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Fragrant soap against the crisis! Business homemade soap.

Crisis is the best time to open your Business !” Is the conviction of successful people who set ambitious goals and know how to achieve them. Do you also agree with this? Are you ready to start, but have not decided on the field for quick success? Then you with us along the way!

What will absolutely everyone need and always, regardless of the conditions of the outside world? The answer is obvious - in personal care products! No crisis can force progressive humanity to abandon the daily shower and bath. In search of tranquility, the opportunity to relax and distance ourselves from worries and problems, each of us tries to surround ourselves with beauty, and plunge into the world of wonderful smells of delicate and fragrant SOAP!

Handmade soap is a pleasant trifle, out of which there is a good mood of absolutely everyone, which for some people can be a reason to relax and get pleasure, and for you - the real basis of their own Business, ensuring their own prosperity through the gift of joy to people! It, like chocolate, is designed to combat stress, and, therefore, such a product will always be in high demand. Therefore, this business today is considered one of the most promising.

Handmade soap

Unusual in form, internal filling, color range, soap is an ideal gift for relatives, friends, colleagues, and for yourself. And how it is the “handwork” that warms the soul, because the creation of human hands touches the body, not the soulless machine!

Homemade soap

In order to organize your own business for the production of handmade soap, you do not need to rent industrial premises, hired employees, expensive office equipment and other investments. This is exactly the kind of business that can be said about “ start from scratch and conquer millions ”.

The attractiveness of soap making business is caused not only by the lack of significant investment, but also by an excellent opportunity for development. For a start, enough desire and inspiration.

Today, virtually anyone who wants to open his home soap making factory can only learn how to create soap with his own hands . As practice shows, this process attracts with its ease, accessibility and simplicity, requiring only attention and creative approach. Moreover, more often home mini-factory appears only the first step on the way to big business.

As an example, we can consider the situation in St. Petersburg, where the total volume of the market for household soap production is currently estimated at a million dollars a year. Over the past 3 years, the demand for handmade products has been steadily growing at an average of 10-15% annually.

The homemade soap business is a unique find for start-up entrepreneurs: today this niche is fairly free, with a minimal level of competition.

According to experts, the market for the production and sale of handmade soap covers only 30%, therefore, more than half of the market is waiting only for you.

The mini-factory pays off in the first one and a half - two months of work. Your Guaranteed minimum income - 60000 rubles. monthly. As for real earnings, some achieve a level of 200,000, others of 500,000 rubles a month. In fact, income may be limited only by the capacity of the market, and this, as you have seen, is a very serious figure. On that he and your own business that the maximum income depended only on you.

homemade soap

Aroma is looking for like-minded partners to open up the production of handmade soap and develop a dealer network for its sale in all cities of Russia and the near abroad countries. Your desire to work for yourself and a small start-up capital, plus our technology and business development assistance, is equal to Success! For all the details go to the Company's website: and learn the secrets of soap production, because, as the company's motto says: “The product itself is important, not its packaging!”

Join us! Please people with pleasant things, give them peace of mind and pleasure, and customers will fight for the next piece of soapy pleasure!