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Crystal Color Plus (Color Crystal Plus)

Author: Андрей

It all started with the fact that I was sick of living from salary to salary and wanted to create my own small family business , investing a minimum of funds. I had my own ideas, of course, but I was very interested in an article on the Internet about how to create a business in 10 days with minimal costs. The proposed technology was inexpensive and promised a good income with minimal investment. And its essence consisted in using secret technology to make voluminous color drawings inside the glass, mirrors. This technology promised to be a forgotten eGlomise, adapted for modern glass processing conditions. It was called beautifully - Crystal Color. I think many have heard about this technology, information about it is posted on many websites, there is a heated discussion in the forums. It happens always when the idea is new and very few people want to pay for a "cat in a poke". But I still risked it. Money to organize the whole process took a little more, but it's okay. Time is much longer than 10 promised days, but I was not in a hurry - I focused on the quality of my work. Despite the fact that I had no experience with glass at all, it was not difficult to master the proposed technology. However, all this was not what I expected. Recently, it has been considered that the eGlomise is a kind of pattern on the glass, more often a mirror, obtained by engraving on the back side of a silver amalgam, in fact it is not so.

Few people know that the first products made with the help of technology, which is known to us as an eGlomise, date back to the 3rd century BC. But even then people knew how to put a drawing inside a transparent glass. And the technology I bought allowed me to work, mainly, only with mirrors. In cases of working with glass, the transparency of the product was lost, and this was sometimes not very useful.

In one of the conversations with the director of the furniture factory, we discussed the products after using the Crystal Color technique, and reflected on how you can save the whole charm of the picture, but so that it can be seen equally well on both sides, for example in the interior door, window, or in a glass partition. The decision did not come immediately. The thing is that Crystal Color, in my opinion, was developed only for the introduction of a picture into the structure of mirrors, and this limited its application in places where transparency is required, and transparency is the main advantage of glass. Then I got the idea how to put the image inside the glass. I had to look at the problem outside the box, as they say, from the inside. So the idea of Crystal Color Plus (Color Crystal Plus) was born.

My invention could be called a renewed or augmented Crystal Color, but there is a fundamental difference between Crystal Color and Crystal Color Plus. Using the technology Crystal Color Plus, the image really gets inside the glass as in the real eGlomise, and at the same time the pattern retains a volume that is equally visible from the outside and from the inside of the glass. The effect of "Color Crystal" is preserved. At the same time, the glass remains absolutely smooth from either side, whatever one may say. I invented the Crystal Color Plus technology for the complexity is not much more difficult than the usual Crystal Color, but much closer to the real eGlomise than its predecessor, which gives it an undeniable advantage in quality.

Crystal Color Plus

You can get exhaustive information about the Crystal Color technique from its author, he will be pleased to answer all your questions, here is the e-mail address of his:

Give him my best wishes and best regards. After all, it was he who bought the "Sandblast Technology" on the Internet in his time and this prompted him to write the book Crystal Color. And I, having bought and studied Crystal Color, discovered and developed for myself and for you Crystal Color Plus. I believe that my book will inspire you to something more and will allow you to develop even further, thereby enabling you to approach the other secrets of the forgotten eGlomise.

Crystal Color Plus

Crystal Color Plus is a true know-how that will allow you to create your own business, the development of which depends only on your imagination. I got it - it will work for you.

Crystal Color Plus