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Aquarium business.

- Aquarium fish - restaurants with designer interiors!
- And who else?
- To client offices!
- And who else?
- Allow me, and what's not enough for you?

Whoever had a hobby in his childhood - aquarium fish , can easily turn this hobby into a real business.

Of course, have to tinker. But if you really bred fish with love, and even more so, you did it yourself, then you know how difficult it is without us. Imagine that you can not afford to leave everything and go on vacation. It's like being a zoo director. Only this zoo is at home.

For a cheaper start of business, aquariums and spawners can be made by hand. And to take glass on a dump, now many install plastic glasses, and throw out old ones. That's just this glass and is useful for the manufacture of small aquariums at 75 liters. And the glass thickness that is used in shop windows (old windows change too), you can make aquariums of 500 liters.

If desired, you can engage in the manufacture of aquariums , design and subsequent maintenance.

If you want to make money on fish, then breed valuable exotic breeds, which are now unprecedented demand.

First you need to find a reputable breeder and buy 20 pairs of fry from him. In no case do not buy starting material (fry) on the market.

In your business, you can limit yourself to growing fish and resale them at a higher price.

If it went smoothly - immediately start a page on the Internet - and then dial the customer base. After six months, the business will begin to bring real returns.

There are opportunities to expand the business - that is, you do not need to work at home all your life. Promoted fish sellers have aquariums for 60 tons of water and more. The main thing - always follow the fashion for certain breeds of fish. As soon as the trend changes - master the new market.

Professionals advise to breed fish from the cichlid family - such a business is the most profitable. They are very different in their subspecies and never bother the buyer.

aquarium business

Very poorly proven material from Thailand. The highest reputation among the fish brought from Germany.

Remember! Poor quality food or sick fish, fired into your aquarium, can destroy it completely.

The highest demand for aquarium products - in the cold season. In the summer vacation season, this business calms down.

If you run a website on the Internet, you will be able to sell your product directly, without a second-hand dealer. It is much more profitable than donating your work to various pet stores for sale.

You can master another kind of this business. Namely, to go to fish in faraway countries yourself, if the house does not sit down and there is a habit of traveling.

There is only one problem - the problem of customs. If you have good connections at customs, feel free to take fish. But if they do not know you there, then write to me. Zaminka at customs can be costly, because live fish - this is not a party of Turkish sheepskin coat. The fish should be in the store already on the day of delivery.

On average, the imported fish is sold three times more expensive than it cost you.

Of course, this business is worth starting only for those who do not need to be taught the intricacies of dealing with an aquarium. But if you are such a person, then take up the task more boldly. After all, your competitors are mostly lone handicrafts who sell in the bird market. If you have the strength and desire to be a civilized entrepreneur and have solid clients, then you may not have any competition at all.