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Car wash in the yard.

Work yourself or, if there is an organizational vein, hire others. Investments in the real business start from 2 thousand rubles. You will beat them for 1 day of work. Work can be 2 hours a day, and the rest of the time to devote to the main job, if it is still needed.

This is a true home business.

Its difference:
1. To make something, you need to invest something, even a little.
2. You need to work with your own hands or head.
3. A circle of grateful customers is formed, which supply you with permanent orders (we'll talk about the circle again).
4. Absence of competition: having started your business first, you will close your opponents the way to this business, of course, in your microdistrict.

These machines are your customers , and you know them by their names. Car washing is the right thing for all car owners. Once a year, but you need to wash yourself.

What are the options on the market today?
1. Wash the machine on a stationary washer. It costs 300 rubles. - a sink and 300 rubles. - polishing (hereinafter Moscow prices). We must go, defend in line, lose time in anticipation.
2. Wash the car at the cottage. It's great for those who have it, but only in the summer and with the inevitable divorce on the surface.
3. Wash the car in the yard. This is until the first complaint of neighbors to the mud and the arrival of environmental services, including SES.

Our offer is to move the place of rendering services to the places where cars sleep: to yards, to garages, to parking lots.

The client leaves an order in the evening, and in the morning receives a sparkling car. Everyone is happy.

How to implement this proposal?
1. So yourself option. Buy a device that connects to the cigarette lighter and gives a small head of water. Lower the hose into the bucket and wash the machine with a brush. We do it ourselves in the summer at the dacha. Karcher do not offer, there prices from 80 000 rubles. for apparatus with pressure.

A. You need to get access to the cigarette lighter, and consequently, to the client's car.
V. Shampoo, foam and water will flow in all directions, fall into the catchment, from there directly to the city water system. Shampoo can not be stopped and not dissolved.
C. In addition, see option # 3 above.
If all these problems are solved - in a good way. Buy a wet sink.

2. Our offer - DRY WASHING.

1. Composition Dry 1 - Water (warm) is needed, but only for wetting wiping and cleaning wipes in a bucket. Without requiring a hose and running water, Sukhoma 1 allows you to wash the car in winter in the yard, in the parking lot or where washing is not allowed. In extreme cases, stand on the road, where there is access to warm water and sewage. Year-round option.

2. Composition of Sukhoi 2. Water is not required at all, a cleaning spray is sprayed onto the surface of the machine. At freezing temperatures it freezes, so in winter customers - only warm garages, including rental points, taxis - and bus parks, departmental garages. In the summer, wash whatever you want.

In both cases, the dirt is removed by wiping with microfiber napkins, there is not a drop of water on the ground, no foam, the SES is resting.

Approximate economy of the process.

The figures are based on the calculation of washing sedan. Jeep is 2 times more expensive.

1. Both Sukhomoy wash and polish the car, which gives the moral right to take 600 rubles from the customer. Only wash it is impossible, tk. the composition automatically includes polishing. Suppose that you announce the owner 300 rubles., As if only for a sink, while guaranteeing quality and saving him money, time and nerves in the queues.
Important: he knows with whom to ask for quality, because you live in the neighborhood.
2. One car (sedan) takes 15 minutes. We will count 3 machines per hour, because from time to time you have to change the water in buckets.
3. 2 hours of work x 3 machines / hour machines = 6 machines / day.
4. The cost price of Sukhomoy 1 - 100 rubles. for the car.
5. So, 300 rubles. from the customer - 100 rubles. for Sukhoma = 200 rubles. They are yours.
6. 6 machines x 200 rubles / day = 1200 rubles. This is your earnings / day.
7. 1200 rub. x 30 days = 36,000 rubles / month.
Miracles do not promise, but there will be good pocket money for 2 hours of work before breakfast.

Do you want to become a boss? Hire other people!

Potential subordinates - parking guards, janitors, decent homeless people, students, schoolchildren, pensioners, yes anyone.

Russian guests in Moscow are ready to work for 500 rubles. per day or 75 rubles per hour, based on 8 hours.
Offer them 100 rubles. for the car or 300 rubles. at one o'clock. As a result, 600 rubles. per day, but working 2 hours. Everyone is happy.
You will have 100 rubles. from the machine. To get your 1200 rubles per day, you need 12 cars / day or 6 cars / hour. If two people work for you, it will come out.


Suppose that 1 customer will order 1 washing a week (pessimistic scenario). Those. 1 client = 4 orders / month.
1 customer brings profit: 4 orders x 200 rubles. = 800 rubles per month. To earn 36,000 rubles per month. divide them by 800.
It turns out, we need 45 clients a month to work for ourselves.

If wage labor is used, 4 orders x 100 rubles. profit = 400 rubles. per month from the client.
Seeking salary 36 000 rubles .: 400 rubles / customer = 90 customers.
Since hired labor can be combined at first with your own efforts, you need to prepare for the figure 90, but 45 customers (in fact, less, jeeps will be ordered at least 2 times more often and they cost 2 times more expensive) option is quite realistic. According to experience, customers will be 25-30, cars - 40, because there are family car parks.

Why will you never go to rivals, if and when they appear.

You can buy the component parts of the topic, but if you want something more, you can not go to a decent level without the help of the team.

We explain.

You have 25 people who trust you with their treasure, communicating with you on automobile topics and therefore can be counted among the circle of "warm contacts" as marketers say.

It would be a sin not to use it.

1. If the hands grow out of the right place, you will offer customers a car service at home. At least, scratches win.
2. Offer regular cleaning of the passenger compartment, including removal of odors.
3. 25 people - this is 40 cars, including the family, but not including acquaintances. Become an insurance agent and offer the customer the most profitable rates on the market.
4. We will supply you at wholesale prices the auto accessories that are needed every day (napkins, deodorants, all sorts of pribludy, etc.) and which simply can not be bought, especially if they are cheaper than in the store. Regular presentations will be arranged.
5. Much more.

Next steps.

The business plan of the SOR provides for the involvement of 10,000 members during the year. All of you will earn money, and considerable, and we will help them to spend sensibly.

1. At wholesale prices we will buy popular cars.
2. Apartments.
3. The earth under construction.
4. We will make a corporate tariff for mobile communication.
5. Almost for free we will arrange trips to the resorts.
6. We will remove the restaurant for regular clubbing of Club members and exchange of ideas and experience.
7. We will offer you a bank card with discounts in networks for all SPS fighters.
8. Next everywhere.

Join now.

Author: Leonid Vakhtin
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