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Business on the manufacture of slag blocks.

You, certainly, have paid attention, that recently building is stormy. They are built from small and medium-sized private buildings: garages, dachas, farmsteads, workshops, shops, agricultural buildings, large industrial, residential buildings, storage facilities, centers. And the number of buyers in the construction markets is commensurate with the quantity in the food markets.

Specialists of construction specialties are in demand like never before. There are new building technologies and materials. But are they always available for price and technology to a wide range of developers?

Therefore, they are little used in small and medium-sized construction, both in large cities and in small towns.

The most accessible building material remains the so-called cinder block and brick.

And the brick is often inferior to the slag block at the price, heat conductivity and simplicity of the masonry.

But the hollow building blocks are convenient and accessible to most private developers.


Yes, because thanks to their properties: they simply build a low-rise (2-3 floors) building (garage, house, dacha, hozblok, workshop, etc.) without even resorting to the services of a mason. (1 block = 3-4 bricks);
walls of slag blocks are sound and heat-resistant;
the price of the slag block is lower than the prices for brick, foam block and other construction materials due to the cheapness and availability of its components (see below);
Only cinder block can be made by yourself. Another Saman (clay-straw brick) can also be done independently.

So how do you produce slag blocks yourself? What is necessary for the production of building blocks?

It is known that the cinder block was produced with a special equipment using a steam chamber. Therefore, the production of a quality unit in domestic conditions was not available.

But if there is demand, then the proposal is inevitable. And it is! Since 1994, experience in the production of building blocks in the private sector and in small production has answered the question posed.

slag block production

What does that require?
Raw materials
Relatively flat area
Household network in 220V.

How to start the production of building blocks?

1. Select the optimum local material for concrete, given its cost and delivery.
2. Calculate the cost of 1 unit, taking into account the components of concrete.
3. Decide on the production site.
4. Purchase a vibrating table.
5. Master these technologies.
At the beginning, concrete can be cooked by hand. Later it is more effective and easier - on an electric concrete mixer with a volume of 0.2-0.5 cubic meters (preferably 0.5 with allowance for perpektiva).

Why is it profitable?

The production of one slag block takes 0.011 cubic meters of solution, in proportion 1: 7 (cement: slag), i.e. from one bag of cement, you get 36 ready blocks. The cost price of the finished unit taking into account the prices of your region, you can calculate yourself.

Business development.

1. Hire responsible employees, worthy of their interest. (In our city - 20 kopecks (0.04 cents) per block, in the district - 0.02 cents.)
2. Starting the implementation, reduce the retail price, thereby making a worthy competition and receiving grateful customers and their recommendations. (Important: Quality must be definitely worthy).
3. In a warm season or in a heated room (regardless of the season), you can organize work in 2 shifts.
4. At the same time, the entrepreneur depends only on the presence of voltage in the network and on the health of 1 workforce (in the first stage, before payback, you can also work with the machine itself).
5. If appropriate, rent out the machine for "developers."
6. To fulfill orders of "developers" directly on their site, saving them money for loading, transportation and unloading of blocks.
7. In addition, - you do not need permission from the State Electronadzor, since all equipment is designed for a normal household network!

Thus, the business of building blocks can be developed step by step:

1. Start with the minimum costs for manufacturing a shaker according to the drawings, 1 machine of local raw materials as a filler of concrete, 15-20 bags of cement.
Writing free ads on the implementation of a high-quality slagblock.
Produce 800-1000 units. Quickly out of implementation, lowering the retail price.
2. Purchase a concrete mixer and the next batch of raw materials + UPD (universal plasticizing additive).
Align the price to retail (if desired).
Writing free ads + paid.
3. Productively, with the experience of production, to produce quality blocks, having time to fulfill orders.
Announcements are no longer necessary: ​​high quality of blocks + advertising "from mouth to mouth" will do their job.
Organize 2-shift production of building blocks.
Expand the range of produced blocks.