester, talk, get a quest to the military warehouses.
Running after Strelok past the ambush is useless, vseravno script will work, only the explosion will cover.
If you help stalkers make their way to the anomalous glade and stay alive there, they give the artifact "Gravi" as a reward. The road to the clearing is still so-so, but at the very clearing among the monsters runs a rare, very hard-to-kill infection - a pseudo-giant. We run in circles, we shoot off at first a trifle like dogs, then we land cartridges in this infection.

Military warehouses.
We go in, communicate with the patrol, then with the mercenaries, go to the tower, take out the beasts around, climb, listen to the radio program, return to the Red Forest.

Red Forest.
We go to the forester, we get the quest for the artifact "compass", we go into the tunnel, we bring down the bandits, we take art, to the forester, we give, we get the quest to the Military depots.
For many people, on the second approach to the forester, he disappears, we go down to the first floor in the bathroom, we look at the ceiling, we observe a piece of texture sticking out of the ceiling, we come and talk to him - this is the forester :) .
In the tunnel, when we go behind the "compass" we look at our feet, there we can fall down and then get hard, although there is an artifact.

Military warehouses.
We go to the group of Svobodovtsy, with them we clean the territory of the warehouses from the military, climb up the tower, push the lever (F) on, transfer the coordinates, get the quest for Lebedev. We go around all the locations, distribute flash drives, buy / repair / upgrade inventory, rake in first-aid cartridges and in Red Forest to Lebedev.
Until all military levers on the tower are unavailable.
If you buy information about a cache in the middle of warehouses in a padded tank, you can take a grenade launcher.
From stalkers, you can take the quest for the artifact "flame" which you can and do not give for useful, but you can return and get a good trunk :)

Red Forest.
We go to Lebedev, shoot the bandits on the other side, periodically remove snipers on the hill. The bridge is lowered, on the other side, we approach Lebedev, we listen to the dialogues. If there is a desire - you can run through the locations in the Swamps at the merchant to get an armor of CHN.

Loads of first-aid cartridges, bandages, repair-upgrade, go explore the road to Limansk. All run-gathering over, then clean shooter.

Limansk, Abandoned Hospital.
Run, shoot, run, shoot ... and so on to the bitter end. We listen to the messages of the fighters of the Clear Sky, we are moving forward. In the hospital we throw down the helicopter. We leave to the Chernobyl NPP.

We immediately try to score the psi defense of the Arrow out of gauss from the spot, if it doesn’t work, we run on teleports, shoot everyone who stands on the road, catch up with the Arrow, finish off the psi defense, watch the movie. We put "Shadows of Chernobyl" and another week in the Zone :) .

You can bring down the Arrow down - jump to it, you can wander around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, watch the shootout of the ChN and Monolith, communicate with the Shooter :) After communication, we finish his defense from gauss.

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