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Glowing flowers. A novelty in the flower business.

Flower business You can earn a lot of money if you bring a unique product or service to the market. The Russian market in many respects repeats the development of the market of Western Europe and the United States. And many business strategies came to us from the west. Therefore, our company's employees for the new department were instructed to find in the economically developed countries a product or service that could be successfully promoted in Russia.

In the search for business, we proceeded from the following criteria:
-Business should be working for several years, with a good profit
-Business should be with minimal investment to start.
-Business with ample opportunities for marketing. It is desirable the existence of ready-made networks for the sale of goods.

We found such a working business in the Netherlands. The decisive factor by which we decided to invest money in this business was the understanding of how huge money is rotating in the sale of flowers.

Considering that buying bouquets of flowers, people try to be original, first of all pay attention to beautifully designed and unusual compositions decorated with ribbons and sprinkled with spangles with sparkles or simply painted in bright colors, drawing of inscriptions, pictures, etc. And the flowers glowing in the dark, from the first days, got sympathy from people.

The essence of business is to sell an additional service in any flower shop. The service is really unique - it is the creation of glowing in the dark colors . This is done with a unique gel. A glowing gel for flowers is applied with a brush to the petals of ordinary roses. Gel is absolutely safe for people and for a flower.


After applying the gel to the surface of the petals, the flower begins to glow in the dark , accumulates light from any source and continues to glow for 3-4 hours, depending on the length of stay in the light.

Flowers that shine

BIO-GEL increases the lifespan of the flower bud by reducing the moisture evaporation from its surface, the wilted flowers retain the glow property for an unlimited time and can decorate the vases already as dried flowers. The gel has a liquid consistency (packing 100 ml.), Falling on the petals, it is partially absorbed and thickens, without violating the shape of the flower.

glowing flowers

A small sign of the A4 format - FLOWERS LIGHTED IN THE DARKNESS , this is all that is needed for advertising, the rest is explained and shown by the flower sellers.

Usually from those who are interested there is no release, and the buyers, after learning that the flowers can glow in the dark, are usually asked to process our "composition" with their bouquets. All that is required of you is to promote this new and unique service in your city and region, supplying bio-gel and promotional materials to all the flower points of your city, very rarely, who refuses, and next week they begin to make new orders gel.

Our clients are people who want to open their business in any city where there are flower shops. To open your business, you need to purchase a "Starter package" from us. It includes:

-Basket with glow in the dark.
-Business plan.
-The strategy of business development in your city.
-Advertising products to attract your customers (posters, leaflets, booklets).

The amount of products contained in the starting package is sufficient to apply a gel to 600 roses.

The cost of a flower for a buyer after applying a gel becomes more expensive by 60-80 rubles. You earn 30 rubles from each flower, and the flower shop earns 30-50 rubles. The profit from the implementation of the launch package for you is 18,000 rubles.

"Glowing flowers" a completely new product and saturation of the flower market will not happen soon. To date, only the company "Megarosa" is a major player in this market. In many regions, the product "Glowing Flowers" is not yet available at all.

PS Who first comes to the market, he gets the most money. Be the first in your city!