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Manufacture of own household chemical goods.

In terms of its main activity, our company imported concentrate for auto shampoo from the USA. Naturally, we collected all information about manufacturers, read customer reviews, participated in forums on foreign websites, etc.

And one fine visitor, one of the guests of the forum, wondering how this business is going in Russia, wrote that he himself is a retired director of a chemical plant in Europe, he knows everything about our lineups and offers to buy a formula from him in order to set up his own production. Why do you need to carry water across the ocean, he asked, because in products like shampoo water is not less than 80%? You just need to take the right ingredients and mix them in the right way.

He sent a detailed manual, in which it described to the smallest details how and what to do.

We tried in our own office, even without a laboratory, it turned out. The total cost price was 5 times lower than we paid for the concentrate, considering that there is no delivery, customs, VAT less than the finished product, etc.

In addition to our formula, a recipe was added for another 29 household chemical products. For the sake of interest, they tried to make antifreeze - the result is again remarkable.

When they estimated the cost of raw materials and the retail price in the store for the main recipes, the difference was 1000-1500%.

So it was thought, for us to work washing powder, well, or there bleach is not needed, and someone in our anti-crisis times will help to build their own business and become the king of household chemistry, easily bypassing the turn of Procter and Gamble, as the quality will be equal or surpass this monster.

The most interesting is that the costs are 0. All the companies producing raw materials give samplers. If you succeeded in making a sample, you can safely start your own production or place orders at specialized enterprises, which are only waiting for customers to come to them and load their capacities.

A list is like this (I quote only the first 20).

1. Liquid for washing dishes
2. Liquid for washing clothes
3. The conditioner for linen
4. Shampoo for hair
5. Home bleach
6. Liquid soap (for dispensers)
7. Cleaning liquid for glass
8. Toilet cleaning liquid
9. Cleaning liquid against scratching
10. Universal cleaner
11. Sewer cleaning
12. Polishing powder (for hard-to-remove stains)
13. Cleaner for the cooker
14. Cleaner for parquet and household
15. Coniferous disinfectant
16. Liquid paraffin for floor cleaning
17. A paraffin removing agent
18. Liquid furniture polish
19. Metal polish for silver
20. Air freshener.

The most interesting thing is that the set includes recommendations, where and how to sell.

If you need help, write.

Author: L.V. Vakhtin