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Throw pillows - business with humor.

If you think that you are an angel, and your wife is a demon in the flesh, then you need to tell her about it in order to treat you more gently. A gift for Valentine's Day can be such a pad with a hint. Of course, if the wife has a sense of humor ...

Designer Matt Jones probably considers himself to be an angel, and that’s why he created just such a pillow version. When a couple goes to bed, a man suddenly has a nimbus above his head, and even the wings grow. The woman, in turn, has horns and a devil tail. And both the wife and the husband are satisfied with this state of affairs in the end! Of course, the pillows are designed specifically for a couple, because, as we see in the pictures, the whole point is in the pairing. So think about this gift.

decorative pillows

There are also other options for pillows, like - “Relaxing” with a picture of headphones on one side for you or a wife, “Deadly tired” with a picture of a person plugging ears from loud sounds - on the other for a partner, and a couple of pillows of bloody theme - with an ax and just a pool of blood.

And if the latter type does not like it, the previous two should amuse anyone. And sometimes you can change places, then the wife is an angel, then the husband. It will turn out such a sleeping game, quite fun, although not very sophisticated, of course.

It will not be difficult for you to make such pillows using the technology of applying the image on t-shirts.