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Healthier people and make a profit.

Hello! My name is Dmitri, and I would like to share with you my business idea, which I practice myself, although the income received from it is a side effect for me, my main goal is to help people NATURALLY RESTORE YOUR HEALTH!

I will tell very little about myself and about how this idea arose: being a 17-year-old teenager I seriously thought about my health, and for that there were obvious reasons, and I wanted to become healthy, as a result of 3 years of persistent treatment with the best doctors of the region (the main doctors of the regional hospital, and others who have respect and authority), the positive result was scanty, its result I would have noticed if it had occurred in 1 week! As a result, tens of thousands of rubles were spent in vain! Then I turned to alternative medicine, and in view of my ignorance, I spent as much as 2 years on treatment! But the result is that now at the age of 27 I feel great, and all my friends, just like I just never get sick! What do I mean by this? The fact is that if I knew then how to treat my body, I would need only 6-8 months and 2-3 thousand rubles, and I would be completely healthy, but this did not happen. Now, being a healthy person, I help other people in my city and region (Kirov, Kirov region) to help those who find themselves in such a situation! Hence the desire to write this article appeared, so that there will be more of us, and maybe together, we will be able to make Russia healthier! For me personally this is a matter of principle.

You being an engineer, a salesman, a doctor, a manager ... you can do this business idea, even unemployed housewives can do it. Any business idea will be profitable only on condition that it solves a certain problem! Tell me, among your friends, there are at least 1 person older than 20-22 who has not complained about health at least once? I am not among my people, although many athletes, athletes, swimmers, bodybuilders and just ordinary people are included in the circle of my communication, and each of them has once complained, and if there are complaints, then there is a problem, so offering a service to solve this problem, you can earn as much as I do, but at the same time bringing people good and good people! And not deceiving them and not sucking money with empty promises. If you have been looking for a business idea for a long time, and you can not decide whether or not it is worth it, and what to choose? "And if you do not go?" And ask yourself these questions, or you are full of strength and determination, a man who just wants to HELP PEOPLE, and still GET IT FOR THIS MONEY, then this idea is for you.

The essence of the idea: Begin to study the basics of traditional medicine and healing, and then provide services for the NATURAL RESTORATION OF HUMAN HEALTH!

Already I see how many people poke their fingers and are indignant, but for this it is necessary to study for many years, everything is already divided and so on, one intelligent person said: The one who wants to earn money is looking for ideas, he who does not want to earn money is looking for reasons!

Izany can be found in any idea, but one can not adequately assess the correlation of pluses and minuses.

I will try to briefly answer some questions: Why do doctors then learn 6 years? Doctors learn on corpses, healers studied all the time on living people. All medicine is built on money, I will be short, turnover in 2007, only in eye surgery and vitamins to the eyes amounted to 50 billion dollars! Although there is a method of restoring vision, with which you can improve it from -3 to 1 per month, not really bothering, FREE, just doing the exercises, DO NOT BELIEVE? Write to me and I will tell you how, and this is just one example. Now you understand that if everyone finds out how easy it is to cure themselves without spending money, they will thank you in such a way that you will be happy! For this reason, these techniques are hidden from publicity. Just like breast augmentation, it's a multibillion-dollar business, although you can easily increase / adjust the breasts by 1 size in MONTH! (my wife did just that, she had the 1st size, now the 3rd, without extra pounds, and without 1 ruble spent), now think for yourself whether this topic is relevant.

How much do you need to learn this? You can learn a lot for 1 month! If you have the desire and after 1 month start earning, with the right approach, you can earn up to 150 thousand rubles in cities up to 1 million inhabitants! And to get this income for 5-6 months. Naturally, you constantly have to improve your skills because you will deal with the health of people, but believe me it's much easier, I'm already practicing for 4.5 years! In the beginning it was my earnings, the maximum income will be 211 thousand for 1 month, with 7 hours a day, on average, now this is more of a hobby, since a year ago I started to develop a commercial business in the field of products.

The essence of the business idea I outlined, knowing the mentality of our man is not by hearsay, I'll give an approximate possible income if you start implementing the idea with your head!

1st month 0 rubles (you study, practice for free)
2 nd month 5000-10000 rubles (this is money that you shove, whether you want it or not, for your help)
3rd month 12000-18000 rubles (on average you will have 2 clients per day-this is MINIMUM! If there are more than 300,000 people in your city), the cost is 200-300 rubles. (this is from practice, subject to a competent approach).
4th month 21000-42000 (2-4 people) cost 300-350
The 5th month is from 30,000 and above, depending on your knowledge.

It should be noted that this calculation is a practical minimum of profitability. You can earn much more, if only you devote enough time to it, and put a little intelligence. You also do not take into account earnings on the goods you sell, because you will tell people what to buy, and if you immediately offer, they will buy, the only wish is not to overcharge the price, be people and treat you like a human being! In my personal experience, virtually the same and the same trend of earnings for this business idea, people come to the consultation from 2 to 5 times, and buy goods constantly! It is also necessary to take into account that this activity is better to register, although at first (3-8 months) it is possible to work without it and without it, I personally worked almost 2 years without registration, and nobody came thank God, I think because people, who came to receive help and were grateful and satisfied.

If you want to know more or have any questions, write! I will be happy to respond and share my experience!
I wish you success! Good luck! Health!