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Business on solar collectors.

The sun - an inexhaustible source of energy - every second gives the Earth 85 thousand billion kilowatts, i.е. a few thousand times more than all the power plants in the world. You just need to be able to use this resource.

solar collector The solar collector (solar unit) is a special heat exchanger that is designed to heat, from the energy of the sun, the liquid (water or antifreeze) flowing inside it.

On average, one solar collector made of polymers heats 10 liters per hour to a temperature of +50 - 70 ° C. And it operates in the temperature range - 40 - + 50 ° C.

Solar collectors can be used for hot water or heating:
- low-rise residential buildings, small businesses (installations on roofs or on the ground near the building);
- greenhouses, hotbeds and greenhouses;
- production facilities (cafes, restaurants, businesses, household services, small hotels, car repair shops);
- in open and closed pools of any volume for heating water;
- installations on summer shower cabins.

Solar collector on the roof

In this business, you can develop in several ways:
- Manufacturing of solar collectors;
- Installation and installation of solar collectors.

Installation of solar collectors is not complicated and does not require expensive equipment. And they can be installed on the ground, or on the roofs of houses.

Now many companies offer solar collectors, the lack of which lies in their high cost from $ 300.

But this disadvantage can easily be got rid of if you build the collectors yourself.

installation of solar collector

Materials for self-manufacturing of solar collectors have a small market value. So for the construction of a solar collector with an area of ​​heliopolis of 1 sq.m. (without framing) will need to purchase materials, totaling $ 670. And for the production of 1 sq.m. it will take no more than 5 hours.