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Equipping housing with an automated system - "Smart House".

I propose the idea of ​​business. The average income from 50-150 t. Rub. per month.

It probably does not fit everyone, but only to someone who is at least a little connected with an electrician or computer networks or security alarms. In general, you need a little experience with cables and a computer, a fairly confident user.

Today, despite the crisis, many people build their homes, apartments, make repairs to apartments. And there are many such. To make sure, it's enough to drive through the towns and suburbs of cities.

Everyone probably already knows such a thing as a "smart house". Only almost everyone thinks that this is only for rich people. Not really. Even in Russia there are manufacturers who offer such things for very little money.

The essence of the idea is to sell, install, take a monthly fee for the maintenance of "smart home." Experience has shown that this is quite simple and profitable. The point is that when there are many rooms in the house, there are problems even when the light is turned off in the whole house when you leave. A smart house all this decides, turns everything off with a single button. This is only 1% of the opportunities, and there are a lot more of them, and you will not tell about everything.

I'll tell my story. I have an electrician education. My friend and I decided to do this six months ago. A friend is more versed in computers, and I am in cables and electricians. We conducted an analysis on the Internet of equipment manufacturers. Foreign was very expensive, the prices for a "smart house" sometimes exceeded the cost of the house itself, which is simply ridiculous. As a result, we found a single manufacturer in Russia (details on their site, which offers solutions very affordable for everyone, from 25 t rub. To an apartment, and from 65 t. Rub. on house.

With the equipment decided. Next, how to do it all, how to find customers? We took a magazine about new buildings and found all the cottage villages in the city, drove around and hung on the entrances of the townships announcements "We install SMART HOUSE, the price from such and such, cell phone."

Within a week we received a call from about 10 people, asking for prices, terms, etc. Of these, 4 people invited us to inspect the houses. Of the 4 people, 1 person said that he needed, and we immediately sketched out the approximate cost of equipment and work. 3 other people listened to us and said they would think more. After weeks 2 we already laid the cable for the smart house of this client. A month later, he was already installing equipment.

There were questions how to properly do, the manufacturer gave a lot of advice via e-mail, we quickly coped. As a result, after 2 months we handed over the object and earned about 50 thousand rubles on it. Of these, 20 tr. on the equipment, 30 on the installation. Our costs for this period were 500 rubles for gasoline, 2 t. Rub. for 15 ads. , ordered in the firm on plastic.

Next month we have already given announcements to newspapers and magazines. As a result, there were from 1 to 3 clients a month on average and our incomes varied from 50 to 150 tr. per month. We found this very good for a start, now we are thinking about taking on more installers. Now in Russia this business has almost no competitors, so you can quickly develop.

I wish everyone good luck.

Author: Andrey Sergeev.