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Garden in a bottle. Home flower business.

Flowers are a great gift or gift addition for our lovely ladies. Any holiday is complete without a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

In most cases, the choice of muscle falls on the composition of the flowers. But it would be sad to admit that Muscovites are not experts in flowers, and often even a bouquet carefully selected with love can dry out after 2-5 days.

Not considering birthdays, there are a lot of holidays in winter: New Year, Valentine's Day, Tatyana's Day, March 8th. These days, the flowers diverge at the speed of light (in the morning they are and in the evening you can no longer be found). A garden in a bottle is a novelty that few people know.

Planted plants in a bottle have a completely different look. Once having seen such a miracle as the tropics in a small glass container like an ordinary bottle, it is difficult for a lover of indoor plants to forget it. Such "gardens" were very popular in England and other European countries in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

garden in a bottle

These factors prompted me to create a business idea for making a garden in a bottle. Moreover, this business is home-based, and also for women: housewives, on private leave, and even for workers. After all, it is always nice to combine business with pleasure, and even get money for it.

bottle garden A bottle garden is a glass or transparent plastic vessel inside which indoor plants are planted. The air access to the tank is limited or completely blocked, as a result of which a humid climate is formed, favorable for the cultivation of delicate and whimsical plants, which can hardly tolerate harsh room conditions.

There are no drafts in a closed vessel and high humidity can be maintained. This allows you to grow delicate plants and create a magnificent miniature landscape.

The cost of such compositions ranges from 1500r. - 3000 rub. The price depends a lot on the beauty and complexity of the composition. Indeed, the thinner the neck of the bottle, the more difficult it is to make the composition, respectively, the price will be higher.

The main costs are a vessel. As a vessel, any decorative jar, vase, bottle is suitable. The cost of which is 100 - 500 rubles. (depending on volume and execution).

You can sell the "garden in a bottle" through flower shops. They will gladly replenish their product range. Even friends and neighbors will want to buy such a wonder. And this will be a live advertisement for you.

To simplify the process of making a garden in a bottle , you can use the hydrogel. At the same time, you will never have dirt on the walls of the vessel.

Hydrogel - These are granules of a special polymer that absorbs water and water-soluble fertilizers hundreds of times more than their own weight, and then gives them to plants as needed.

hydrogelhydrogel flowers

Hydrogel can be used for indoor plants instead of ordinary soil. Rainbow hydrogel looks beautiful, has a pleasant shine. It does not reproduce mosquitoes and bacteria.

But there is one drawback to using hydrogel. The polymer runs out of its aesthetic resource (approximately 5-8 months), begins to decay and loses its brightness, and it must be replaced. And replacing it in a bank with a very narrow neck will be very problematic.

Act and enjoy it.