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World of Tanks free experience calculator

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This free experience calculator will help you calculate how much gold or rubles you need to transfer to free experience. Most likely every World of Tanks player faced the problem of transferring experience to open new modules or tanks and as a rule the experience is always lacking. But there is a possibility of transferring experience for gold, in order to know how much it will be needed in and you can use our calculator.

What is free experience and what is it for?

Free experience is earned in the battles of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, but it is not tied to a particular tank or airplane. Free experience can be used to study any technique and modules in both games. When learning a new technique or a new module in the research tree, free experience is spent in the last place, that is, after the unallocated.

For 1 unit of game gold, you can transfer 25 units of undistributed experience to a free one. Transfer of experience is possible only with elite and premium technology.

Having the necessary amount of free experience allows you to explore and develop technology in both World of Warplanes and World of Tanks. Thanks to the free experience, you can immediately bring any car to top-end equipment and in the first battle to test it with maximum performance.

Getting Free Experience

  • For each fight, 5% of free experience is gained from the total experience for the fight.
  • Experience gained on elite and premium technology can be translated into free experience for gold.