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Cooling dressings, rescue in hot weather.

cooling kerchiefs Individual cooling products "ISDEY" - this is a new, revolutionary direction in the fight against the negative (negative) influence of high temperatures on the human body.

AYSDEY is a whole range of products that you can use when you work or play, play sports or have to be under the rays of the hot summer sun for a long time, when the heat affects you, causing discomfort, slows down your reactions, promotes the development of sunstroke.

How do the products, these products differ from the usual color bandage, scarf or scarf?

cooling bandana The fact that inside each of them are granules of a special polymer, created on the basis of the most modern technologies. As if by a wave of a magic wand, the granules begin to swell, increasing dozens of times in size, just place the bandage in cold water. This process takes no more than 45-60 minutes. You will see that the central part of the product will be completely filled with a new substance that is able to keep cool for a long time and gradually give it to you even in the hottest weather.

The cooling effect can last from 1 to 3 days after one saturation with cold water.

What should be done to AISDAY began to give us their cool? Tie the prepared product around your neck or head, and you immediately feel the coolness emanating from it, it does its work quietly. In the neck, there are several major arteries that supply blood to the brain and on the tone of which depends how we feel. cooling dressings in hot weather or at high temperatures around us. After cooling the brain, the outflowing blood is again exposed to the cooling product and can help cool other organs of our body. AYSDEY work best when they are directly on the skin. And at the same time the coolness is so easy that it excludes the possibility of colds and allows you to enjoy the feeling of comfort throughout the day.

After it dries, all you have to do is re-place it in cold, clean water. Each ICEDDAY cooling product can be used repeatedly and work for a long time. AYSDAY occupy so little space that they can always be with you to help in difficult times.

Doing business in your area:

For a start, you can make a test purchase of a small batch in the range to determine which products will be more popular.

Coolant dressing "AISDEY" - 85r.
Cooling collar «ISDEY» - 110р.
Cooling bandana "AISDEY" - 140r.
Cooling cap "AYSDAY" -165r.
Cooling cape on the back seat of the car “AISDEY cars” - 350r.

To expand your business, you can offer cooling products for pets, dressings, kerchiefs, bedding, etc. Since it is no secret that for some breeds of dogs, the heat acts especially destructively. These products can be marketed through pet stores.

coolant scarfcooling pad for animals