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Assisting garage owners.

Exit the entrance, garage settlements are sure to be within walking distance.

We offer an easy way to provide their owners with the necessary and inexpensive service. This will not require previous experience and relevant education.

The headache of the owners of garages - concrete floors. They crumble, dust collects on them, moisture penetrates inside, destroying the foundation.

There is a solution - to impregnate concrete based on nanotechnology composition MT. It penetrates the pores of the concrete, becoming part of it. When processing the surface, a gel is formed, which increases in volume until it expels all that is unnecessary, which has accumulated in the pores and cracks, and then cements them.

The surface of the concrete acquires water-repellent properties , and at the same time it “breathes”. The grade of concrete after processing increases 1.5-1.7 times, strength increases by 30-40%. Frost resistance increases (up to 150 cycles), the water resistance of concrete increases (by 2-3 marks), the formation of microcracks ceases.

And the most important thing is that no dust will collect on the floor, it will acquire a matte gloss. It will be impossible to drill a hole in the concrete, the drill will overheat, and the drills will break.

In fact, you can do this in a variety of areas.

These are floors in industrial and residential premises, car repair shops and warehouses, loading terminals, factories, parking lots, car repair shops, bottling plants, swimming pools, shops, supermarkets, various tanks, concrete pipes, products. On such concrete surfaces is a significant mechanical and chemical effects (organic and inorganic nature). Many concreted areas are located in the open air, where they experience temperature fluctuations and exposure to water.

But the garages still - the most understandable and affordable.

The technology is very simple: clean the floor, repair potholes and chips, prime and apply MT with a watering can.

What is the feature of the product? The strength and strength of concrete will increase day by day, more and more. Treated concrete will acquire the ability to polish.

Who cares, write. It is quite possible to be engaged in this business as a side job until a long queue of customers is built.

Author: L.Vakhtin