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Novelty for beauty salons or $ 1000 per day. I share the secrets of success.

I want to tell you about how I discovered a wonderful business that has been bringing me several thousand dollars a month for half a year.

It all started by accident when I was on vacation in the Czech Republic. There was a competition of masters Neil Art - art manicure . I was curious and I decided to attend this contest as a spectator.

My attention was attracted by its completely unusual quality of work of one of the participants. As it turned out later, it was she who won this contest.

In addition to impeccable taste, her work was distinguished by a very high-quality pattern. Pictures on nails for clarity could only be compared with a photograph!

Manually achieving such an effect is absolutely impossible - I thought. Probably some kind of device or something like that? However, I did not notice anything similar on the champion’s desktop ...

Nail Artnail design

Out of curiosity, I went to the master and asked her to tell me how she does it? The girl showed me a small piece of thick paper with various patterns and photographs depicted on it.

These patterns and photos can be easily transferred to the nails, she said. And then she showed me how to do it. It turned out to be so simple that I myself decided to purchase such images for myself.

I asked - where can I buy them? It turned out that these images themselves are nowhere to be bought. The master made them at home, herself, on the computer.

The bottom line is - she explained - that recently in Europe they invented a special technology - PHOTONAILART (PhotoNeilArt) for transferring any images to nails.

patterns on the nails

She created many such images of interesting designs in advance and constantly uses them in her work. They are very comfortable, save time and just look perfect on nails, she said.

Naturally, I found out from her all the details of this technology.

This was probably prompted by intuition. For the rest of my vacation, the thought of this did not leave my mind. Before returning home, I contacted the master and decided to ask - did she have any pictures for nails, for testing? They showed me how easily they can be made independently on a computer and burned a CD for free. “Use it as you wish,” they told me. Even then, I still did not realize how much this random situation would change my life.

Returning home, I immediately tried the technology. Everything turned out perfectly. The disc turned out to be a lot of very interesting information and many different designs. Drawings are created by a conventional inkjet printer. They are easily transferred to nails, both under varnish and in gel. And this can be done not only by a manicurist, but also by any person.

Once again I decided to visit a manicure room. I printed and grabbed the images with which I decided to decorate my nails. A young woman, a master who constantly does manicures to me when she saw them, was simply shocked.

Usually, her achievements in artistic design were simple drawings with a thin brush or the mixing of multi-colored varnishes on the nail with the effect of marble and sparkles.

Having done a manicure using my images, she called the administrator and showed him the result of the work. The administrator, entering the course of affairs, immediately asked - where did I buy these images?

I honestly replied that I made them myself. The services of art manicure in this salon always cost me at least $ 20. I decided to offer two dollars per set.

They agreed and ordered 60 sets to get started. Designs have chosen from those that I took with me. And already at home I was impressed. I ordered 60 sets. I made this amount in fact 10 minutes.

The cost of one set of images is 40 cents, that is, I spent $ 24, but received $ 120! Net profit - $ 96! And this is less than 20 minutes of work!

I quickly made the necessary images. Then she printed a catalog with different designs from a CD kindly presented by the master to provide the buyer with more choices.

When I came to the salon with my images, I was immediately surprised again. They consulted with the director and decided to take another hundred sets at once. So in the evening I already had $ 320 in my hands!

Jumping on the road for shopping, I returned home. I called the help desk and asked the operator a question:
- Tell me, how many manicure rooms do we have in the city? - at the other end of the line hesitated ...
- We do not have such information.
- And about? How much do you think? - I did not give up.
- Maybe 1000, maybe 3 or 5 thousand ...
Then I wrote down the first ten addresses in a notebook.

I have been doing this business for several months. She took shape as an entrepreneur. Today I have more than a hundred regular customers . The need for advertising has almost disappeared - customers themselves recommend my product to their friends. During this time, I have developed partnerships with many masters who give me more and more new designs for work, some take wholesale images from me and distribute them among my colleagues. My usual earnings are clear from the title of the article and this is far from the limit ...

While everything is just beginning, there is no competition in this business . If you are interested, you can find out all the details and open your own business - proven, and which allows you to make very good money.

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