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СRYSTAL COLOR - New art glass processing technology.

Author: Vasily Alekseevich Lyadnov

For quite a long time I was just a reader of your site, and now I decided to write myself. I present not just a business idea, but a quite successful, registered business .

The thing I do is as old as the world, it is glass processing, it would seem that there might be something new? It turned out that it can. First things first.

I started, as probably many in this area ( artistic glass processing ), c banal sandblasting. Many probably know what it is - the treatment of an unprotected surface of a glass or mirror with an air-sand jet of high pressure, as a result of which a matte pattern is formed on the surface of the glass or mirror, which gives the product additional aesthetic value.

I will not list how many kinds of glass products can be made or decorated using this technology - there are quite a lot of them. But, after practicing, sandblasting for some time, after talking with furniture company managers, mainly with manufacturers of cabinet furniture and wardrobes, I learned that customers already want something new, ask them to put color drawings on the same mirrors for wardrobes , banal matte sandblasting customers already tired, the demand for similar services began to fall, and as a consequence, the price.

I had to think: either continue to engage in unpromising direction, or look for something new. I tried, experimented, put paint on glass on sandblasting drawings, various varnishes, primers, but still not that, I was not satisfied with the result, the image was washed away or cracked, it was still “on glass”, and therefore subject to mechanical or atmospheric effects or humidity, that is, in essence, short-lived. Sticking color films rejected immediately - what not to say, but it is ersatz, cheap. I wanted to do something real. He began to study the special literature on glass processing, but everything that happened there was either already used in production, or was too expensive to put into practice.

Once, in one magazine, I came across an article about ancient methods of artistic glass processing , it was about different types of stained glass windows, about the history of their creation. And very little was mentioned about the method of processing glass, which is now practically not used, is actually forgotten. I jumped at this thread, began to search on the Internet, but, unfortunately, there was so little information that I had to think out a lot myself. All had to try again, and different equipment and materials. I set myself the task: to unify this old technology to modern glass processing facilities and materials. As time has shown, I have achieved this.

СRYSTAL COLOR - New art glass processing technology.

I called this technology Crystal Color ( Color Crystal ), the fact is that the structure of the color image “embedded” in the glass structure resembles small crystals, and looks very impressive (when a beam of sunlight hits the finished product, a “metallic” flicker appears small lights). And most importantly, high-quality color images are not located on the surface of the product, but are “embedded” in its structure, that is, they are located in the glass itself, and the surface of the glass or mirror itself serves as its natural protection from mechanical or other influences, that is, the product can be cleaned , wash without restrictions, hang in the bathroom - the humidity is not a hindrance.

The image in the glass at a distance of 2 mm. from the surface.

Many may think that this sintering of glass is not so, I do not heat the glass by a degree, as they say, from a completely different opera.

Another nuance - the technology allows you to create three-dimensional objects or images in the glass, both monochrome and color, to give the image certain effects using foiled metal.

СRYSTAL COLOR - New art glass processing technology.

Now I put the production of these products on a small serial stream. The products are so unusual and beautiful that the local regional broadcasting company asked me to make a program about my products and production. I am considering this proposal now.

More about the products: these are ordinary (or rather unusual) mirrors for interiors, mirrors for furniture and wardrobes, glass and mirror facades for furniture, amazingly beautiful glass table tops for tables, both with wooden and metal, and with forged metal legs, various inserts for sliding and swing doors and much more.

The cost of products is as follows : the cost of producing one square meter of production is up to 800 rubles, and the selling price is from 4,000 rubles for the same meter, and as they say, products are in great demand, I am already thinking about expansion.

By the way, despite all my searches, I found only one company working on a similar technology (on a similar, but not such). It is located in Moscow, and their prices start at $ 500. per square meter! And customers are more than enough! But their method has a significant drawback, which Crystal Color technology is devoid of.

СRYSTAL COLOR - New art glass processing technology.

But the most important thing that I managed to achieve is the simplicity of the technological cycle . Production can be placed on 15 squares of free space, materials and equipment are the most common and inexpensive, 15-20 thousand rubles can be met, the newcomer will master this technology in one, as they say, day.

Production can be adjusted for ten days, and most importantly, there is almost no competition , since these products compare favorably with products made using other technologies.