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Drawing images on T-shirts.

Even the most unattractive T-shirt can be significantly transformed, if you put on it the original picture, a photograph - in general, what will make it unique.

But this is only a special case of printing on a T-shirt.

There are situations in which it becomes simply an indispensable element - for example, to name the team on the players' t-shirts. Or, in the different colors of the T-shirts of the youth musical group, you can put your own logo ... The application of the company logo on T-shirts of advertising agents is widely used for various kinds of actions, presentations, sampling, tastings, etc. Or just make T-shirts with an original and unusual pattern. A variety of pictures can be viewed on the site

In general, the need for such a service does exist, and this demand grows in direct proportion to the development of marketing techniques.

And how is drawing pictures or information on the fabric of a T-shirt made? Yes, in many different ways.

One of the inexpensive, affordable and mobile ways is sublimation printing on T-shirts.

And you can take orders and sell exclusive T-shirts via the Internet, and at the same time make T-shirts at home. Or rent a small room in a shopping center or in the market, and at the same time make T-shirts immediately on the spot.

The cost of special T-shirts (with an outer layer of polyester) is 150 rubles. Cost of T-shirt with the printed figure 390 - 800r. Total profit is from 240 to 650 rubles. with one t-shirt.

The main advantage of sublimation technology is simplicity and convenience !;
1. Minimum costs for the purchase of equipment for the organization of production.
2. Ability to print on virtually any surface, having a special coating for sublimation;
3. The ability to print small (from 1 pc.) And large runs, without increasing the cost of the product;
4. Allows you to obtain a photographic quality image that is difficult to obtain with the help of other technologies;
5. The image is located "inside" the product, which ensures the resistance of the printed image to washing, UV, environmental influences;

To organize a small production of sublimation printing, the following materials and equipment are needed:
1. Thermopress
2. Inkjet printer with CISS or refillable cartridges
3. Sublimation ink
4. A synthetic fabric or an object with a prepared surface.

With the help of any design program, for example Photoshop, a mirror image of the required photo or picture is done.

We send to the press

Printer for T-shirt printing

Printing is carried out on ordinary office paper or special thermal transfer paper for sublimation inkjet printing. We recommend using a special thermotransfer paper, the result will be better.

Sublimation ink is suitable for most inkjet printers that print on piezo-electric printing technology. Optimal budget models of A4 format - 4-color, pigmented printers Epson C65 \ C86 \ C67 \ C87.

In this case, the printing is carried out on a conventional A2 Epson Stylus PRO 4400 inkjet printer.

For printing, we use ink for sublimation printing of the Manoukian brand from the Italian manufacturer Argon-Manoukian. You can use ink from other manufacturers.

The image printed on thermotransfer paper for sublimation ink-jet printing is dried for about 20 minutes. Then carefully cut out the contour. We try not to touch the printed image with your hands, so as not to leave unnecessary prints.

For printing, we use special T-shirts for sublimation printing. In these T-shirts, the outer layer has a 100% polyester coating and the inner layer is 100% cotton. The polyester layer provides an opportunity to transfer the sublimation transfer to the product perfectly, and the cotton layer is comfortable when wearing the product.

Transfer the image from the transfer to the T-shirt using a flat thermo press. The transport temperature is 180-200 degrees Celsius. The transfer time is 1 - 1.5 minutes.

T-shirt printing

First, carefully put the T-shirt on Thermopress. Then we impose a transfer, printed side to the surface of the T-shirt at the place where the drawing should be located. Cover the top with light paper so that the product does not turn yellow due to high temperatures.

We fix the thermo-press within 1 - 1.5 minutes.

Printing on T-shirts

After 1 - 1.5 minutes, open the thermo-press, remove the transfer. We get the finished product!

Sublimation technology uses a chemical process in which ink is transferred from the liquid state to the gaseous state, thereby the dye penetrates deep into the structure of the surface layer. The result is a persistent image that can not crack, peel or cloud for a long time.

The pattern is very resistant to repeated washing.