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Home earnings using a printer.

Hello! I would like to share the history of my own earnings , business idea with minimal investments . How did I earn 80,000 rubles for 1 month !!! I saw an advertisement on the Internet about innovative material, allowing at home to produce a printer for almost everything that has a smooth surface. And the picture is very tight, not washed with water, and most importantly, this material looks like airbrushing. Only the difference is that it is 10 times more expensive to make airbrushing on the phone, plus everything is applied forever, without washing, and this material can be replaced if desired.

I bought the minimum batch, and it began ... First I decided to cover the mobile phone salons. There are not many of them in our city (about 35). 25 of them agreed to posters, agreed that I would give 10% of the profits if a person came from them. I took 70 rubles each. for the design of the phone.

On one sheet of material is placed about 16 pictures for the decoration of the mobile, the design was most often done by myself (I know Photoshop well and love to create) or buyers sent by email. mail what you would like to see.

cell phone decor

pictures on mobile phones

The income from one sheet is 960 rubles. A day had to do about 50 pictures, i.e. used 3 sheets, ie 2900 per day was stable! At the end of the month, when the income was calculated, "the hair stood on end" ... And this is from happiness !!! I never received that much when I worked for hire, counting a penny.

printer print on your mobile phone Now there is a stable business : new customers through already " word of mouth " and constant (when one picture bothers, they come to wash away and immediately make another). Now I will expand the staff and quietly work with computer stores.

This material can be used not only for the decoration of telephones. The range of applications is extensive, it is:

- use for decoration on laptops;
- for decorating on tiles (only on top with acrylic lacquer);
- decor of home appliances;
- printing stickers on flowers (saw the business idea, tried it, looks super!);
- printing images for prefabricated aircraft models, sails, etc.

I share this idea, because I, in any case, do not cover all the cities, I understand how difficult it is to find a good job in our difficult times and feed the family and children. Good luck and prosperity! Upon request, I will send more detailed information. Sincerely, Stanislav. Email: