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Zorb is an extreme attraction.


Zorb is a transparent thermoplastic polyurethane sphere with a camera for the zorbonaut passenger (preferably with strong nerves and a bit hungry). The ball is pushed aside - the man screams from horror to a complete stop - depending on where he was shoved. Beautiful and fast.

The diameter of the outer sphere is 3.2 meters, the inner diameter is 1.8 (Zorb for children of 3-12 years is 2.2 and 1.2 meters). The distance between the spheres is 60-70 cm, and it is enough to create a cushioning air cushion. The "Zorb" is inflated in 5-7 minutes.

zorb Arranged Zorb is very simple - one transparent sphere is attached with the help of lines in another, larger, transparent sphere. The space between the spheres is filled with air, the pressure of which sprays the spheres apart, and the slings, on the contrary, are held. Such a system very well absorbs and smooths the unevenness of the route. If the ball with the man inside flies on the obstacle, then the air layer on one side, and the tension of the lines on the other hand, will protect the person from the shock like a shock absorber.

Of course, you can pierce Zorb on an unprepared track with a sharp object, like a stone, but it's not dangerous either. The pressure inside is low, so Zorb will not burst, but will be blown away. Through a hole, the size of a tennis ball, the balloon will be blown off for a few minutes until it becomes soft, and after starting to lose shape, it simply stops quickly.

Ustrouzvo zorba A person is attached to the zorba by means of a suspension system - as in a parachute suspension, i.e. fasten hips, waist, shoulders, and also feet feet and hands. It is almost impossible to drop out of such a suspension, moreover, when the zorbonat is rotated, it also attracts centrifugal force to the ball wall.

Now a couple of words about where, in fact, this "Zorb" is rolling. Spheres can stand still, roll at an arbitrary speed and swim. When asked about the drowning of the "ball", the producers notice with some sarcasm that in this case the zorbonavt should weigh 13 tons, which, in general, is likely, but it is unlikely that he will manage to get inside the ball.

ramp Thus, zorbing can be of four types: "Hill Zorbing", "Hydro Zorbing", "Water Zorbing" and "Snow Zorbing" (Snow Zorbing).

To organize a business idea, you will need to pick a good place, preferably with a descent cleared of sharp stones, spines and branches. Even a flat place will do, but to increase the extreme, the ramp (artificial hill) will help you. With its help you can ride in Zorba, even in the city, on the central square or on the beach!

Sphere for water skiing The cost of zorb 40 000 - 180 000 rub. The rent of zorba 300r. for 10 minutes. pokatushek. In this case, the daily profit can be about 5000 - 8000r. at 8 hour work of an attraction. And you can easily calculate the payback yourself.

To reduce the initial investment, you can purchase a sphere for water skiing from 15000r. The location of the attraction is a city pond or a swimming pool.