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Home business - set "Amber for all"

Naturally, this idea is only for those who have access to cheap raw amber. That is, for those who live, for example, in Kaliningrad. There is an amber deposit.

This is an idea.

In the zone of amber deposits, of course, everyone can deal with its processing, etc. :) they have this opportunity. But what about the rest? Outside the Kaliningrad region, - the center, the Urals, Altai, Baikal, the Far East ...? Or do not want there? And if they want? What should they do? Where to get it? And is it easy?

And if they can help and make money on it? Remember this product "constructors" or "kits for the assembly of something ..."?

And what if you make a set that you can sell to those who want to tinker with their hands with real amber, drank it, shake it and proudly make your first amber necklace (for example, for your beloved one).


What is needed for that. The easiest option.

1. We write on the computer a book on the processing of amber. And there we describe the method of making a simple necklace. After all, the set is designed for the BEGINNER! If possible, make photos of the sequence of work (although this is ridiculous, there is no place easier there) Making a CD with a book. Releasing too much hemorrhoids in real life, it's easier to make a CD. The first component of the kit is ready.

2. We make a special paste for polishing amber. Paraffin plus crushed chalk plus amber dust purchased at the factory (it is possible without amber dust is also not bad). We make a neat briquette or fill in some box. Is done. This is the second component of the set.

3. We need tools, we can add them, but we can not add them. But for the completeness of the kit is still better to add. Flat file, a piece of felt or felt, and sanding pelt. The third component of the kit is ready.

4. Working material is needed, i.e. amber. To do this, put the raw pieces of amber, small, the size of one centimeter and less, that is the cheapest. The number can be counted on one and a half or more necklaces of real size. Put pebbles in a box

And for their further education, add five amber stones in accordance with their classification. It is possible in a separate box.

1. clear, yellowish and colorless;

2. smoky, hazy with transparent areas;

3. bastard, wax yellow, translucent;

4. bone, opaque, ivory;

5. foamy, bright, opaque, finely porous, the most viscous and highly decorative.

The fourth component of the set is ready.

And everything is ready. We pack a set in a box. We calculate the cost profitably and taking into account the postage.

And we sell over the Internet to all Russian "beginning jewelers" by sending an order by mail.

I read that there will be a change in the legislation of Russia regarding the extraction and sale of amber in the direction of simplification and legalization. Kaliningraders achieve this. So just in hand to those who use this idea. And maybe now it is already possible, you need to know.