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Projection advertising. Innovation in the advertising business.

projector A projector for light projection advertising is a special equipment for projecting advertising images of a large area onto various surfaces. To use the device does not require special surface preparation, you can project images both on the blank walls of houses and on the walls of office buildings or for example on industrial objects.

In order to start working, you only need to conclude an agreement with the owner of the building and install a projector, while not hanging anything on the facade of the building itself. The projector has a powerful xenon lamp, many times more powerful than those installed in a car, so the image will be bright and juicy, even in the daytime.

Projection advertising is convenient because you can project several images on one surface in a single period of time, because the projector has the possibility of alternating advertising slides. The program of alternating slides you specify. Thus, on one advertising surface, you can display ads for several advertisers, unlike stationary billboards, on which you can place only one advertisement per month. This makes it possible to repeatedly increase the amount of profit from one advertising space, while the rental of advertising space remains the same.

The projection of advertising on the building

Why this particular business?

Light projection advertising is a bright and catchy type of advertising, in view of the fact that this is a rather new type of advertising for Russia, you will not have competitors. Advertising images are large and colorful, they can be seen from afar, they are large (from 150 square meters and more) and this means that the profitability of such advertising is much higher than all the usual types of advertising.


Cellular operators, banks, organizers of concerts and exhibitions, retailers, breweries, radio stations and TV channels, fitness centers and tour operators and many, many other companies will become your customers.

As practice shows, consumers have long been bored with standard types of outdoor advertising such as billboards, now very few people pay attention to faded posters hanging along the roads in large numbers. The contact time of the consumer with the advertising surface naturally falls, which entails a reduction in the cost of advertising on standard billboards. At the same time, a huge luminous wall of the building, on which glittering images are changing, will attract the attention of the whole city. By such an amazing advertising poster it is impossible to pass indifferent.

Payback time

The payback time of one projector is about 2-3 months and depends mainly on the equipment load. The more advertisers fall on one projector, the higher the payback period. You can search for advertisers both independently and offer cooperation to advertising companies in your city; they will supply you with customers for a small percentage. You can also advertise yourself with the help of your own equipment by installing one of the slides in an advertisement with the details of your organization.

projector Conclusion:

Using the example of projection advertising, we see how important the role of innovation is in opening a new business. Due to the lack of competition and high profitability of the advertising business, projection advertising is a new type of business that is attractive to investors and businessmen.

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