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Decoration of bottles and glasses for the holiday.

“I recently hosted a wedding anniversary celebration. I wanted to make it memorable for my husband! All bottles with alcohol should have become iconic, i.e. Remove labels and attach yours with our pics. Attach the same stickers to glasses and glasses - in general, so that every thing is saturated with the spirit of triumph.

Found a lot of resources on the Internet - some offer the manufacture of such labels for a lot of money (700 rubles), others take off the image templates and say that you can print it yourself on a self-adhesive film. I decided to try to print it myself, it turns out pretty nice, but it somehow looks very cheap - that on plain paper, that on self-adhesive - there is no "highlight".

I started looking for something else I could try to print to make it beautiful ... I remembered that once in childhood there was such a sticker - translation, i.e. You cut off the necessary sticker, soak it and apply it to the surface (then it was a refrigerator) !!! I began to search and found suitable material.

My joy knew no bounds, I found what I needed !!! I decided to use this find for the holiday. Imagine the shock of a husband and friends when they saw dishes and bottles decorated with our photos!))) Everything went off with a bang, my husband was happy !!!

stickers for glasses

That was the beginning. Several friends have already approached me with a request to organize wedding parties and anniversaries. My financial trickle began to very suddenly turn into a big river!

On this my imagination was not limited, because miracles can be done from this material !!!

Firstly, various theme parties in clubs are now in fashion. The material can be used to decorate bottles, glasses, glasses. Or, for example, on the bar or on the wall lay out the name of the party. The party will be much more remembered and will make a unique impression !!! This can be offered to companies organizing events or directly to clubs.

Secondly, the perfect solution for souvenirs. Now I want to prepare for March 8, to offer companies the design of bottles and flowers (putting an image on them). I think many organizations will want to make their women happy - give, for example, a personalized rose or a bottle of champagne with the company logo.

So the preparations are in full swing. I hope that everything works out! I will be glad to answer questions!))) "

Posted by: Ольга