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Manufacturing of stained glass.

I want to talk about my hobby, which gradually evolved into a kind of home business.

stained-glass window It all started with the fact that on the Internet, I accidentally ran into the site of a Moscow-based company that produces stained glass windows. Photographs of stained-glass windows literally fascinated me, they were so beautiful, they glowed with some fairy magic light. But the price was especially impressive - 1000-1500 USD. per square meter!

Began to collect all the available information. At first it seemed that such stained-glass windows are so expensive, because it is extremely difficult to make them. But in the process of replenishing his baggage of knowledge, I found out that there are not so many special difficulties. Moreover, already throughout the world for the manufacture of small stained-glass windows with an area of ​​1-2 sq.m. The so-called Tiffany technique , invented at the beginning of the last century by the son of an American banker, but later became famous for the whole world as a stained-glass window, is successfully used.

stained glass manufacturing Tiffany came up with a very simple and effective way of combining pieces of colored glass with each other, so that this process became available to almost any person. In addition, it was possible to collect not only flat, but also three-dimensional stained-glass windows of any shape (plafonds, chandeliers, vases, etc.)!

I wanted to try myself to make a stained-glass window from colored glass. I was terribly afraid of the main (as it seemed to me then) complexity - cutting glass. I recalled the anguish that I experienced when cutting ordinary window glass to repair your own windows. And here in fact it is necessary to cut out pieces with curvilinear edges! But it turned out that all is not terrible. Made a pleasant discovery - colored glass, designed for stained glass, is very easily cut! And if you use some fairly simple tricks and small devices, then stained glass technology becomes accessible to any high school student!

stained-glass windows One square meter of colored glass costs 100-150 USD. And if you do not buy sheets of colored glass, and fragments (for especially artistic stained-glass windows, consisting of small and medium elements), then glass can cost you in general for 100-120 rubles. per kilogram!

There is practically no competition in this sphere. Apparently, it seems to everyone that this is a very complicated process! But, this is not so! After many experiments, I managed to simplify the manufacturing process of stained glass so that even a schoolboy can make a stained-glass window.

In addition, this way of home business is very popular with people who have a creative nature and dream of not only making money , but also earning them with the help of an interesting fascinating affair. And what can be more fascinating for a creative person than with his own hands to create ageless for centuries (literally) works of art!

I have a relatively small business. Rather, a hobby turned into earnings.

stained-glass window I make stained-glass windows mainly in the form of fixtures-sconces measuring 33x33 cm (area - 0.1 square meters). The cost of this lamp is about 3000 rubles. If you work in the evening for 2 hours, for a week you can slowly make 1 such a stained-glass window. In a month this is about 12 thousand rubles. Money, of course, is not so good (especially for the capital), but for our "province" it is quite a decent earning. If you spend a full time on this occupation, you can increase your income by 4 times (and even if you do everything yourself).

Customers are mainly looking through ads in the local newspaper for free ads and through their customers who showcase their fixtures to their guests. So there are new customers.

I buy materials in Moscow, since our city is not very far from Moscow. A monthly supply of glass can be brought even in a bag, on a public bus. In the same firms, you can buy and related consumables. Those who decide to try themselves in this business, I think, will not be "scrapping" to climb into the Runet and find these companies.

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