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Own Business - money for Photos.

The idea of ​​business came to me on holiday in Turkey, what is most interesting is a sound idea, even though on holiday.

I looked at the Hotel at the work of photographers, how they took photos of people having a rest, then after a couple of hours they hung out printed photos, people came up and took their favorite photos for $ 7 each and were satisfied.

Think about it! $ 7 one shot, printed or recorded on a disk or flash drive, and people took, because This is a snapshot of a professional photographer, from the outside, on vacation, you can’t do it yourself.

As a result, I myself left $ 70 for 10 photos - but I met and talked to the owner of the Photo Business at the hotel.

I realized that this is a very real, profitable and transparent business, but for a single hotel, where he pays for the right to rent a hotel and rent a room of 5 sq. M. 11,000 euros a month, which was a bit crazy for me.

Moreover, the Business Model is completely transparent, photographed, smiled, said where to go and see the printed pictures, people came up and purchased if they liked it, acquired a photo frame and other trifles.

According to the owner, the net profit on the day is about $ 400 -500 $, net is minus the salary costs for photographers, the salary to the proofreader in Photoshop, the cost of pre-printing photos for rent, it’s in a hotel with 1,200 rooms. Although photographers work from 8 am to 9 pm.

Immediately after arriving in Moscow, I wanted to repeat the success of Turk, take pictures and sell, and end up going to hired work, start developing my business and floated bright dreams of successful business, a comfortable old age, and other variations on the topic of financial independence and sufficiency.

As a result, I took a sheet of paper and a pen, threw a small business - I quickly landed a plan on the fifth point and realized that the Turk scheme works only in his Turkish Hotel, where he works.

In Moscow, to expand the hotel scheme of the photographer, how the Turk works in the hotel is not realistic. I will not paint all my conclusions, because This will result in a huge text of my thoughts and conclusions, in the end - all, these are my thoughts, and it may not be very interesting for everyone to read them.

I will dwell on several major global problems from my point of view - namely, the logic of work, and I will not base the cost of the Rent rate in Moscow, since and so it is clear to everyone that it is expensive, although the crisis, many offices are empty and there are rooms.

And on every corner one can see points like “Photo on documents”, where a sad photographer is embracing with a photo printer, on his rented 2 square meters and hopes that he’s enough to earn money on rent and not to burn, there may be a couple of orders, how - once to pay the rent. They have orders only from the fact that there is a need for paperwork (Passports, etc.) and you need photos on them if all such orders are merged into one place like a profitable business, but the likelihood is that the person needs a photo just to your point, very small. It is necessary to open such photo points throughout the city, which is costly and problematic both for money and documents, and for competition there are already no places.

Photo stalls and photo printing on almost every corner in the city, although the business scheme is simple but dead-end and unaffordable for obvious reasons, without a large budget.

But the Turk works, with whom I met and feels good! That's what tormented me! I began to ask myself questions and look for answers to them: Why can't I, as photographers at the Turkish Hotel, walk the streets of my native city, photograph and sell photos to people?

1. Human mistrust. On vacation it’s understandable, the photographer is away from the hotel - he takes pictures, even if I’m naked in shorts - swimming trunks, there’s no thought why he does it. And if you take a picture of a person in our street, you can get rid of a series of abusive words or get a “neck” - with the likelihood that they will break the camera. For people's trust, a person must see that the person who shoots it is a photographer, he has equipment and works under a well-known brand. It is clear: - you need to be dressed in a brand related to the photo and on the clothes should be written that I am a photographer!

2. There is no opportunity to transfer photos to the person on the spot. The hotel is clear, all in the same area. You can certainly give home or office coordinates, but it’s unlikely that a person will go for a photo to the other end of the city. Yes, you can of course carry with yourself a printer for printing and a laptop for recording photos, well, and probably a stack of CD-DVD discs for recording on the spot. But there is a possibility that it will not be very convenient for either the photographer or the customer. You can of course be sent via the Internet by mail, but there is no certainty that they will pay for the sent photos. Conclusion: You must have a meeting place where you can conveniently meet me with the customer, and I will give him photos, and he will give me money. And you need a simple mechanism for the guaranteed transfer of photos in exchange for money.

3. The time gap between the creation of a photo, its processing in Photoshop, and the subsequent printing on paper. Conclusion: As a photographer, I need time to perform all these operations in a relaxed atmosphere, and if I do photo printing at home, I need to buy printer consumables and deliver ready-made photos and spend time on it.

It is possible to paint the options for a very long time, in the end I came to a very interesting solution of all the above problems and calmly work for myself, I do photography and do not spend time on trifles and any fuss.

I turned to the already existing well-known photo project with my business idea, it turned out, part of their ideas was made, some were discussed and done together.

The solution of all the listed problems has already been implemented on the project and I work for myself and for my pleasure, when I want and at the prices that I set myself and don’t recall everything listed above.

The scheme of work is very simple.
1. I register for free as a photographer (Shotter) on the site I receive my personal account with services for processing orders, selling photos, printing, etc.
2. I make myself business cards at home on a printer, or simply print the order forms, which indicate how to find me on the project for receiving photos.
3. I get there - the same equipment with their brand, dress up - now I’m alone, as well as being a private photographer, but under the brand, I’ll have confidence in me.

Everything, now all my dreams are realized on the specified project. My office is my home, I have everything I need, I probably have more orders than a photo studio in my area, but I still do not rent premises and do everything at home.

How do i work? Very simple, I walk around the city with a camera. I am wearing a brand T-shirt, and a shothunter baseball cap, I can immediately see that I am a photographer and easily go to the contact and willingly pose. I can not dress, I have with me the Order forms where my coordinates are written on the project and on the receipt I write down the coordinates of the person I photograph, in order to understand how to find photos for the day of work and what to give.

Seeing a good shot, I take pictures, give my coordinates to people. I find on the project where I give the finished work in electronic form. I can receive money, as I wish, electronic money or a bank account.

It is also possible through electronic money with the patronage of the transaction (until I receive the money, the customer will not receive the photos and vice versa).

Everything is simple, the problem of photo printing was solved the same way. The customer himself can send the photo to print from the site, as I do, and receive the photos already printed by courier, by mail or pick up where it is convenient.

Side by side you can sell your photos there as well on the project in Photobank. That's it, I organized my business idea and opened my photo business.

And you can also work according to my scheme under the brand from them for free, or you can invent your own scheme, share your ideas.

When I was photographing weddings, I earned 10,000 rubles a day, but weddings happened once or twice a month, the rest of the time I worked in the office for the second specialty.

Now I have a “wedding” every day.

Good luck.