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We open the hotel for animals!

hotel for dogs For many people with a cat, dog or guinea pig living in the family, the animal becomes the most real member of the family, and everyone adores it without exception from adults to children and does not imagine their life without a pet.

It is clear that no one will give up the beloved and already completely native creature (many can not even imagine it), but there are times when the animal needs to spend some time with someone or somewhere to leave it. For example, the owners decided to go on vacation to Turkey or Egypt, taking a dog or a cat with them in this case is inadvisable: firstly, it is a big trouble with various vaccinations, registration of documents and other formalities; secondly, a domestic pet does not need extra stressful situation, it is not known how he will endure the flight and the new climate.

As a rule, when people find themselves in such a situation, people leave their pets with friends or relatives, and because of the insult to the master, taking advantage of the opportunity, he escapes from other people's people.

Returning from vacation owners make incredible efforts to find the disappeared animal, but in most cases, the search ends in vain.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, to save pets and their owners from unnecessary stress, and, in addition, get a good income (the service will really be in demand, because people often have no one to leave the pet) and the idea arose to create a temporary shelter for animals (hotel ), where they will be followed by professional care in the absence of the owners.

hotel for hamsters Now, in more detail about what would be a temporary shelter or, to put it simply, an animal hotel . In the organization of such a business there is nothing too complicated, something that professional veterinarians and cynologists could not cope with.

So, in order for an animal hotel to work in the usual way, it is necessary to allocate a special room for it, equipped with spacious enclosures. If different kinds of animals are kept in the temporary shelter: cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, fish and other pets, it is necessary to make sure that for each species of animals there is a spacious room with enclosures, you know, not every dog ​​will be calm tolerate the presence of a number of cats, and cats are with the habit, arranging a real crazy house at the sight of dogs.

When animal cages are equipped, care must be taken to have professional staff. The improvised hotel for animals, of course, must work veterinarian, as well as people who know, love and are able to handle animals.

In the temporary orphanage, a medical examination of animals will be carried out (if necessary, the veterinarian will make preventive vaccinations), and they will be followed by careful care: this is not only feeding and walking, but also haircut, cleaning, perhaps clipping claws.

hotel for animals With the owners of pets and the owner of the hotel for animals will be concluded contracts for temporary residence of the animal in the so-called "shelter", where the terms and conditions for keeping a pet will be stipulated.

The owner of the animal himself will be able to determine what kinds of services his pet needs, it is likely that one owner will want his dog to be fed with meat cut, every day comb out and make a super modern haircut, and the other will limit himself to ordinary walking and traditional feeding, without any excesses.

Prices for the care of each animal must be strictly regulated, the approach and prices are differentiated, but the degree of respect and care for the animal is as much as possible.

Later, when your institution has a sufficient number of customers, with a temporary "shelter" for animals, it will be possible to organize short paid courses for the owners of pets, which will be trained in proper care of animals.

Believe me, not all owners of pets know how to care for and feed their little pets, while improper nutrition can lead to serious diseases, and improper care especially for dogs and cats with abundant hair-to skin problems.

If you organize the business competently, it will bring good incomes, because every owner of the soul does not like his little four-footed friend ...

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