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Open-air cinema.

I still found those times when every small town had its own summer cinema, as a rule it was located in parks and squares, away from residential buildings, the fact is that the sessions took place mostly in the evening and it was necessary to think about the tranquility of local residents. Now the fashion for such open-air cinemas is back.

open-air cinema To begin with, this type of business does not require large investments from you. The most important problem will agree with local officials. You drive your own car near the park. The schedule of the shown films, the time and place of their demonstration, that is, the advertisement of your summer cinema, are pasted on your car. At the appointed place and time you arrive and install the screen.

To do this, it will be quite enough special fabric, which is stretched on the frame. Such a frame can be put in minutes. You mount your screen, put the projector. Projectors in our time are not very expensive, especially since they can be rented or made by hand (because your business is still seasonal, so maybe you will not need to buy a projector in the first year).

Then you start selling tickets and advertising the movie. You can buy a shout and notify about the beginning of the session and the price of the ticket. In order to attract attention, various stocks will be suitable, for example, you can offer a glass of seeds for free (you will not carry a set for popcorn or cotton candy!).

But about renting a fridge for soft drinks is worth considering. Although if the body of your car allows you to install both a refrigerator and a popcorn machine there, then this is simply wonderful (so you will earn more).

Chairs you do not need, if only because they simply can not be quickly set up and easy to transport. Therefore, it is best to buy special bedding that does not let the cold through. When you buy a ticket, you immediately issue a litter.

In this case, you do not even need to look for some spacious place where everyone will be accommodated, because people can just sit on the grass. The price of a ticket must be symbolic, so that people want to come to you. Offer movies to choose from. Over time, you will be able to navigate at what time which films go best. Do not forget about the clips.

cinema under the sky If you have difficulty selling tickets, you can scroll and advertise. Willy-nilly people will watch it. Only let her not as often as on television, but, for example, before the film, in the middle and after. A viewing will be free (or cost, for example - 5 rubles). So you earn it on advertising.

If you sell food, you can not do without the seller. Keep in mind that if you invest in rented or used equipment, you return the money much faster, because selling the same popcorn is the bottom of the money.

Getting ready for the season, connect your computer to the unlimited Internet and upload as many movies as possible. The main condition is that they are of good quality. Try to download movies of different styles, do not forget about cartoons, videos, concerts. Absolutely for every “product” there is a “buyer”, and you should not forget about that.

That's all you need. It is important, however, to specify the payback period of the project. If you consider that you do not have your car and you rent it and that you also rent all the equipment, then your project will pay for itself within a month of work, i.e. the remaining two months are a solid profit. And this is on condition that you will only show one film per day to 20 people. And what if you show 5-10 films? And more people? All in your hands.

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