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Home business for young mothers on maternity leave.

To live on one salary ... husband. Such a nightmare is most often the dream of women going on maternity leave with good positions and good salaries. How to raise a small child for a monthly allowance is not very clear. Therefore, a woman on maternity leave begins to think first about additional earnings , and then smoothly moves to the idea of her own business .

The first reason for this is the difficult financial situation in the family. Many women give birth and raise children on their own, being the only source of income for their families.

The second is the psychology of the worker. The habitual state of such a woman is to have her own decent income and understand that the family budget will always be secured. Plus, boiling energy that needs to be sent to a peaceful course.

The third is awareness of oneself as a person who can do everything (even if he has survived pregnancy, childbirth and the first months with a baby).

Business moms most often choose non-standard forms of employment. This is understandable. It is not in the condition to run on tax, create an LLC, search for premises and go through all thorns. Business ideas for mom are in the air. As a rule, this is all that is connected with their new status and way of life, as well as with what they were doing before they left on the decree.

So, at home you can: translate, write, edit, adjust, design and programming, keep accounts and develop architectural projects; knit, sew, work on the phone; to be engaged in handicraft and creativity, and much more.

Mostly women are starting to engage in business, whose children are at least one year old. They themselves tell about this on various websites and forums. Here are just some examples of business ideas business moms.

Cooking meals for small firms that can be found in your area. Family still have to cook. So why not make a few servings more. And you can deliver lunch while walking with your child. Or, to agree with restaurants and bars and make them figured food ice or fruit bouquets .

Some women, following the example of show business stars, sat down at memoirs, detective and female novels, and even children's fairy tales. Not everyone can earn money on it - it depends on the degree of talent, but on the question of what you do, you can proudly declare yourself a writer.

The biggest problem for the business of mothers and mothers in general is a person who could take a walk with a child or stay with him for a short time. Grandmothers from the porches for a walk with someone else's child take from 100-150 rubles. at one o'clock. But why take someone else's grandmother when you, walking with your child, may well “grab” another baby. Taking into account that you have to walk not once a day, you can earn up to 600 rubles for 4 hours of walking.

If your apartment allows, then at home you can create a mini kindergarten for three or four children of about the same age as you. Customers can be found with ease in their own backyard.

And a home puppet theater , in which fabulous hits from “Kolobok” to “Cinderella” will be shown, can become both an independent business and an addition to a mini kindergarten. Presentation on average can take up to 30 minutes plus a buffet (what a theater without a buffet), for all about 500 rubles. And grateful mothers who will be able to leave their children for some time under the supervision of someone, will throw themselves on the organization of such an event.

Today children's hair salons are in great demand. This is already a rather costly business, but you can start again in your own apartment, provided that you know how to cut it. Take one day a week to the “reception”, invite moms with children from your yard, decorate a special place, which will be a temporary hairdressing hall, dress up yourself in a clown or princess costume. And the children will gladly go to you to get a haircut.

During pregnancy and maternity leave, many women begin to sew and knit . From the ability to do something with their own hands can grow a good small business. Starting small, you can knit on a knitting machine to order, especially since such things are exclusive. And those who own a sewing machine and artistic taste can easily open a fashion showroom at home, a curtain tailoring shop and home textiles at the same time, or just make minor repairs to clothes for their own neighbors. Here you have a multiservice at home.

The start for business can be the experience they gained during pregnancy, childbirth and decree. Open a consultation for future mothers and talk about solving problems you have gone through. To do this, you can create a website, organize a forum on it - discuss everything that you’ve been so excited about recently, and now all those who just have to go through it, advertise various shops, schools for pregnant women, children's goods . By promoting a site, you can easily do online commerce.

If you have ever taken a great interest in photography and do not get lost at the mention of the focus, aperture, exposure and sensitivity of the photocell, then you will have a direct way to the world of children's photography. The service of organizing the meeting of the mother with the child from the maternity hospital, where the photographer plays one of the main roles, is becoming increasingly popular. And a female photographer, who herself felt this event on herself, like no one else, can properly convey all the “excitement” of the moment.

You can start from the hospital where they gave birth. Agree with the medical staff who could give you information about the newborn child and his parents with contact information and the date of discharge. Then feel free to call the phones provided, congratulate and offer your services. Gradually, in addition to photos for memory, you will be able to expand your business to make videos with musical accompaniment of photos, making prints of pens of babies and all that you have enough imagination.

The most enjoyable type of business is organizing children's parties . Come up with an extraordinary birthday for your child, call for help a team of relatives who have a cheerful disposition and have not lost their childish enthusiasm. Sew yourself costumes, invent contests, prepare special children's snacks in the form of steamboats, hedgehogs, suns and everything that your culinary imagination is enough for. Invite children from the yard, the children of your friends and acquaintances. May everyone be surprised! In the meantime, you can say that you are ready to organize a holiday no worse for a neighbor's baby.

Here you can earn not only you, but also your closest associates, who can prepare snacks and act as guest artists.

The main type of advertising for business moms is word of mouth, especially since the target group is rather narrow and communicates very closely. Once you "light up," and talk about what kind of clever man lives in a nearby staircase, go to the neighboring courtyards. And there, you see, it is already necessary to open a serious business, to hire people and rent a room.

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