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We grow and sell seedlings.

So Spring has come, it is March in the courtyard and the very time to start this interesting but very difficult business. In March and April, the demand for peat pots, humus, garden tools and, of course, seeds and seedlings increases. According to statistics, 30 percent of the population of our country have garden plots or a country house, which means that an overwhelming number of these families plant radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. on their plots.

Well, if there is a greenhouse, then there is an opportunity to grow seedlings and subsequently transplant it into open ground. And if there is no greenhouse, you will have to buy seedlings from neighbors or in specialized firms.

Now the number of shops selling seeds has grown to an incredible number, while most avid gardeners tend to buy seedlings. Here you can offer for sale seedlings for suburban areas.

Seedlings are not only tomatoes and cucumbers, as many mistakenly believe, they are also bulbous plants, bush plants and much more.

In order to grow seedlings for sale, you, of course, have little desire, you need to have the skills of a gardener in order to know exactly what is right and what to do. Seedlings are best grown in wooden boxes, in which black soil, soil and fertilizer should be mixed in the right proportions.

It is best to keep the seedlings with a lack of light under table or quartz lamps, since light and heat are vital for all plants, especially seedlings. The healthier the seedlings, the easier it will take root when transplanted into the ground.

Remember that healthy plant roots are an indicator of how you treated them. Relate, of course, not in the literal sense, but in terms of courtship.

Of course, if you choose exactly this direction in business, you just need to possess the elementary skills of a gardener and gardener. It is easiest to find customers so that such a business can flourish through newspaper ads, cable television.

It is best to hang ads with proposals for the sale of seedlings in garden plots, where exactly the same fans gardeners will be able to appreciate your seedlings.

Business can be very profitable , since good seedlings cost about 100-150 rubles for several bushes. It is sold by bushes, it is rarely evaluated, simply speaking, for one piece. As a rule, this applies to rare species of breeds of their own. This is worth mentioning separately.

If you are fond of everything related to cultivated plants and the earth, then you may well spend two years trying to bring out a special type of tomato or cucumber. Your merits will be appreciated not only by gardeners, but also at agricultural academies, and only then, you can believe, the seedlings you bred will simply hunt.

When growing seedlings for sale, it should also be taken into account that the more you can offer crop types, the better.

Particularly popular are rare plant species that do not take root well in the middle lane, growing from seeds, and take root well if planted seedlings. It is almost impossible to do this at home, but if you decide to make a profit on growing seedlings, then by making efforts, a positive result can still be achieved.

It is enough to bring the growing conditions of seedlings to greenhouse, and please, you are the owner of rare plant species, the price of which already increases significantly and can be up to 2000 rubles per root. To organize this type of business at home you will not need any documentation. If you are going to do this kind of activity seriously, then registration by an individual entrepreneur will be enough.

For a competent organization of the second direction, a simultaneous combination of a store and a greenhouse behind a glass showcase will be very good, so that all the splendid magnificence can be seen, and at the same time it is possible to sell the seedlings you like to a potential client right away ..

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