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Chocolate business without competitors.

I always wanted to create my own independent from anyone. It is desirable without competition , without large material costs, without binding to raw materials and other people's premises. I wanted to do exclusive things with good profitability without leaving home. And what is not unimportant to enjoy the pleasure made to yourself and potential buyers.

It seems I came up with a business that satisfies ALL of these conditions at the same time. I bring it to your discussion.

Despite the crisis, people have not stopped marrying, celebrating birthdays, celebrating holidays, and simply making pleasant presents to each other.

I thought that medals could become such gifts. But the real thing is expensive, and they can not be made in a city apartment. The idea of making chocolate glaze medals was born.

- cheap raw materials from any confectionery department
- You can work in the kitchen, without noise and smell
- products are edible
- non-waste production
- an opportunity to show imagination

The simplest solution is to melt and cast the chocolate in an open form. It will be a medal with a one-sided bas-relief. This, if desired, everyone can do. I invented and made a snap allowing me to make a bas-relief on both sides. In addition, there is an opportunity to make an insert from either side of the medal from a photo laminated into food film. And this is know-how. This is to the question of competition. Got chocolate color casting. Boring and primitive.

Put the following task. Chocolate medals should have the colors: gold, silver, bronze and copper. On industrial equipment, gold and silver are obtained by sealing the medals in foil. A very expensive and inaccessible way for me.

By a long trial and error method, I picked up the necessary food colors, albeit imported, but inexpensive and affordable. Those. anyone who showed trial samples did not believe that they were made of chocolate.

Chocolate medalchocolate medal

Now it was necessary to protect the surface of the medals from external influences. Perelopativ bunch of literature found an old Russian recipe for making food varnish from available ingredients. Successfully made and tested. Later I found and checked two more imported varnishes. Well, in order for the medal to be hung on a tape or chain, I insert the usual cocktail straw into a non-heated blank, in which I then make a hole for the ringlet.

making of a chocolate medalchocolate medal

The cost of materials is about 20 rubles. I think that profitability should be on the level. Melting chocolate on a simple water or air bath. I have done forms on different subjects, I am ready to share them and teach them how to work.

Author: Kozlov Yury Anatolievich